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high performance electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer
MiniScope MS 5000
ESR spectrometer with
scientific grade performance
Next generation electron spin resonance spectroscopy (ESR). Combined state of
the art electronics and extended experience of magnet and resonator engineering allow for more than a factor of two improvement in signal to noise ratio.
compact size
the ideal ‘everywhere’ spectrometer, can
be handled by one person, low electricity
power consumption
45 kg, 397 x 262 x 192 mm
sensitivity & stability
outstanding sensitivity and magnetic field
stability, extended data detection schemes
detection limit of 10 nM in PBS
versatile options
automated goniometer for measurement of angular dependencies, low temperature measurements, big collection of specialized sample holders and
glassware, comfortable software for data handling and evaluation
autosampling for liquids, powder and solid samples
MiniScope MS 5000 – ESR spectrometer with scientific grade performance
Wide field of applications
Life sciences
Food Chemistry and Pharmacy
Nitric oxide measurement, reactive oxygen
Antioxidative features of foodstuff,
Living polymers, nitroxide quantification,
species, oxidative stress, radical generating
radicals in foodstuff, radiation-induced
radicals in varnish, UV stability of scratch
systems, photo dynamic therapy
resistant varnish
Environmental Toxicology
Alanine Dosimetry
Separation of Radicals
Generation of radicals by particles
Alanine dosimetry (tablets, thin films)
EPR/HPLC coupling
Biophysical Features
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Oxymetry, membrane fluidity, pH in
Bioinorganic transition metal com-
Radical protection factor, protection
microenvironment, viscosity, phase
pounds, fenton chemistry, effect of
features of UV-filters in creme, sham-
heavy metal ions on living tissue
poo, etc.
Kinetic of ROS generation by
xanthine / xanthine oxidase
Basal (black) and stimulated
(blue) NO generation by rat aorta
TEMPOL in a two phase system oil/
Spectrum of an Alanine tablet
irradated with 5 Gy
Technical data
Magnetic field
field modulation
1 μT - 1 mT
9.2 - 9.6 GHz
modulation frequency
100 kHz
1 μW - 100 mW
magnetic field range
5 - 650 mT
rectangular TE102.
Automatic detection of Q factor.
field resolution 0.03 µT
8 x 109 spins/0.1 mT
scan range
0 - 645 mT
size 397 x 262 x 192 mm
scan resolution 120,000 steps
~ 45 kg
1.5 µT/h
power consumption
~ 300 VA
+ 5 μT within sample region
sweep time
1 s - 2 h
air if necessary (low noise)
Autosampler for powder and solid
Autosampler for liquids
Automatic liquid sample transfer for spectrometers of the Mini­Scope se­ries, Autosam-
automated handling of up to 23 samples
pler and inte­grated peristaltic pump, software controlled. Software for kinetic measure­
in quarz tubes 3 – 6 mm diameter, precise
ments, including automatic data acquisition and data evaluation. Single or multi­ple chemi­
hight po­si­tio­ning within resonator for
cals, optional: automated component mixing and temperature control.
highest reproducibility.
Autosampler for liquids
up to 43 ml
Suitable for 14 liquid samples
and cleaning liquid
Automated Goniometer
Fully automated angular rotation of sam-
To manually cool the samples.
ple, step size 0,1° to 180°. Each measurement of a new spectrum starts with an
Temperature Controller – TC-H03
automated readjustment of the spectrom-
Temperature range 103 K – 473 K, accu­
eter for best measurement performance.
racy of control +/- 0.25 K up to 373 K, PC
controlled. Liquid nitrogen storage, mea­
su­rement with cavity integrated nitrogen
Bio Temperature Controller – BTC01
Tissue Cells
Temperature range 303 K – 323 K, accu-
50 ml capillaries, flat cell and special
For tissue samples.
racy +/- 0.25 K, PC controlled. Tempera-
holder SH-P, tissue cell, sample tubes,
ture medium: Air.
finger dewar, etc.
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MiniScope MS5000
Large Spectrometer
3 3 4 .8
3 3 5 .8
3 3 6 .8
3 3 7 .8
3 3 8 .8
M ag n etic F ield S tren g th [m T ]
1 µM TEMPOL (one line)
SOD mimetic Cu (II) complex
Weak pitch: P = 12 mW,
modulation = 0.2 mT
Detection limit
Available standards
Ultra fast and stable
Sensitivity of MS 5000
10 nM in PBS
Chromium and Manganese
auto frequency control
bench top spectrometer
Wide magnetic field range
No spikes due to liquid
(650 mT)
nitrogen bubbles
compared to large stationary spectrometer with
universal TE 102 cavity
Software – ESRStudio 2.0
ESRStudio is the most modern and dynamic software for ESR
mea­surements with convenient workflow based user interfaces.
ºº Most advanced operating and data evaluation software
ºº Modern and user friendly user interfaces
ºº User/application based customization
ºº Advanced scientific capability
ºº Work flow for automated spectrum evaluation
ºº Automated report generation for convenient research work
ºº Versatile optimization of parameters like signal amplitude,
phase of magnetic field modulation etc.
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