Pitt Pounders Leather Guild [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

Pitt Pounders Leather Guild
Promoting leathercraft awareness by sharing skills, experience & knowledge
Directions to Tandy Leather
Factory Store:
From PA Turnpike I-76
Take exit 67 Irwin toward U.S. 30
February 2015
E/Lincoln Hwy. Keep right at the
fork and merge onto U.S. 30
For the February meeting Joyce will finish up by answering any E/Lincoln Hwy for 8 miles
of your remaining questions about finishing up your lacing
Take the US-119 exit toward Iproject.
70/Connellsville/Blairsville in 0.2
miles US-119 intersects S. Main St
Dave Briggs brought back some great ideas form the IFOLG! A Turn left onto S Main St and
Crossroads Shopping Center is
jewel encrusted belt buckle? Wow – there is a lot going on
across S Main St immediately on
there, but first…
the right.
Dave was reminded that his lesson on Sheridan Style Carving
and Tooling was fairly challenging to those members who are
February 21 from 12 Noon to 3:00
new to leather carving. The question is, “Where does leather
carving begin?” The answer is “Swivel Knife Practice Cuts”.
at the Tandy Leather Factory
This time we will go back – way back to the beginning. We dug Store Greensburg, PA
Weather Permitting
up an old Tandy Doodle page, and Dave will help us learn how
are usually held on the
to do the most basic of cuts. Practice makes perfect, but before
of the even
that some practice makes doable; some more practice makes
numbered months.
better and so on. Get the idea?
Last time I reminded everyone to pay their annual dues, but I did
not give the details for those who could not make the meeting.
Annual dues are $20 per person or $25 per family.
Pay at the meeting or mail your check to our Treasurer Joyce
Wedge at PO Box 38, Evans City PA, 16033.
Your safety is our concern for winter meetings – in the event of
bad driving conditions, we will cancel the meeting.
Contact Us:
Kevin Cohn
Dennis Schilling
Newsletter Editor
[email protected]
Tandy Leather Factory Store
1075 South Main St
Greensburg, PA 15601
Phone: 724-830-8808
Toll Free: 800-246-8813
Our Pitt Pounders Facebook Page
Remember to find and “Friend” us on
Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pitt-PoundersLeathercraft-Guild/544196378958130
Planned teaching for the February Meeting
and Demonstrations:
Dave Briggs will take a giant step back from
Sheridan Style Carving and restart with basic
swivel knife techniques, and the proper use of
same, which means just practicing carving
lines, circles, curving lines etc. See classic
(1950’s) Doodle Page below:
Since Dave uses a ceramic blade that just
needs stropping once in a while. It would be
nice if we could get Draper in to show how he
sharpens a metal blade. Some of us have
seen this lecture once or twice so we will have
to rely on some of the members’ memories.
Again this will be an all participate “Learn as
You Do” class.
Everything you need for any project is available
at Tandy, but this will be a good time to get
closer to your tools. If you have them,
remember to bring the following:
 Swivel Knife
 Strop
 Jeweler’s Rouge
 Cup & sponge
 Small washcloth
 a GOOD piece of leather doesn't have
to be a big piece 4x4 - 4x6, 5 to 7
weight should do
Upcoming Leather Craft Shows
Southwest Leather Workers Trade Show
February 27 through March 1, 2015
Prescott, Arizona
Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show
May 15 through 17, 2015
Sheridan, Wyoming
2015 World Leather Debut
May 16 through 18, 2015
Sheridan, Wyoming
IFOLG 2015 Annual Show
October 16 through 18, 2015
Fort Wayne, Indiana
A note from the editor
Your opinion on our future is important
to us. Please either give Kevin a call (412-8372159), or send an e-mail to Dennis Schilling
([email protected]) so that we know what
you are thinking.
If you are receiving the Pounder and
you are officer of another guild, I would enjoy
seeing a copy of your newsletter. Consider it a
newsletter exchange program.
To any of the readers, please share
your comments and suggestions on how we
can continually make “The Pounder” better.
- Dennis