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Center for Marketing in Emerging Economies
Leveraging the Power of Data Driven Marketing
for Achieving Marketing Excellence
April 23 - 25, 2015
Venue: IIM Lucknow (Noida Campus)
Anil Kaul
S. Venkat
Ranjit Nair
Bharat Bhasker
Lipika Dey
Mohan Krishnan
B.K Mohanty
Deepak Goel
Moutusy Maiti
Shailesh Kumar
S.B Dash
Workshop Agenda
Data Driven Marketing and Business Analytics.
Trends that favor Emerging Data Driven Marketing Decision Environment
Without data we are not getting anywhere
Integrating qualitative and quantitative analysis to take strategic marketing Decision
Data analysis for segmenting, Targeting, Positioning and new product development
Data Analysis for Marketing Mix Decision
Group Exercise: Group Exercise on live cases using Marketing Engineering for Excel software
Current Practices in Big Data Analytics for Marketing Decision
Data Sources: Structure, sourcing, storage, cleaning
Future sources of data. Why we call some data as Big Data - is it only to do with size and velocity?
How does action turn around time impact data structures, storage etc
Decision Engineering – Turning traditional delivery model on its head, start with decisions and not data
and tools
Integrating Big Data and advanced analytics for richer customer insight
Group Exercise: How to turn Insights from BIG DATA to actionable marketing decision
Social Media Analytics: Usages and Application
Text mining, integrated data analytics and Enterprise Search and of late Social Media analytics
Integrating unstructured data, social media and advanced analytics for richer customer
insight Illustrations on how to take mountains of social network data and use it to help your clients better
understand their customers
Competing in the Age of the Customer: Social Media Intelligence to the Rescue
Group Exercise: How to turn the Social Data Flood into Solid Marketing Decisions
Building Personalized Recommendation System with Big Data
Recommender systems are found in many ecommerce applications today.
Recommender systems usually provide the user with a list of recommendations that they might prefer, or
supply predictions on how much the user might prefer each item
Real-Time Customer and Supply Chain Analytics
Usages and application of Supply chain analytics for:
Maintaining supply chain procedures with customer buying behavior
Increased revenue through higher on-shelf availability and the ability to respond more quickly to out-ofstock products
Improved demand fulfillment by monitoring the quality of demand forecasting and execution
Visual Analytics, Usages and Application
Leveraging the power of data visualization tools to access business intelligence (BI)
and analytics data in eye-catching and easy-to-understand formats.
Group Exercise: Usages and application of advanced data visualization software
for viewing data in new ways through visuals such as bubble charts, word clouds and geospatial heat
Merging Operational data with Secondary information for decision making
The presentation aims to elaborate on innovative ways to enrich business decisions by merging
operational information, specially sales and marketing transactional data, alongwith Geo-located
information, especially those available from secondary sources. Such application enable location
potential, sales targeting, resource allocation, product portfolio decision at retail outlets and many other
myriad opportunities.
Usages and Application of Data Analytics tools for Marketing Decision
How does action turn around time impact data structures, storage. More specifically how big data and
social media analytics make e-commerce platform as a dynamic marketplace and provides more value
to consumers.
From Data to Decisions:Completing the Analytic Cycle
Real world examples of various stages from different domains and data moralities
- insights from retail data
- insights from text data for various applications (predication, trends, decisions, search)
Listening consumers through social network analysis
People (and many other things like information, specific occurrences) are connected to each other to
form networks. This sense of being connected is made more apparent by online social media. A possible
way of making sense of and understanding these connections is to analyze them as networks. Social
Network Analysis (SNA) is a method that allows the study of networks in order to obtain insights about
specific participants in the network, as well as about the network as a whole. These insights have
implications for marketers
Background and objective of workshop:
Data Driven Marketing has become a mainstream practice by majority of marketing organisations in recent times. To
become an intelligent user of emerging analytic tools and techniques, one will need to have a clear road map. The foremost
reason of the workshop is to provide an unique platform where participants can interact with data and marketing experts,
get their expert advice and build appropriate data driven marketing strategy.
CMEE’s offering this program is aligned with CMEE’s goal of bringing state-of-the-art consumer understanding
methodologies to the Indian market and raising the quality standards in the practice of consumer insight and marketing in
Workshop Pedagogy
Predominant methodology of learning will be through presentations, classroom exercises and real life business applications
example demonstration through videos , conversation and collaborative learning.
Who Should Attend
Key Takeaway
 Marketing professionals
 IT specialist/Data Scientists,
 Data analyst,
 Academicians
 Doctoral students
 Understanding of Analytics Landscape
 Learn how to drive marketing decisions based on data
 Learn how to communicate and present information
 Learn how to communicate on Analytics by putting analytics
into business context.
 Learn how visualization technology can deliver business
insights to use faster than they
 can get it with traditional BI tools
Anil Kaul
Dr Anil Kaul is the CEO and co-founder of Absolutdata. A
prominent and well-known personality in the field of
analytics and research, Anil has over twenty years of
experience in marketing, strategic consulting and
quantitative modeling. Before starting Absolutdata in 2001,
Anil worked at Personify and McKinsey & Company. He has
a PhD in quantitative marketing from Cornell University.
Lipika Dey
Dr Lipika Dey is a Senior Consultant and Principal Scientist
at Tata Consultancy Services, India. She heads the Web
Intelligence and Text Mining research group at Innovation
Labs, Delhi. Lipika's research interests are in the areas of
content analytics from social media, social network
analytics, predictive modeling, sentiment analysis and
opinion mining, and semantic search of enterprise content.
Ranjit Nair
Dr Ranjit Nair is the co-founder and CEO of Germin8, a Big
Data analytics company focused building products that
provide action-oriented analytics from social media
interactions. These analytics drive tactical and strategic
decisions related to Marketing, PR, Customer Care and
Mohan Krishnan
Mr Mohan has over twenty-two years of experience in the
research and consulting industry. His experience spans
diverse sectors in the area of technology and marketing
issues. He has advised private and public sector
companies, associations, and forums in sectors such as
Consumer goods, ICT, Energy, Environment, Logistics,
Steel, Automotive and financial services markets
Deepak Goel
Dr Shailesh Kumar
Mr Deepak Goel started Drizzlin Media India Pvt. Ltd. in
2008 and won the the Star Entrepreneur Award by 5th Indira
International Innovation Summit in 2012. Drizzlin Media
India Pvt. Ltd., has also won the Best Social Media Agency
Award by the Global Youth Marketing Forum in 2012 and
the BBC. com Award for best campaign India for Xbox 360′s
“Xbox 360 and the Kung Fu Pandit” Campaign in 2010
Dr Shailesh Kumar has over fifteen years of experience in
applying and innovating machine learning, statistical pattern
recognition, and data mining algorithms to hard prediction
problems in a wide variety of domains including: remote
sensing, text mining, bio-informatics, computer vision and
image understanding, transaction data mining, retail
analytics, neurological data, risk analytics in financial
domain,and web analytics.
Bharat Bhasker
S Venkataramanaiah
Dr. S Venkataramanaiah (Venkat) is an Associate Professor
in Operations Management. He has 22 years of teaching
and research experience gained from premier academic
institutions and corporate from India and Singapore.
Prof Bhasker is currently Professor and Chairmanin
Information Technology and Systems management , at at
the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIM-L)
Moutusy Maity
B. K Mohanty
Dr. B. K. Mohanty is a Professor in Decision Science Area at
Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, India
Dr. Moutusy Maity is currently an Associate Professor in the
Marketing Management Department, at the Indian Institute
of Management Lucknow (IIM-L). Prior to joining IIM-L,
Moutusy was an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute
of Management-Bangalore (IIM-B), and at the University of
Wisconsin, Whitewater, WI, USA.
S. B Dash
Dr. Satyabhusan Dash is currently working as an Associate Professor, Marketing area and Chairperson, Centre for
Marketing in Emerging Economies at Indian Institute of Management; Lucknow. He is a Ph.D. from Vinod Gupta School of
Management, IIT, Kharagpur. He has been awarded Canadian Studies Doctoral Research Fellowship for Doctoral
Research in Management in 2001. He has co-authored one book and twenty two research papers in reputed referred
International and National journals.
Certificate of Participation shall be given to all registered participants.
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INR 20,000 (Resident Indians) plus 12.36 service tax
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Prof. Satyabhusan Dash
Chairperson, CMEE
IIM Lucknow (Noida campus)
B-1, Institutional Area, Sector 62
Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201307
Phone (Office): +91 – 120 -6678486
Mobile: +91-9971616700,
Email: [email protected]
Ms. Riti Srivastava
Research Associate, CMEE
IIM Lucknow (Noida campus)
B-1, Institutional Area, Sector 62
Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201307
Phone (Office): +91 – 120 -6678483
Mobile: +91-9810997325
Email: [email protected]
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