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Sunday, June 22, 2014
Lincoln Journal Star
Rest then stretch after hip strain Netflix signs
Dear Doctor K: I’ve strained
a muscle where my hip meets my
pelvis. What can I do to relieve
the discomfort?
Dear Reader: It sounds like
you’ve strained your hip lexor.
That’s a group of muscles that
runs from your lower back to
the front of your thigh. These
muscles help lex your hip when
you lift your leg to the front. A
hip lexor strain can lead to pain
where your thigh meets your
pelvis, as well as pain or pinching
when you pull your knee to your
chest or when you climb stairs.
Many activities can cause a hip
lexor strain. Possible culprits
include heavy lifting or pushing,
biking (especially if your seat isn’t
high enough), martial arts, or
running with knees lifted high.
When you irst strain your hip,
rest it and apply ice. Pain medications such as acetaminophen,
ibuprofen or naproxen can help ease
discomfort. If the pain is severe, use
crutches to take weight of the area.
After swelling improves, usually in several days, do some gentle
stretches. Then begin strength exercises aimed at rebuilding muscles.
I’ll describe two
6 p.m.
60 Minutes Egypt’s Coptic
Christians. (N) (cc)
7 p.m.
hip-strengthening exercises.
(I’ve put photographs demonstrating proper
form on my
Ask Doctor K
ing hip flexor
stretch. Kneel
on a padded mat. Put your right leg
in front of you with the knee bent
at a 90-degree angle and foot flat
on the floor. Place your hands on
your right thigh for support. Lean
forward, pressing into the hip of
your left leg while keeping your
right foot on the floor. Hold for 10
to 30 seconds. Do three to four reps,
then switch legs.
■ Cobbler’s pose. Sit on the
floor. Bring the soles of your feet
together and let your knees fall
apart toward the floor. Place your
hands on your ankles. Hinge forward from your hips until you feel
the stretch in your inner thighs.
Hold for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat
three to four times.
Other good hip exercises include
walking in chest-high water, lowresistance biking, using an elliptical
8 p.m.
Elementary Holmes and Wat- The Good Wife “The Last
son investigate a bombing. Call” Alicia tries to make
sense of things. (TV14)
(cc) (TV14)
trainer and walking on level ground.
■ ■ ■
A reader recently wrote me
with this question: “How is it that
you can answer so many diferent
questions in diferent ields? How
do you learn all that?”
I wish I could tell you that I
carry around all the answers in
my brain. But there are so many
diferent ields and specialties in
medicine that no one person can
possibly master all of them.
A hundred years ago, medical
science was in its infancy. There
were some doctors who really
did “know it all.” That is, they
knew everything that was known.
The problem was that practically nothing was known. There
weren’t cures for most diseases.
In writing this column, I frequently consult with my colleagues at Harvard Medical School
who are experts on the questions
readers ask. I’m happy that I came
of age as a doctor at a time when
medical science had made enormous advances. If I don’t know
the answer that might help you, I
know where I can ind it.
Dr. Anthony Komaroff is a physician and
professor at Harvard Medical School.
9 p.m.
The Mentalist “Violets” A
dangerous sting operation.
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10 p.m.
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Wipeout “Fall in the Family” (Season Premiere) Teams of
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Elementary Holmes and Wat- The Good Wife “The Last
son investigate a bombing. Call” Alicia tries to make
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sense of things. (TV14)
The Mentalist “Violets” A
dangerous sting operation.
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Masterpiece Mystery! “The Escape Artist” Movie: The Making of a Lady (’12) Lydia
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Leverage The team tries to
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Bones An explosion in a hotel Bones Fraternity brother. (cc) The King of
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Movie: Hitch (’05, Romance-Comedy) 3‡ Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin
James. ‘PG-13’ A smooth-talker helps a shy accountant woo an heiress.
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Michael Jackson: The Final The Sixties Television’s influ- The Sixties “The World on
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married friends grapple with commitment and betrayal. (cc)
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(5:00) (’11) 2‡ ‘R’
ers vie for the affections of a rich substitute.
teachers vie for the affections of a rich substitute.
Movie: Up (5:30) (’09) 3‡ Voices of Ed As- Movie: Finding Nemo (7:35) (’03, Comedy) 3‡ Voices of Albert Brooks. ‘G’ Melissa &
Baby Daddy
ner, Christopher Plummer. ‘PG’
Animated. A clown fish searches for his missing son.
Joey (TV14) (cc) (TV14)
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Signed, Sealed, Delivered
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Kevin Hart: Laugh
2014 Copa Mundial de FIFA: Bailando por un Sueño Concurso de baile. (N) (SS)
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Snapped An end to a husSnapped A lottery winner
Snapped: Killer Couples “Po- Snapped “Joann Helfrich”
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goes missing. (TVPG)
irier-Upton” (N) (TVPG)
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cide or murder. (TVPG)
Movie: The Wolverine (5:50) (’13, Action) 2‡ Hugh JackTrue Blood “Jesus Gonna
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Last Week
True Blood
man, Hiroyuki Sanada. ‘PG-13’ Wolverine confronts the
Be Here” Bon Temps is at- Be Here” Bon Temps is at- Tonight With (cc) (TVMA)
prospect of real mortality. (cc)
tacked. (cc) (TVMA)
tacked. (cc) (TVMA)
John Oliver
True Blood “Life Matters”
Eric arrives at vamp camp.
(cc) (TVMA)
Movie: Curious George (’06) 2‡ Voices of
Movie: Baby Geniuses (’99) 1‡ Kathleen
Will Ferrell. Animated. An inquisitive monkey Turner. ‘PG’ A superintelligent infant eshas a series of misadventures.
capes from sinister scientists. (cc)
Movie: Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (9:15) (’91)
2‡ Christina Applegate. ‘PG-13’ Youths are left unsupervised when their caretaker expires. (cc)
Movie: A Good Day to Die
Hard (5:20) (’13) 2‡ Bruce
Willis. ‘R’ (cc)
Movie: Runner Runner (’13, Drama) 1‡ Ben Skin to the
Affleck. ‘R’ A grad student falls in with an
Max (10:35)
online-gambling tycoon. (cc)
Californication (cc)
Movie: W. (4:40) (’08) 2‡
Josh Brolin. ‘PG-13’
True Blood “Radioactive” Bill Movie: Enough Said (’13) 3‡ Julia Louisdiscovers the price of salva- Dreyfus. A divorcee is attracted to her new
tion. (cc) (TVMA)
friend’s ex-husband. (cc)
Movie: Ender’s Game (’13, Science Fiction) 2‡ Harrison
Ford, Asa Butterfield. ‘PG-13’ A gifted lad will lead the
battle to save Earth’s people. (cc)
Nurse Jackie Penny Dreadful Vanessa
(cc) (TVMA) has a night with Dorian. (cc) Jackie (N) (cc) tion “Daughter” (TVMA)
Movie: Ted (9:45) (’12, Comedy) 2‡ Mark
Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Voices of Seth MacFarlane. ‘R’ (cc)
Penny Dreadful “Possession” Penny Dreadful “Possession”
Freeing Vanessa from the
Freeing Vanessa from the
evil. (N) (TVMA)
evil. (cc) (TVMA)
Movie: The Longest Yard (’05) 2‡ Adam Sandler. Prisoners Movie: Jarhead (’05, War) 3‡ Jake Gyllenhaal. ‘R’ Marines
train for a football game against the guards.
band together during the Gulf War. (cc)
Chelsea Handler
to talk show deal
Los Angeles Times
Handler is taking her bottle of
Grey Goose to Netflix.
Having found tremendous success with original series such as
“Orange Is the New Black” and
“House of Cards,” Netflix is now
going to try its hand at talk shows
and struck a deal with the raunchy
comedienne for a new program
that will debut in 2016.
Known for her boozy and flirty
persona, Handler rose to fame
both as an author of several humor
books including “Are You There,
Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” and for
her late-night show “Chelsea
Lately,” which airs on Comcast’s
E! channel. Handler indicated earlier this year that she would exit E!
when her contract is up. Her last
show is scheduled for Aug. 26.
Netflix did not provide any details about Handler’s show with
regard to frequency and scheduling. The service is known for
releasing entire seasons of its programs all at once so subscribers
can binge view them.
But talk shows are meant to be
topical, so that approach may not
work with Handler. Guests come
on usually to promote an upcoming
movie or TV series, which means
Netflix likely will have to have some
sort of structured schedule for its
first entry into the genre.
“Netflix is looking forward to
reimagining the late-night talk
show for the on-demand generation, starting with the late
night part,” Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said in
a statement.
As part of its deal, Netflix will
premiere a one-hour stand-up
comedy special from Handler on
Oct. 10 of this year. The show is
part of Handler’s
comedy tour in
support of her latest book, “Uganda
Be Kidding Me.”
Netflix also will
carry four comedy
specials that Handler will develop
for the service that will debut next
year. Netflix said the specials will
showcase Handler’s attempts to
“gain a better understanding on
a variety of subjects ranging from
NASCAR to politics and from Silicon Valley to the NBA draft.”
Handler’s move is the latest in
a series of seismic shifts in latenight talk. Earlier this year, Jay
Leno was replaced as host of NBC’s
“The Tonight Show” by Jimmy
Fallon. Then David Letterman announced he would retire from CBS
next year and the network quickly
tapped Comedy Central’s Stephen
Colbert to succeed him.
Soon after Letterman’s decision, Craig Ferguson also announced his exit from CBS’ “The
Late Late Show.”
Now Handler is taking it to the
next level by switching distribution platforms.
“If I was going to continue
working in this industry, I knew I
had to do something outside the
box to keep myself interested,”
Handler said in a statement. “I’m
more excited than I’ve been in
awhile, and the team at Netflix is
the most forward thinking, alert
group I’ve sat down with in ages.”
For Netflix, the entry into the
talk genre is the latest sign that
it wants to compete against traditional television in all genres.
Besides its critically acclaimed
dramas, Netflix is also aggressively going after kids with original
Scripture tattoo doesn’t
scan well with parents
Dear Amy: Our adult daughter, married with children, got a
tattoo with a scripture reference
and a cross on the inside of her
wrist. She sent us a text with
pictures explaining her reason
for that tattoo and the use of that
particular scripture. She was
excited about it.
She had previously mentioned
getting a tattoo, so we were not
surprised. It was her explanation
and the placement and content of
the tattoo that surprised us, and
we were speechless and did not
respond. We are all Christians,
but we do not like the verse she
chose. We also think she should
have put it in a more private place.
We do not think she made
a wise choice but also know
she didn’t ask us for approval.
And yet we feel she wants our
Do we remain silent? Sooner
or later, we think, she will ask us
what we think. It can’t be undone,
so whatever we think is a moot
point. What do you suggest we
say to her if she does ask us about
the tattoo? Are we being petty?
— Speechless
Dear Speechless: Yes, you are
being petty. She is an adult, this
is her choice, and she is excitedly telling you about it after the
fact. If you don’t like it, you can
respond, “I wouldn’t put that
particular text on my wrist, but
it’s your body, and I hope you are
happy with your choice.”
Dear Amy: You ran a letter
from “Feeling Sad,” a woman
whose daughter’s partner was
about to have their child. Sad was
upset because the child would not
have their surname.
Our son was the sperm donor
to a lady who wanted to have a
baby in her 40s.
When the child was born, she
invited us to be grandparents!
It was the best gift we’ve ever
received. Our son had to sign
legal papers that he has no rights
to this child; however, the two
married women who are parents
to the child allow our son to be
part of her life. We see her every
year when we go visit them in San
Francisco, they have visited and
stayed with us, and it’s the best
extended family situation you can
It’s not the name, legal rights
or anything
like that — it’s
the child! We
love this little
girl with all our
hearts, and she
loves us. That’s
AMY DICKINSON the only thing in
Ask Amy
the world that
We’ve “adopted” other children as grandchildren, and each
one is dear and precious to us,
and we’re so thankful to their
parents for sharing them with us.
“Feeling Sad” is missing the
whole point. This isn’t about her;
it’s about the gift of a child. I hope
she learns to look for the joy in
life instead of picking out negatives — it will change her life for
the better.
— Feeling Great
Dear Great: Many families
don’t share DNA or a surname.
But sometimes the best family
you can be a part of is the one you
create for yourself. Well done to
all of you.
Dear Amy: “Happy Husband”
was facing a unique situation:
His wife has a twin and another
sibling who share her birthday. He
couldn’t igure out how to host a
milestone birthday for his wife.
We had a similar issue when
planning a 75th birthday party
for our mother. We reached out to
her twin sister’s family when we
began planning, asking them if
they wanted to help us in planning and throwing a joint family
birthday party. They were not
interested in helping. So we sent
invitations to the families to a
party for mom. Her twin and her
family were invited guests.
We were blasted by family
members for not making it a joint
party, and many chose not to
attend. In hindsight I would have
saved the drama and made it a
joint party. It would not have cost
more since all the same people
were invited. An extra name on
the cake … no additional costs.
My advice to Happy Husband is
to stick to tradition and celebrate
— Regrets
Dear Regrets: Your story illustrates that some people never
really graduate from cake throwing. Good advice.
You can contact Amy Dickinson via email:
[email protected]