Meeting Schedule (2015) - Nwanne Di Na Mba Association

Meeting Schedule (2015)
Sat., Feb. 28, 2015
Sat., Apr. 25, 2015
Summer Picnic – 2015(TBD)
Sat., Aug. 29, 2015
Sat., Oct. 31, 2015
Dec. TBA - Christmas Party
Hosting Zone
Bloomington Zone
Champaign Zone
All zones
Springfield Zone
Bloomington Zone
All zones
Article 6 - General Meeting
(Excerpt from the Constitution)
Section 1 – The Association shall operate on a calendar year basis that commences
on the first day of the month of January and ends on the last day of the month of
Section 2 - General meetings shall be held on the last Saturday of every two (2)
months or as otherwise indicated by circulars and special notices by the Chairman.
a) General meetings shall be rotated among the three zones in Illinois:
Bloomington/Normal, Champaign/Urbana and Springfield, all in the State of
b) No zone shall be permitted to host two consecutive meetings except with the
approval of the General Assembly.
c) All general meetings shall commence at 4:00 p.m.
d) The meeting time for other events or activities shall be conveyed to members by
the General Secretary.
Section 3 - Attendance
e) Attendance to all meetings shall be mandatory except for those members who
live outside the State of Illinois.
f) A lateness fee of $5 shall be charged to each member per occurrence.
g) An absentee fee of $10 shall be charged to each member per occurrence.
h) Absences in 5 consecutive meetings by a member shall result in the termination
of membership.
i) The attendance of either spouse at a general meeting shall constitute full
attendance of the household and shall be utilized in determining absences to
general meetings when applicable.