resume - Preetham Nagaraj

9175 Judicial Drive Apt 6335
San Diego CA - 92122
(312) 804-8549
[email protected]
UX/Front End Engineer
Illumina Inc., San Diego
September 2014 - Present
 Lead the Front end development for the new BaseSpace help site.
 Designed the layout and interaction to improve the functioning and contextual utility of the site.
 Developed high fidelity mockups to demonstrate interaction.
 Conducted usability tests for a business priority feature and worked closely with product owners and developers
on the requirements and design.
 Conducted usability research and analysis of the Search feature and developed a new approach for analyzing
features within BaseSpace.
 Worked in Agile methodology as part of small scrum teams.
UX/Front End Designer, Intern
Sage Clarity Systems, Chicago
May 2013 – Aug 2013
Replay Analytics –
 Designed the UI for Replay Analytics®, a web based data analytics application for data analysis in the form of
visual charts.
 Developed prototypes using tools like Axure RP and Balsamiq mockups.
 Improved the navigability after conducting usability tests and user interviews.
 Enhanced the appearance of dashboards by defining modern look and feel for visual elements.
 Implemented data charts and time sequencing functions in Java & ExtJS and site tracking in JavaScript which
increased the visitor engagement.
Graduate Web Developer
University of Illinois, Chicago
Nov 2013 – May 2014
 Developed WordPress multisite plugin in PHP –
 Maintaining the web hosting service options across virtual machines using MySQL.
 Developing scripts in Perl to manage the web hosting services on Apache Linux server.
 Providing support to various technical problems across the users of the university computing resources.
 HTML5; CSS3; JavaScript; jQuery; AngularJS; C++; Java; MySQL; C# .NET
 Git; Axure RP; Visual Studio; Bootstrap; WordPress; Illustrator; Photoshop
Chicago, IL
University of Illinois
Aug 2012 – May 2014
 M.S. in Computer Science with Specialization in Human Computer Interaction, May 2014. GPA: 3.11/4.0
 Graduate Coursework: User Interface Design; Multimedia Systems Design; Computer Graphics; Algorithms;
Information Retrieval; Software Engineering.
Hassan, India
Visveswaraya Technological University
Sep 2008 – June 2012
 B.E. in Information Science and Engineering, June 2012. GPA: 8.82/10
 Undergraduate Coursework: Computer Graphics; Management Information Systems; Service Oriented
Architecture; Database Design; Algorithms; Discrete Math; Operating Systems.
Masters Project
 CarNav (2014) – (Android App) Developed an android based mobile app for car navigation system in an outdoor
parking space. Uses outdoor localization and geospatial database design techniques.
UX Projects
 Antscillary (2013) - (Game Design) Developed an outdoor game for children based on ant behavior. Ideas of
Participatory simulation and embodiment in learning environments are used.
 Dainik (2013) – (Home Automation) Developed interface for a big screen family assistant device. Consists apps
for users in a family space with demanding diversity of applications.