February 11, 2015
*Please make sure your microphone is on. Those from the audience section please speak at
the podium in the front.*
1. Items from Visitors
A. FYI – Police Department will make a presentation for Keith Smith for his retirement
B. FYI - Re-elected Fire Chief Taylor Custis will take oath of Office for on Tuesday,
February 17th
C. Sian Young, Matthews Opera House will present at Council on February 17th.
D. Sue Konstant PACE Strategic Development LLC – request approval for contract, Option
2. Human Resources
A. Both of the following increases are due to successful completion of the in-training period
(increase not given at the beginning of the year)
 Request authorization to move Barry Ploog, Solid Waste Laborer, Grade 7, Step 2,
$11.73 per hour and Solid Waste Operator, Grade 10, Step 2, $13.60 per hour,
effective 3/1/2015.
Request authorization to move Alex Jones, Recreation Assistant, Grade 7, Step 2,
$11.73 per hour, effective 3/1/2015.
3. Ordinances and Resolutions
A. There will be a public hearing on February 17th to consider Resolution 2015-13 – A
Resolution to authorize a lease of municipal property to a private individual (Lookout
Mountain Grazing Lease)
B. Public Hearing to consider Resolution 2015-11 – A resolution to vacate a portion of
North Avenue ROW adjacent to 130 Ryan Road.
C. Resolution 2015-14 – Fee Resolution
D. Second Reading of Ordinance 1205 – Supplement to 2015 Appropriations Ordinance for
budget adjustment for 201 and 214 Funds for Police Communications Software Purchase.
E. First Reading of Ordinance 1206 – Supplement to 2015 Appropriations Ordinance for
Atlas Building.
F. First Reading of Ordinance 1207 – Amend Chapter 18 – Utilities – deposits.
G. First Reading of Ordinance 1208 – Amend Chapter 18 – Utilities – Unpaid and
delinquent accounts.
4. Public Works
A. Kyle – Request to accept proposal from FMG Engineering for engineering services for 1)
Lookout Mountain Trailhead; 2) West Elgin Street Parking Lot; 3) Canyon Street Culvert
Crossing, total cost $50,399, budgeted in Second Penney and Campground
B. Beau – Request authorization to purchase the following from Butler Machinery using the
National Joint Powers Association Bid Proposal at a total cost of $77,366, budgeted in
Second Penny:
 Cat 272D XHP Skid Steer Loader
 Cat PC408B Cold Planer
C. Beau – Request to purchase pintle hitch equipment trailer budgeted in Second Penny –
recommendation to be provided at committee
D. Consent Agenda – Approve the following Brown Bag Permits:
Snappers Club
Snappers Club
Tammy Silvernagel
Cindy McCormick
Family Gathering
Retirement Party
5. Finance Office
A. Request to increase utility deposits from $100 to $150 for residential and commercial
accounts and from $200 to $300 for industrial accounts.
B. Request Update to Administrative Collection Policy.
6. Parks and Recreation
A. SRAC - Request of acceptance of Walk With Ease Grant for $4000 from Center for
Disease Control and National Parks and Recreation Association. Terms are February
through September. The Goal is to implement a walking program for people 50 and older
utilizing the WWE program model and teaching community classes. This fits well with
Steph’s goals for community health. There are conditions to this grant.
B. SRAC – Request to move front desk limited hour position to full time position.
C. Training FYI – Brett Rauterkus, Chris Harwood and Alecia Hoffman will be attending
the SDPRA board and activities meeting February 25th in Chamberlain.
D. Rec Center – Request approval to purchase the following budgeted items:
 Octane Lateral Elliptical from 2nd Wind at a cost of $5,058.00
 T5 NuStep from NuStep, Inc. at a cost of $5,926.00
7. Building and Development
A. Set a public hearing date for March 16, 2015 for a Right of Way Vacate located in
Blocks 1 of the West Addition between St. Joe Street and Ames Avenue, adjacent to the
new BHSU President’s Home.
B. Approve a use permitted on review for a garage on Lot 4 Block 8 of McGuigan Ranch.
C. Approve the final plans for a multi-family project located at the Reserve.
8. City Administration
A. Reminder – due to President’s Day holiday on Monday, City Council Regular Session
will meet Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 7PM.
B. Committee level discussion on explanation of committees
C. Legal, Finance and Public Safety Committee recap