Now you can get that crispy, skillet-fried chicken flavor straight out of the
oven faster and easier than you ever imagined. Your customers will savor
the delicious taste and texture of fried chicken that’s even better than the
national chain restaurant down the street – and you don’t need a fryer.
From Farm to Flavorful
With authentically fresh flavors, Patuxent Farms® meats are
wholesomely delicious from beginning to end. You can always
count on the freshest quality, taking you back to the farms
and fields.
Product Inspiration
What would life be without fried chicken? We start with a
moist, tender chicken that is lightly seasoned and
breaded then fully cooked to perfection. All you do is
bake the chicken at 350° F for 25 to 30 minutes. An added
benefit—all white and dark chicken pieces cook in the
same amount of time. The chicken comes out of the oven
crispy, golden and juicy. Now you can offer the taste and
crunch of home-cooked, Southern-fried chicken without
the time, expense and hassle of frying.
• Fully cooked, ready-to-bake fried chicken with a
lightly spiced, Southern recipe that offers a homecooked, just-out-of-the-skillet taste that is better
than national brands
• Easy to prepare—just bake 25 to 30 minutes and serve
• All chicken pieces cook in the same amount of time
• Chicken pieces are evenly packed with dark and white
meat separated within the case
Ideal Use
Recipe: Friday Night Takeout
A great addition to your menu:
• Appetizers
• Entrées
• Paired with signature side dishes
• Theme nights
4 pc. Patuxent Farms fully Cooked Fried Chicken
( 1 pc of each)
3 oz. Macaroni & Cheese (see ingredients below)
-1 lb. Roseli cavatappi, cooked
-8 oz. el Pasado EZ-Melt cooked with 2 c.
whole milk
4 oz. Green Beans with Crispy Bacon
(see ingredients below)
-1 lb. Monarch Frozen green beans
-4 oz. Patuxent Farms bacon, cooked, diced
Serve with sides of macaroni & cheese and the green
beans. Enjoy.
Product Description
Pack Size
Fully Cooked Fried Chicken
22.5 lbs.
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