Dear Child/Youth Care Provider,

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Dear Child/Youth Care Provider,
“Flooding”, “Levee”, “Sand boils” are becoming all too familiar words to residents all along the Missouri
The Missouri River Valley is in the midst of a record-breaking prolonged natural disaster. As adults, we have
knowledge and resources to work through many of the issues associated with the flood. However, children
and youth often do not have the experiences and knowledge necessary to process this disaster. Even
children not directly impacted by the flooding may have questions or concerns. It is up to us as adults to
assist them.
Iowa State University Extension (ISUE) has resources available to guide you in assisting children and youth
work through this natural disaster. Included with this letter is an explanation of these websites, and an
article “Help Children Cope with a Disaster”.
 “Dealing with Disasters”,
 “Assisting Children and Youth Cope with Disasters”
 “Children as Victims of Natural Disasters”
 “Understanding the Impact of Disasters on the Lives of Children and Youth”
 “Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters”
 “Children's Literature on Floods and Natural Disasters”
 “The Great Storm and Flood Recovery: Children’s Story and Activity Book”
 American Red Cross “Masters of Disaster”
If you have questions or would like to have Extension Staff meet with your staff or conduct a program with
your children/youth, please contact Lori Hayungs or Brenda Welch.
Brenda Welch
4-H Youth Program Specialist
Lori Hayungs
Family Life Program Specialist
Extension programs are available to all without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability.