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Small Leaf Lobelia
Lobelia cardinalis 'small leaf'
Natural Range
Central and Eastern North America
Maximum Size
Water Quality
· Temperature: 22°C - 26°C.
· pH: 6.8 - 7.2
· General Hardness: 100 - 150ppm.
Small Oval
Recommended Tank Position
Small Leaf Lobelia makes an ideal filler plant for use
between low foreground plants and tall background
varieties. It looks especially good when planted in a
row diagonally from the front to the back of the tank,
in a ‘terraced’ arrangement.
In warmer climates, this plant can also be used on the
edge of ponds.
It is not very demanding of water parameters, but
does require consistency. Avoid large swings in
water parameters, and test your water regularly.
Once established, it can be propagated by replanting
Small Leaf Lobelia is part of the Aquarium Industries
Naturals Range.
Foreground to Midground
Growth Speed
Ease of Keeping
(1 = easy, 5 = difficult)
Planting Instructions
(Boxed AI Naturals Plant)
Take the plants from the bag
Carefully remove all the jelly by washing under
a tap
Individually plant into substrate, taking care to
only bury the roots
General Information
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