Week of February 23, 2015
The Finest Selections – Exclusively.
Shrimp & Lobster Spring Roll (LES CHATEAUX)
Since 1960, Les Chateaux has followed a simple philosophy that
continues to stand the test of time, “A blend of quality ingredients,
make it right, make it with pride, and the rest will take care of
itself”. They are the company that can custom make any Hors
D’oeuvre for your culinary needs.
Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup
4/8 lb
The talented Culinary Team at Chef Creations enjoys working
side by side with us to help our clients create unique, custom
products. Let us assist in revolutionizing your menu with
innovative, creative and cost effective recipe ideas. Uncover the
Chef Creations’ difference as we work together to create your
own personal Recipe for Success!
Red Fruit Compote (RAVIFRUIT)
2/5.5 lb
This lovely and bright puree from Paris Gourmet is made of a
mix of red fruits is super versatile, made from a natural recipe
without any additives or preservatives, just fruit pulp and sugar.
Delicious and easy to use for sorbets, ice creams, pastry
desserts, coulis, glazes, jams, jellies, cocktails and much more.
Mini Beef Wellington 1.25 oz (LES CHATEAUX)
1/50 ct
A savory piece of beef tenderloin accented with mushroom
duxelle wrapped in Les Chateaux’s all butter puff pastry.
Sweet Chili Sauce (KAGOME)
4/64 oz
Kagome’s variety of sauces has no limits and their culinary
team's ideas and creativity are also endless. From sauces to
icings, glazes to marinades, Kagome can help you bring your
creations to the table or assist you with new ideas that will keep
your customers coming back for more.
Arancini Balls (LES CHATEAUX)
1/100 ct
Les Chateaux’s Arancini Balls are a blend of Mozzarella and
Pecorino Romano cheese mixed with tomato paste, garlic, basil;
truffle oil and spices rolled with Arborio rice and finished in
Japanese bread crumbs.