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St. Alban’s Episcopal Church
February 2015 Volume 15, Issue 2
From the Rector
The season of Lent is one of the oldest traditions in the church
calendar. In the early 3rd century church, Father Irenaeus wrote
about a time of fasting, penitence and self-denial building up to
Easter. Irenaeus noted that a season of preparation had been observed since the time of the forefathers of the Church – possibly
during the lifetime of the twelve Apostles themselves.
We continue that ancient tradition when Lent begins on February
18, Ash Wednesday. We will have four services with Imposition
of Ashes: 7:00 am, noon and 7:30 pm, with a service for children
at 6:00 pm.
The season of Lent is, indeed, a time when we give up and take
on – give up those things which lead us away from God or create
obstacles to being disciples of Jesus. And we take on those things
which are beneficial to us and to our relationship with God. And
so the time to be thinking of a discipline for Lent is now – before
Lent. Spend some time now, before Lent begins, and take a spiritual inventory – scrutinize your spiritual life. What are my
strengths and where am I weakest in my spiritual life? Ask yourself the question, “What habit or way of living comes between
God and me, and how can I strengthen and deepen my relationship with God and others?”
St. Alban’s has a variety of resources and programming to help
you this Lent. Look for two booklets in the narthex, “The Sanctuary for Lent 2015” for adults, and “What you should know about
Lent” for youth and children. “The Sanctuary for Lent” is a
Lenten daily devotion and brief message to think about throughout the day. “What you should know about Lent” is a great resource that helps take us deeper into the meaning and purpose of
Lent – to go beyond the idea that one just gives up candy for
Lent. And I hope you will read through the “Lent, Holy Week
and Easter at St. Alban’s” brochure included in this edition of
The Word to see what we have planned for the coming weeks.
Fr. Jeff greeting Cole and friends
at the 8:15 am service on January 4.
From Fr. Andy’s Wednesday evening Lenten Soup and Study
program to the Lenten Quiet Morning, our Food Stamp Challenge
and another “Stop Hunger Now” event, there truly is something
for everyone this Lenten season at St. Alban’s. As always, if you
are struggling with a meaningful Lenten discipline, please do not
hesitate to speak with Fr. Andy or me – we are here for you and
are delighted to speak with you.
-Fr. Jeff
January 31
Annual Chili Cook-off
February 1
Youth Group Sub Sale
The Warden’s Pen
Making Space
for God’s Call
Your new Vestry was commissioned
in January and is already thinking
about ways to keep St. Alban’s an
active and vibrant community. Each
year, the budget process gives us a
chance to set priorities: maintaining
the parish’s physical infrastructure,
taking on outreach and mission activities, supporting local and international causes such as Bethany House,
ACCA, and Our Little Roses in Honduras. We are also looking at how
we can assist Fr. Jeff in mentoring
our Seminarian Mark and our deacon-in-training Theresa.
Mark your calendars for Tuesday,
February 17 at 6:00 pm for the Vestry-sponsored Shrove Tuesday pancake supper! We look forward to
seeing everyone there to kick off the
Lenten season.
-Betsy Anderson, Senior Warden
What does it mean to live
as a Christian in this time
and place? What does God
want you to do with your
time? Your talents? Your
money? Your life? How
much time have you spent
pondering these questions?
There have been some
recent news stories about the
benefits of boredom and how, in our tech-centered, entertainment-on-demand
society, we are cheating ourselves out of creativity because our brains are always engaged with some distraction or other, so we miss out on the daydreaming that leads to innovative thinking and the pursuit of new goals.
I think we are also cheating ourselves out of hearing God’s call. Or perhaps
we are trying to cheat God by constantly distracting ourselves to the point that
His call is crowded out. Of course, God cannot be cheated, and fortunately for
us, He is persistent. God loves us. His will for our lives will bring us joy, if
only we take the time to be still and quiet and open.
Lent offers an opportunity to unplug, for an hour, a day, for a week, for the
entire season, to give ourselves free time to think and pray about the questions
I posed at the beginning. What is God calling us to do, to be? What does it
mean to live as a Christian?
Thanks to everyone who made a pledge to St. Alban’s to support our ministries
and our life in community and worship. If you would like to fill out a card,
there are some in the narthex. It is never too late.
-Allison Blanchard, Stewardship Chair
Larry Schrag, husband of Lynne, and father of Jeanne Foster, Debra
Schrag, Rebecca Lane and Phillip Schrag, passed away on January 19.
Larry was a long time parishioner of St. Alban’s, and over the years, volunteered for many committees and activities. He usually played some important
role in most everything going on at St.
Larry will be best known for his work to
manage and coordinate the St. Alban’s
major expansion construction, which
included the installation of an elevator,
reconfiguration of offices, and the beautiful, welcoming, light-filled narthex we
have today.
Larry’s memorial service was held at St.
Alban’s on January 26. Contributions in
memory of Larry may be made to St.
Alban’s Memorial Grove.
Ellen Kennedy, wife
of Stu, died on January 22 after a long
illness. Ellen was a
long time parishioner of
St. Alban’s. A memorial
service is planned for Ellen in February; more details to come.
Please hold the Schrag and Kennedy
families in your hearts and prayers.
Larry Schrag, in hard hat, with thenrector Grayce O’Neill Rowe, at a ceremonial ribbon cutting for new narthex.
"Receive, O Lord,
your servants Larry and Ellen
into the arms of your mercy,
into the blessed rest of
everlasting peace,
and into the glorious company
of the saints in light."
Choir Notes
February 1. American composer Everett Titcomb (1884-1968) was influenced by the Second
New England School of musicians (George Chadwick, Horatio Parker, et al.), French music,
and most notably the plainchant and polyphonic traditions of 15th-16th century Italy. Indeed, he
was largely responsible for reintroducing the latter forms into the Episcopal Church. Titcomb
served for 50 years as organist and choirmaster at the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Boston, whose choir is now merged with that of St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral. We will be singing
Titcomb’s anthem, O Love, How Deep.
February 8 . This Sunday’s anthem, taken from the Methodist Episcopal Anthem Book (1864)
is Hearken unto Me, by the English composer Samuel Chapple (1775-1833). Blind from smallpox at the age of 15 months, Chapple was apprenticed to an organist in 1790. By 1795 he had
been appointed organist at Ashburton, a post he held for the rest of his life. Chapple wrote three
volumes of church music dedicated to the Ashburton choir, as well as secular songs.
February 15. England’s preeminent 16th century composer, Thomas Tallis, was born in 1510,
William Levi Dawson
or perhaps as early as 1505, probably in Kent, which at last report was still in England. By the
time of his death in 1585, he had lived under four monarchs, both Catholic and Protestant. Church musicians during this
period faced a difficult time trying to reconcile their personal religious preferences with those of their monarchs. While
Tallis’ leanings were probably toward Catholicism, he managed to adapt his composing to the often-confusing prevailing
winds, as well as to the influences of composers from the European continent. During the reign of Elizabeth I (15581603), Tallis was generally free to compose in both Latin and English. O nata lux de lumine (O Light Born of Light) is
one of about 15 Latin motets written during this period.
February 22. William Levi Dawson (1899-1990) was a composer, trombonist, educator, and choir director. Born in
Anniston, Alabama, he graduated from Tuskegee Institute and then received a Master’s degree from the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. In classical music circles, he is best known for his Negro Folk Symphony (1934). Dawson headed the Music Department at his alma mater from 1931 to 1956, during which time the Tuskegee Institute Choir
developed an international reputation. We will be singing his spiritual, Ain’-A That Good News, composed in 1937.
-Clarence Zuvekas
Seminarian’s Corner
When you read this I will just be
returning from two weeks in the
Holy Land. I have never been before
and truly look forward to the experiences in the land were Jesus lived
and walked.
In February we move through Epiphany which is a season of worship
where the whole world follows the
Wise Men to find and honor Jesus
into the season of Lent, a time of
self-examination and quiet contemplation of the mysteries of God. Let
us all reflect on the journey we have
with Jesus Christ, Emanuel, God
with us!
-Mark Chambers
The Very Rev. Jeff Shankles
Muldoon Concert Series
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February 1
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February 15
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March 1 4:00 pm
with Debbie Rosse
April 12 4:00 pm
Brass of Peace
May 3 7:00 pm
early music vocal ensemble
Dinner for the Parish
The Youth Group said thanks to
parishioners of St. Alban’s and
Peace Lutheran for their financial
and spiritual support over the year
with a “thank you dinner” on Sunday, January 25. The Youth Group
prepared and served a taco dinner
for all. Of course, it wouldn’t be a
Youth Group function without
some fun and games and fine entertainment by the talented members of the Youth Group. A good
time was had by all!
Robby is baptized
Robert (Robby) Bradley was baptized on January 11 by Fr.
Jeff. Robby is the brother of Heath and son of Peter Larson and
Bob Ensinger. Robby’s Godparents are Robert Kennedy England
III and Susan B. England.
Congratulations to Robby and his loving family!
February 1
Youth Group Sub Sale
Super Bowl Sub Sunday!
Support the Youth Group
Mission Trip to Appalachia.
Order subs made the way
you like them during both
services and coffee hour.
It’s time for the World
Famous, 11th Annual St.
Alban’s Chili Cook-Off
sponsored by the Parish
Life Committee.
January 31
Annual Chili Cook-off
5:00 to 7:00 pm
Tasting and judging will
be between 5:00 and 6:30
pm and winners will be
announced at 7:00 pm.
We need you to come taste
and judge these wonderful
dishes. Fabulous prizes are
offered to contestants!
ACCA Clothing Drive
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
February 17 at 6:00 pm
And pancake games!
There will be a second ACCA collection of winter outerwear for day laborers. Bring any donations and put them
in/near the ACCA food totes, preferably by February 7, but at least by February 12. They will be distributed on
Friday, February 13. Items requested
include jackets and coats, hooded
sweat shirts, heavy sweaters, stocking
type hats, gloves, and heavy scarves.
Questions? Fred Holmes 703-5605234, [email protected]
Youth Group Fun! De-Greening the Church
Youth Group on a high note. Up in the rafters removing the
Christmas greens, then back on the ground for refreshing snacks.
Helping ACCA Help Those in Need
Although the economy has improved, demands on ACCA for food and monetary
relief continue at a very high level. Food requests continue at an unprecedented
level, and the family assistance program experienced requests in December that
were 80 percent higher than the year before. As a result, ACCA badly needs assistance in its food program.
ACCA particularly needs additional food captains. This position is ideal for
someone who is retired and has some flexibility in his or her schedule. Food
captains serve one week each quarter and coordinate referrals between the County
and volunteers who deliver the food. Some days, referrals are light and other
days, they are heavy, but on average the job requires 30 minutes to an hour a day.
You can also deliver food to needy individuals and families, or stock pantry
shelves. These tasks do not require that you commit to a particular schedule but
can be done as your time permits, a few times a year, monthly, or weekly. They
are also activities for which your children can receive community service credit,
working with a parent or by themselves.
If you would like to help out, please contact Gail Coleman, 703-354-0656,
[email protected], or Ginger Caress, 703-256-3665, [email protected]
–Gail Coleman
February Birthdays
Marty Barringer
DeeDee Payne
Ted Blanchard
Gina Clune
Jayden Baer
Emily Koppelman
Parker Koppelman
Ed Caress
Gwen DeFilippi
Solange Beniste
Bethia Sherman
Marta Hyde
Wendy Cleland-Hamnett
Harris Andrews
Robby Bradley
Kit Ryan
Michael White
Kelly Perduk
Bob Ensinger
Trish Lese
Han Binkholder
Lara Wulff
Mikyoung Cho
Stu Kennedy
Ann Gamber
Jinny Jennings
Paul Lavrakas
Sarah Rutherford
Lana Hardeman
Henry Clune
Kevin Moore
Maggie Barker
Linda Cummings
Malcolm White
Jean Stonesifer
Cathy Casey
Sipho Kargbo
Eleanor Irish
William Nelson
Dave Wildes
Dennis Cook
First Friday of the Month
Lunch Bunch
February 6
Yves’ Bistro
235 Swamp Fox Road
Alexandria (703) 329-1010
Please RSVP to Lynne Schrag
[email protected]
St. Alban’s Episcopal Church
6800 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA 22003
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Calendar Highlights
New Look on Columbia Pike
Our new presence on Columbia Pike
was installed in December 2014.
Thank you, Jim Kilby, Chris
Martin and Nancy Harrell for all
your hard work!
January 31
Annual Chili Cook-off
February 1
Youth Group Sub Sale
Muldoon Concert David Kelley, Organ; 4:00 pm
February 7
ACCA Outwear Clothing Drive deadline
February 17
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper 6:00 pm
February 18
Ash Wednesday Services 7:00 am, 12:00 pm
6:00 pm (children’s service) and 7:30 pm
Youth choir meets
after the 10:15 am
service on the 2nd
and 4th Sundays
of each month.
A full Lenten Schedule is provided in a
handy insert to this edition of The Word.