8 February 2015 - 3 Churches in Cardiff

Christ the King
Newborough Avenue
Llanishen Cardiff
St Brigid’s
Crystal Glen
St Paul’s
Cyncoed Road
Canon Matthew Jones [email protected]
Fr Tomy Augustine CMI [email protected]
St Brigid’s Presbytery Crystal Glen Cardiff CF14 5QN Tel 029 2075 2389
Christ the King Office (Marie O’Brien) Tel 029 2075 3945 [email protected]
Sunday February 8th 2015
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (YEAR B)
Issue 06/15
Monday is the feast of St Teilo, patron of our neighbouring parish. Saint Teilo, also known by his
Cornish name Eliud, was a British Christian monk, bishop, and founder of monasteries and churches.
He was born at Penally in Pembrokeshire around the year 500. He was the son of Saint Issel and
uncle of Saints Ismael and Euddogwy. He was educated by the renowned Church leader and educator
St Dyfrig, and by Paulinus of Wales, probably at Whitland. There he met and became a close
companion of St David, and travelled to Mynyw (present St. Davids), where David founded his abbey.
When St Dyfrig retired to a hermitage on Bardsey Island, Teilo succeeded him as Bishop of Llandaff.
Here he founded the first church, headed a monastic school, and become bishop over present
Glamorgan and Gwent.
In the 540s yellow plague affected Britain. In 549 Teilo, with a small group of monks, moved to Dol in
Brittany. He is reported to have stayed in Brittany for seven years and seven months. They joined St
Samson at Dol, and to this day the fruit groves they planted are known as the groves of Teilo and
Samson. Legend has it that Teilo was asked by Budic II of Brittany to subdue a belligerent winged
dragon, which he tamed and tied to a rock in the sea off Brittany.
He returned to his foundation at Llandeilo Fawr, where he died on 9 February, around 560. He
became one of the most venerated men in Wales. His relics were said to lie in Llandaff Cathedral,
though Llandeilo Fawr, and Penally Abbey also claimed to have them. His tomb in Llandaff lies to the
right of the altar, but his skull is kept in the south chapel. It is stated that many miracles were
witnessed there while he was alive and also later at his tomb.
At least 20 ancient churches in Wales, Brittany, and Cornwall and Devon are dedicated to him, as are
several modern parishes and schools, while there are three villages in Brittany named Landelau,
Landêliau and Saint-Thélo after him.
Fr Matthew
Response to Psalm Praise the Lord who heals the broken-hearted.
Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia, alleluia! I am the light of the world, says the Lord,
Anyone who follows me will have the light of life. Alleluia!
1st Reading: Job 7: 1-4. 6-7 2nd Reading: First letter Corinthians 9: 16-19. 22-23 Gospel: Mark 1: 29-39
St. Brigid’s and Christ the King are parishes of the Archdiocese of Cardiff. A Registered Charity No. 242380.
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3 Churches
Father’s News
Please pray for the repose of the
soul of Kathleen Hannay
Requiem Mass at Christ the King
Wednesday 11th at 12.30pm. We
remember her family in prayer.
Eternal rest grant to her, Lord.
On February 22nd, and every
Sunday from then on, the Mass will
be celebrated in Welsh at 4pm at
the chapel of Nazareth House,
Colum Road, Cardiff. This is a new
opportunity for those learning
Welsh and children in Welsh
medium education. Join the regular
congregation or come from time to
time. A warm welcome awaits –
croeso cynnes i bawb.
Wales and the Marches Catholic
History Society
Richard Newton will speak on "The
Third Marquis of Bute - The
Catholic Convert"
When: This Sunday February 8th
at 3pm Where: St David's College,
Tygwyn Road. All are very
welcome to attend. Further
information: Tricia Coulthard 2059
We are now taking names for the
sacrament of Confirmation. At the
back of all 3 churches you will find a
form, please note your name and
contact details. Also please fill in
and return the application form to
church. For any queries contact
Charlotte Mathews on 07800
647515 or
[email protected]
The Glory of Easter
The St David's Praise choir will be
performing at St David's Hall on
Saturday 28 March at 7.30pm.
Rehearsals start on Wednesday 11
February 7.30pm at Albany Road
Baptist Church, alternating
Wednesday and Tuesday. If
anyone would like to join those from
the 3 churches who sing in this
ecumenical choir please contact
Elizabeth Taylor (2075 1401) for
further information. Tickets available
from St David's Hall box office.
A moment of peace & candlelight
Christ the King opens its doors
every Friday term-time between
6.30pm and 7pm. St Brigid's and St
Paul's remain open daily
during daylight hours.
Celebrate Wales– 2 & 3 May 2015
Can you help with accommodation
for speakers, children's liturgy
leaders and sound people? We are
looking for 34 beds for these
persons. Please help if you can
Contact Pat Williams (2061 7374) or
[email protected] .com
National Justice & Peace Network
Open networking Meeting
Saturday 14 February at St David's
Catholic Sixth Form College, Cardiff
CF23 5QD; 10am for 10.30 to 4pm
A Vision for the Common Good.
Speaker: Alison Jackson (Church
Action on Poverty) With an
opportunity to meet with others from
the network. All welcome. Bring
your own lunch. Drinks provided
Coming soon...
Fairtrade Fortnight: 23 February –
8 March, celebrating the power of
everyday choices by telling the
other half of a product’s story – the
producer’s – to show the difference
Fairtrade makes.
Other events
Llanishen Good Neighbours
Llanishen Good Neighbours have
lost all their annual funding from
Cardiff Council, and they are now
the only good neighbours scheme
left in Cardiff. This means that they
face major financial challenges and
our local fund-raising is more
important than ever.
They are collecting goods for their
annual fund-raising sale on
Saturday 28 March. If you are able
to donate any of the following,
please deliver these to their office at
4 Heol Hir (adjacent to St Isan’s
Parish Hall) any weekday morning
(9am-11am) or give them a call
(2075 0751) and they will collect the
goods from you. We are seeking
goods of a reasonably good quality
including: General bric-a-brac,
books, puzzles, games, craft items,
toys, small furniture items etc.
(please note that we cannot accept
mains electrical appliances)
We will also gladly accept offers of
jams, chutneys, cakes to be
cooked for sale on the day!!!
Used Duplo & Lego Link
The Penarth and District Lesotho
Trust welcome any donations of
unwanted duplo and lego which
they can transport to Lesotho as a
teaching resource. If you can help,
please contact Rosemary Dix:
[email protected]
2070 7036.
National Day of Prayer and
Fasting for Life
On Tuesday 10 February please
pray and fast for the end of abortion
and euthanasia. Your support is
urgently needed so that the women
helped by The Good Counsel
Network will receive the grace from
God to continue their pregnancies.
For further information visit
Parishes of Christ the King, Sts Brigid and Paul Page 2
Other events
PAPYRUS (Prevention of Young
Suicide is a leading cause of death
among our young people.
PAPYRUS seeks to work with
communities across the UK to
tackle the stigma that surrounds
suicide and to promote mental
health and wellbeing among young
people and those who care and
work with them. Those who do are
invited to an event on Wednesday
25 March at the Pastoral Centre
from 10am to 3.30pm (light lunch
provided. Entry is free for Familias
members and a £10 donation is
requested from others. Contact–
Joanne White 2036 5964 or email
[email protected]
Healthcare & Hospital Chaplaincy
A day for Clergy and Hospital
Ministers with Bishop Tom Williams
on Monday 2 March, from 11am at
the Pastoral Resource Centre.
Charge is £10 per person which
includes a buffet lunch. If you plan
to attend, please book a place via
Sister Maureen (2036 0044 or
[email protected])
Llanishen Baptist Church
Revelations present
The YMCA Theatre
The Walk, Cardiff
Thursday 12th February at 7.15pm
Friday 13th February at 7.15pm
Saturday 14th February at 7.15pm
All tickets £6
To book tickets: 2075 3033
St David’s Night ‘Twmpath’
Sunday 1 March 7.30-10.30pm
St Mary’s Parish Hall, Canton.
Come to the Twmpath and dance to
the sound of Welsh group ‘Ali
Grogan’. Tickets £5 includes finger
buffet. Limited bar available.
A Weekend of Discovery, A
Lifetime Of Love.
Enrich your Marriage with a
Marriage Encounter Weekend
Lydiard House
Lydiard Park, Swindon, SN5 3PA
27 February – 1 March, 2015
For further information check out
our website: www.wwme.org.uk
Or contact Ian & Tessa MacCallum:
01249 656145 or
[email protected]
Professionals Project!
A two hour public education session
for adults who work/volunteer with
children and young people in the
Diocese is being held on Thursday
26 February from 6.30-8.30pm at
the Pastoral Resource Centre. It
aims to raise awareness of child
Christ the King
sexual abuse and provide positive
messages about what can be done
to protect children. Places are
Altar Linen
limited to 20 people per session and
M Greening
will be allocated on a first come
basis. Please contact Martin
Mahoney (2036 5960) or Joanne Mass Times
Mass on Thursday will take place at
White (2036 5964)
9.45am and will be led by the
children of year 5, Christ the King
Primary School.
Requiem Mass
The Requiem Mass for Kathleen
Hannay will take place at Christ the
King on Wednesday 11 February at
12.30pm. May she rest in peace.
Stations of the Cross
There will be Stations of the Cross
at Christ the King on four Sunday
afternoons during Lent;
Sunday 22nd February
Sunday 1st March
Sunday 15th March
Sunday 22nd March (led by the
young people of the parish)
All are very welcome.
St Brigid’s &
St Pauls
Parish Advisory Council Meeting
The next PAC meeting will be on
Wednesday 11 February. Any
parishioner who has an item they
would like to be included on the
Agenda please see Stephen Jones
(Chair) or any member of the PAC.
For a trial period in St Brigid's
church, all hymn books, black
mass settings books and pew
cards, will be stored at the back
of the church on the bottom
shelf. Please take 1 of each when
arriving for mass, and replace
them on leaving the church. It is
hoped that with this system in
place everyone will have what
they need during mass. Thank
you for your co operation
This newsletter was edited by
Luke Todd (2015)
Parishes of Christ the King, Sts Brigid and Paul Page 3
Sunday February 8th 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
6pm St Paul’s
6.30pm C the K
Sun. 8.30am C the K
9am St Paul’s
Len Perry
Derek Jenkins (C & L Jenkins)
All souls in purgatory especially deceased members of
FOSS (M & T Pinnell)
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Genie Beach (York)
10.30am C the K
Harry & Ann Norris (K Liddington)
7.30pm St Brigid’s
Mon. 9.30am St Brigid’s
9.30am C the K
Tues. 9.30am St Brigid’s
9.30am C the K
Wed. 9.30am St Paul’s
12.30pm C the K
7.30pm C the K
Thurs. 9.45am C the K
7.30pm St Brigid’s
Fri. 9.30am St Paul’s
9.30am C the K
Sat. 9.30am St Brigid’s
Christ the King
Chris Stevens
2074 7730
People of the Parish
10.30am St Brigid’s
6pm St Brigid’s
3 Churches
Maria Alessio (Camilleri)
Sunday Praise
J P Fallon (T)
St Teilo
All souls in purgatory especially deceased members of
FOSS (M & T Pinnell)
Shelagh Powell
St Scholastica
Mary O’Connor (P Charles)
Sp Int Joseph Whittle (Mary)
Our Lady of Lourdes
Requiem: Kathleen Hannay
Michelle Reynolds (Circle of Friends)
Sick & Housebound of the parish
(led by Year 5 of CTK Primary School)
Josie Camilleri
Frank Lord
Janet Jones (D & M Bryon)
Int Christopher Smy
Parish Council Chairs
Sts Brigid & Paul
Stephen Jones
07970 826283
Sts Cyril & Methodius
Christ the King
Primary School
Acting Headteacher
Mrs R Woodward
2075 4787
Corpus Christi
High School
Acting Headteacher
Mrs A Thomas
2076 1893
St David’s College
Mark Leighfield
2049 8555
Sts Brigid & Paul
Angela Ciriello
2048 6893
Christ the King
Heulwen Egerton
2068 9416
[email protected]
Sunday February 15th 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
6pm St Paul’s
6.30pm C the K
Sun. 8.30am C the K
9am St Paul’s
Joan Hayward (M & D Rundle)
Zoe Toole (B Theeswaran)
People of the Parish
10.30am C the K
George Askey (O’Brien)
11.45am St Brigid’s
7.30pm St Brigid’s
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Tim Cole
10.30am St Brigid’s
6pm St Brigid’s
Eucharistic Adoration
Shelagh Powell
Holy Souls
Sunday Praise
Please send items to [email protected] by Wednesday afternoon at the latest!
Please remember the following in your prayers, who are unwell at this time:
Bernard Adshead, Keith Allen, Mary Amugan, Brian Bermingham, Maureen Carroll, Sian Clark,
Mary Clarke, Terry Culbertson, Agnes Davies, Emily, Anna Forrest, Maria Hill, Caitriona Lovell,
Joseph (Benny) Lynch, Dean Maguire, Charles McDevitt, Katrina Meades, Olga Mechlenburgh,
Vernon Morgan, Sarah Morris, Peter Murphy, Maureen O'Driscoll, Kieran Ollin, Alan Paines,
Rona Perry, Valentino Rascon, John Reardon, Rhian Reardon, Cath Rees, Claire Richards,
Pat Roberts, Adela Rogers, Peter Scott, Dewi Thomas, Emma Warlow,
Dorothy Warren & Pat Watkins.
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Christ the King
Tuesday 10am-1pm
St. Paul’s
Wednesday 10am-3pm
St. Brigid’s
Thursday 8-9pm
Sacrament of
St Brigid’s
Saturday 10-10.30
St Paul’s
Saturday 5.30pm.
Christ the King
Saturday 5.45-6.15pm
Last Week’s Collection
Sts. Brigid & Paul
Gift Aid
£ 734.50
Non Gift Aid £ 495.98
£ 1230.48
S/O month av. £ ~~~~~
Christ the King
Gift Aid
£ 604.20
Non Gift Aid £ 451.67
S/O weekly av. £ 373.46
£ 1429.33