For Design, Supply & Installation of Intelligent Traffic System in

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Government ofNepal
Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Trarsport
KathmanduSustainableUrban Transportprojict (I{SUTp)
Project ImplementationUnit
Department of Roads
loan to payments under the contract
Contract No.
The Kalhmandu sustainabl€ urban Transport Projecr (KSUTP), Project rmplementation
unit (plu), Department of
Roads,("the EmPloyer") now invites sealed Bids from eligible Bidders for
Design, supply and Insta[ation of
Intelligent Ttsaffic System in Kathmandu,
TheBiddershaving 5 yearsof pastexPeriencewith averageamua! turnoverof last 3 yerrisasUSD
4.07million, having expenencein
thesupply,Desigoand hslallation of at leastofTlvo rntelligentTraffic signal systemsor similar at leasttwo different cities
apply Tlre wolk compr,ise8
of supply' DesignandInstall Intelligent Trafnc Signal Systemsat Karlmandu,
Intemationalcomp€titiv3biddhg will be conductedin accordancewith ADB's Singli-Stage:
Tlvo-Envelopeprocedureand is opento
all Biddersfrom eligible'sourceaolntries of the ADB.
lntercstedeligible Bidders may obtaiq further information from The Kathmandu sustailrable
ulban Tlansport project, project
ImplenientationUdt (PIU), Department of Roads and inspect the Biddiag Document at the
addressgiven below from I I hls to
l5 hrsduring office hours.
D:omeltt, iD the Englishlarguage'may be purchasedby interest€dBidderson the submission
of a written applicationto
theaddressbelow and uponpaytnentof a nonrefundablefees NPR 3,000 (ThreeThousand)
or usg 35 (Thirty five). The methodof
pa)'mentwill be to submitreceiptof depositionin Bank Accountas follows:..
Nameof the Bank: NepalRastraBank, Bant ReyenueAccount No: Ka_l-t-9g9
Nameof the Office: Departmettof Roads
Office CodeNo: 27-337-05
LastdateofpurchaseofBidding Document:ar or before12.00hrs.(noon);March23,
Ifso requested,the documentmay be sentby aimrail for overseasdelivery with an additional
fee of NRs. 25,[email protected] equiyalentus$ and
surfacemail or courierfor local delivery with an additionalfe€ of NRs. 15,000.
Bids mustbc deliveredto the addressbelow at or before 12.00hrs. (noon); Date: Malch
23, 2015.All Bids must be accompadedby a
Bid security amountasindicatedin Bid datasheet21.1. The bid securiryshall be
a demandguaranteein (a) bank guarantee;(b) a,,
irrevocableletter of crcdiu or (c) a cashier'sor certified check.
Late bids shall be rejected.Bid$ will be openedin the presenceof the Bidders' relesentarives
who chooseto anendat tbe address
below immediatelyafter the deadlineof submission.
Urbar Transporthojecq hoject LnplementatiorUnit (plu), Departn€nt Of Roads,
will not beresoonsibL
for any costso! expensesincured by Bidde$ in connectionwith the preparation
or delivery ofBids.
The bidder must piovide all the information as soughtin the Bid submission
sheet including totat bid price and discounts
offered if any' The bidder also shouldmention the commissions,graluities or fees
to be paid if any wit; respectto bidding
processor executionofthe the bidder shouldfill all
subtotal,total figures in the price scheduleforms.
Bidders are required to specify the total price of the Bid in the Bid submissioD
she€t or ihe Bid price io ,rr" p.i* i"i"arr"
Grand summary. Failure to specify the total price of the Bid in the Bid
submission sheet or the Bid price in the price
ScheduleGrandSummaryshall be groundfor declaringthe bid nonrelponsive.
The Project Manager
Ministry of Ph)rsical Infrastucture and Transport,
Kathmandu Sustainable Urban Transport prolecq
project ImplementationUnit
Extensi6nni. Z2Bz,zzeZ
FaxNo. : (+97 7 -L) _4262993,
Email: [email protected]