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Classifieds/Public Notices
a Nebraska limited liability
Free Consultation
Affordable Payment Options
Grand Island, Nebraska
Derek L. Mitchell P.C.
We are a debt relief agency.
We help people file bankruptcy
in downtown Doniphan in the
old town hall building. For
more details call Scott Zersen at 713-819-5868 or email
at [email protected]
We’ll handle the snow
shoveling for you!
Nebraska’s largest 55+
community NOW
One and two bedroom
open floor plan apartments
Newly renovated affordable
housing apartments – income limits apply
Maintenance-free Living
| Utilities and Appliances
included in rent
For more information
about Hastings Village, call
402-463-3181 or
visit us at HYPERLINK
Senior Living at its Finest!
$2,000 NEBRASKA Press
Scholarship Opportunities!
Selection based on: scholastic ability, good citizenship in school & community,
preference given to students
who pursue newspaper journalism education at Nebraska colleges. Applications
must be postmarked by
2/20/15. Details & application form at www.nebpress.
com, or call 800-369-2850.
word ad into thousands of
Nebraska homes for $225.
Contact your local newspaper or call 1-800-369-2850.
Flea Market, 3/27/15 - 5pm-
company (the “Company”),
has been duly organized under the laws of the State of
Nebraska, designating its
registered agent as Scott Rief
with its registered office at 705
N. Webb Road, Grand Island,
The Grand Island Independent and the Omaha
World Herald seek a dependable, mature motor
carrier for a 137 paper
route in Amick Acres.
Route is 11 miles long.
The Omaha papers are
Sunday only. The GII papers are 7 days. Profit is
a month, TIPs, growth
incentives and subscription. Bundles will be delivered to Doniphan daily.
Must have own vehicle
and back up driver with
substitute. Contact Kevin
for more info at 308.3819432.
Reference Rt.
9pm; 3/28/15 - 8am-4pm,
Le Mars Convention Center,
275 12th St. SE, Le Mars, IA
51031. Vendor Information:
com or 712-546-7218.
BANKRUPTCY: FREE initial consultation. Fast relief
from creditors. Low rates.
Statewide filing. No office
appointment necessary. Call
Steffens Law Office, 308872-8327. We are a debt
relief agency, which helps
people file bankruptcy under
the bankruptcy code.
AFFORDABLE PRESS Release service. Send your
message to 175 newspapers across Nebraska for
one low price! Call 1-800369-2850 or www.nebpress.
com for more details.
looking for combine operators, truck drivers, grain cart
operators. Room and board,
April to November. 402-4698831. Please leave message.
open at Nebraska Energy,
LLC, in Aurora, NE. Competitive wages and benefits.
For full job descriptions, visit and
click Careers for listings. Applications can be picked up
on location or resumes can
be mailed to 2103 Harvest
Drive, Aurora, NE 68818, or
e-mailed to [email protected]
SERVICE MANAGER needed for tractor shop in Case/
IH dealership. Good pay
and benefits. Contact Tim at
Partner in Excellence. CDL
Class A drivers needed.
Sign on bonus! All miles
paid. 1-800-528-7825 or
Chase County Community Hospital
Physical Therapist Manager available for Chase County Community Hospital (CCCH) a 22 bed critical access hospital in Imperial, ne.
Must be a graduate of a professional training program accredited by
the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and hold a nebraska
Physical Therapist licensure. experienced Therapists and new graduates
are encouraged to apply.
Human Resources, P.O. Box 819, Imperial, ne 69033, 308-882-7234,
[email protected],
Central Community College in Columbus, Nebraska, is looking for a
Full-time Electrical Mechanical Coordinator/ Trainer.
This position requires an associate degree with three years related
occupational experience in a manufacturing or processing facility.
Responsibilities of this position include: Develop, teach and market
short term industrial training programs.
• Direct Support Manager Holdrege
Starting at $17.75
• LPN - Axtell
Starting at $16.86
• Direct Support Associate
Starting at $10.00-$10.50
• HR Specialist - Axtell
Starting at $15.00
• Assistant Direct Support Manager
- Axtell
Starting at $14.76
Flexible scheduling and a free
health insurance option!
For information or to apply, visit our
website at:
$500 Signing Bonus!
2nd Shift
Maintenance Technician:
Qualified candidates will have
2 years of technical training
and 5+ years’ experience.
Experience with mechanics,
pneumatics, hydraulics and
electrical required. Duties include diagnosing problems,
maintenance and repair of production equipment and general
maintenance. This position requires being on call every third
weekend. There is a $500 signing bonus.
Please apply in person at
Standard Iron
4160 Gold Core Drive,
Grand Island NE or
online at
Call 402-845-2937 to advertise with us!
NE 68803.
The Company was organized for the purpose of engaging in the transaction of
any lawful business and the
performance of any lawful
activities that a limited liability company may engage in
under the laws of the State
of Nebraska. The Company
shall have perpetual existence unless dissolved in accordance with its Articles of
Organization, its Operating
Agreement or the Limited Liability Company Act. The affairs of the Company are to be
managed by its members.
Thayer & Thayer, P.C.,
1425 N. Webb Road Grand
Island, Nebraska 68803
(Published Date: Feb. 5,
2015; Feb. 12; 2015; Feb.
19, 2015; 36 lns)
FEBRUARY 9, 2015
The regular February
meeting of the DoniphanTrumbull School Board was
called to order in open and
public session on Monday,
February 9, 2015 at 7:00
P.M., in the Community Room
at Doniphan-Trumbull High
School by President Sullivan.
President Sullivan made
note and referenced the current copy of the Open Meetings Act posted on the wall of
the meeting room.
President Sullivan acknowledged that the notice
of the meeting was given in
advance by publication in accordance with the Board approved method for giving notice of meetings. Notice of this
meeting was given in advance
to all members of the Board of
Education. The availability of
the agenda was communicated in the publicized notice and
a current copy of the Agenda
was maintained as stated
in the publicized notice. All
proceedings of the Board of
Doniphan Herald
Feb. 19, 2015 • 4A
Education, except as may be
hereinafter noted, were taken
while the convened meeting is
open to the attendance of the
public. Secretary Sadd was
asked to call role. Members
present were: Brent Rainforth,. Steph Roach, Randy
Sadd, Chris Sullivan, Zach
Vandiest, and Craig Vincent.
Motion by VanDiest, seconded by Roach to approve
by consent the items identified
by asterisk and receive information and reports as listed
and marked with asterisk.*to
approve the agenda as presented; *to approve the minutes of the January 12, 2015
Regular Meeting and the January 26, 2015 Work Session;
*to approve Doniphan-Trumbull School General Fund
claims totaling $86,631.16,
Food Service claims totaling
$17,365.55, Building Fund
Claims totaling $0.00, and
QCPUF Fund Claims totaling $0.00. Voting yes: VanDiest, Roach, Rainforth, Sadd,
Vincent, and Sullivan. Sadd
abstained on the Doniphan
See LEGALS, Page 5A
• 1 & 2 Bedroom Units
w/ Appliances
• Laundry Facilities
• Units Available for Handicap
Rental Assistance Available to
Qualified Applicants
One month free rent
with a new 12 month lease!
For more information
call: 402-845-6609
TDD: 1-800-833-7352
This Institution Is An Equal
Opportunity Provider and
Doniphan Herald
How to place your classified ad:
Send in your classified advertisement by e-mail at
[email protected], call 402-845-2937 or
drop it off at the box in the Pump and Pantry in Doniphan.
* Deadlines are at 5 p.m. on Friday for the next week’s edition.
Information to know:
We reserve the right to classify all advertisements,
unless the advertiser specifically states a position.
Advertisers should check their ads in the first issue
and report any errors at once to 402-845-2937.
Classified ad prices:
Under 50 words: $7 per week.
50 words and over: $10 per week.
Small photo with line ad: $5 extra.
Display ads: $5 per column inch.
Horoscopes/Crossword Puzzle
ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20
The overall style of interaction right
now is competitiveness. There may be
fighting over leadership within a marriage
or at work. If your partner is truly valuable
to you, you should put your pettiness aside
and fight for them.
TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21
Taurus will have to adjust to others to
be able to solve a problem in the best way
possible. You should revive an old conversation with your colleague or make an
appointment to speak to your manager. If
you think someone’s action unprofessional and damaging to you, start by having a
peaceful dialogue.
GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21
Gemini’s words and actions are quite effective. This time is good for active steps.
You may promote and revive your business, have talks and reregister documents.
It would be beneficial for you to include
a creative element into your routine work.
CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22
The changes affecting Cancer’s life
foundation must be discussed. Some situations will have to be discussed more than
once. This is a wonderful time for conversing with your household members.
LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23
This is a wonderful time for meetings,
sharing information and traveling. You’ll
quickly absorb new data and if necessary
equally quickly change your views. Some
Lions will perform brilliantly as mediators
and technical consultants.
VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22
The time is suitable for acquiring computer accessories, means of communication, books and guides, equipment and
electronics. Virgo’s financial situation is
getting better thanks to its communicability, friendliness and intellect.
LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23
Libra is successful in some things, but in
others success is questionable. The choice
depends on your character and mood. Basic needs which are presently important
for you will play an important part: for
example, your living conditions or marital
SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22
This is a good time for private talks. Online business correspondence may be quite
intensive. Relevant domestic issues may
call for equally intensive discussion.
SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21
Sagittarius is recommended to put off
buying things: hastiness can result in acquiring defective or unnecessary items.
Business financial transactions are not
advisable, either. If something in this field
must be addressed right away, make a temporary decision for the time being.
CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20
Someone you really like and who you’d
like to closely cooperate with in the future
may have a difficult time warming up to
you. Remain kind, in time they will come
AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18
Aquarius’ trump card today is its unique
intellect. It will help you study exceptionally well and easily establish connections
including foreign ones. Keep on learning!
PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20
Most of your problems are caused by
an unwillingness or inability to take others
into consideration. It’ll be difficult for you
to interact with people if you think your
opinion to be the only right one and place
your needs above everyone else’s.
1. Slenderizes
6. Charity
10. Unit of land
14. Area of South
15. Genuine
16. Prompted
17. Improve
19. Outcropping
20. Third sign of the
21. Father
22. Anger
23. Pasted
25. Creases
26. Oversupply
30. Made noises
while sleeping
32. Rejoinder
35. Revolutionary
39. Bear witness
40. Creation
41. Berthing
43. Kitchen set
44. ___ public
46. Writing table
47. Moon of Saturn
50. Adolescents
53. Anagram of
54. Poetic dusk
55. Outcome
60. Rational
61. Enticements
63. Not now
64. Badgers
65. Approximately
66. Classify
67. Visual organs
68. Lance
1. Catch
2. Disabled
3. Bit of gossip
4. Anagram of “Mail”
5. Hoisting device
6. Arrive (abbrev.)
7. Heavy
8. Bullfighter
9. Toboggan
10. Recognized
11. Papal court
12. Kingdom
13. Borders
18. Petroleum
24. Utilize
25. 4-door car
26. A metric unit of
27. Adriatic resort
28. Style of hairdo
29. A sporting competition
31. Hindu princess
33. Descendant
34. Canvas dwelling
36. Adorable
37. The products of
human creativity
38. Scallion
42. Entryway
43. Coloring agent
45. Fail to fulfill a
47. Exams
48. Potato state
49. Laser printer
51. Cashew or almond
52. Eyeglasses
54. Feudal worker
56. Trim
57. Not there
58. Killer whale
59. Russian emperor
62. S
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