3rd Sunday of Ordinary time - Mary Immaculate and St Gregory the

Catholic Church of Mary Immaculate
and St Gregory the Great
Sunday 25th January 2015
Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Year B / Week 3
A warm welcome is extended to everyone
And Jesus said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the Good News to all creation”.
This is the great commission which the risen Christ gives to the whole Church. All believers have been given a share in this task -­‐ to be heralds of the good news and ambassadors for Jesus Christ, the only saviour of the world. We have not been left alone in this task, for the risen Lord works in and through us by the power of his Holy Spirit. We also remember this weekend the conversion of St. Paul who became an apostle to the Gentile nations. Pope Benedict XVI wrote about the significance of Paul's conversion for the whole Christian people: "Paul's conversion matured in his encounter with the Risen Christ; it was this encounter that radically changed his life. What happened to him on the road to Damascus is what Jesus asks in today's Gospel: Saul is converted because, thanks to the divine light, "he has believed in the Gospel". In this consists his and our conversion: in believing in Jesus dead and risen and in opening to the illumination of his divine grace. In that moment Saul understood that his salvation did not depend on good works fulfilled according to the law, but on the fact that Jesus died also for him the persecutor and has risen. This truth by which every Christian life is enlightened thanks to Baptism completely overturns our way of life. To be converted means, also for each one of us, to believe that Jesus "has given himself for me", dying on the Cross (cf. Galatians 2: 20) and, risen, lives with me and in me. Entrusting myself to the power of his forgiveness, letting myself be taken by his hand, I can come out of the quicksands of pride and sin, of deceit and sadness, of selfishness and of every false security, to know and live the richness of his love." (from address given on January 25, 2009)
Fr John McKenna
Please take this bulletin home
Funeral Mass for Vicentinho Leitao
is on Thursday 29th January, 10.00am.
Please keep the family and friends in
your prayers. May he rest in peace.
Pastoral Assistant: Mary Boland
Mass Mary Doherty +
Mass Peter Ryder (int)
Mass Parish & People
(Children’s Liturgy)
Holy Communion Session (3) -­‐ PH
Mass O’Connell Family (int)
Evening Prayer & Benediction
Mass David Isaac +
Monday 26
Sts Timothy & Titus
09.30 Morning Prayer
10.00 Mass Nicholas SinnoL +
11.00 MeditaMon -­‐ P (all welcome)
19.30 HC Parents’ Session -­‐ PH
20.00 RCIA -­‐ JP Room
Friends of St Martha/Jeanne
Antide meet on Sunday 8th February, Tuesday 27
2.45pm in the JP Room.
09.30 Morning Prayer
St Gregory’s Football Club needs
boys born between January 2001 and
December 2002 to represent the
parish football club’s under 14 team
for the 2015 season. Registration
takes place on 7th February, between
2pm and 3pm in the church hall. If
you need any details before then,
please contact Paul on 07810378719.
10.00 Mass Vincent Gallagher ann +
18.00 Youth of Barnet -­‐ PH
19.45 Plugged In -­‐ PH
Wednesday 28
St Thomas Aquinas
09.30 Morning Prayer
10.00 Mass John McDonnell ann +
(followed by AdoraMon & BenedicMon Mll 11.30)
17.15 Novena: Mother of Perp’ Help (BSC)
18.00 AdoraMon -­‐ C
The teenagers’ music group is
rehearsing this Thursday (29th) from Thursday 29
6.30pm-7.30pm in church.
09.30 Morning Prayer
Funeral Mass Vicentinho Leitao +
10.00 Year 9 Plugged In: starts this
Tuesday (27th) at 7.45pm in the parish
hall. Application forms are available in
the porch. Please bring the completed
form, together with the money
contribution, to the first session on the
Friday 30
09.30 10.00 18.00 Morning Prayer
Mass Peter Sexton ann +
AdoraMon -­‐ C
Saturday 31
St John Bosco
09.30 RE Class -­‐ JP Room
10.00 Mass Lisa Marcangelo (int)
18.00 Sac of ReconciliaMon
18.30* Mass Louise Ho Yuen +
Churches Together for Chipping
Barnet Churchwardens and
Parochial Church Council invite
you to The Rev’d Jane Kraft’s Farewell
Eucharist at 5.00pm at St John the Sun 1st Fourth in Ordinary Time
Baptist Church on Saturday 31st 08.00 Mass Carmeno & Carmena Vassallo (ann +)
January 2015.
09.30 Mass Parish & People
Annual Mass in honour of Our
Lady of Lourdes will take place in
the Cathedral on Saturday 7th
February, 2.00pm. Sacrament of the
Sick will be administered during the
Parish Priest: Fr John McKenna
82 Union Street Barnet EN5 4HZ
18.30* 08.00 09.30 10.30 11.15 17.45 18.30 T: 020 8449 3338
10.30 11.15 14.00 17.15 18.30 (Children’s Liturgy)
Holy Communion Session (4) -­‐ PH
Mass Timothy O’Toole +
ConfirmaMon Session (9) -­‐ PH
Holy Hour
Mass Jim Teeling (int)
Hospital Chaplain: Fr Voltair Dimol
E: [email protected]
PA/Parish Secretary: Janet Nestor (office: mon-fri 9.15-15.00)
W: www.barnetrc.org.uk
Music Co-Ordinator: Frances Novillo
Mass by the bishops and priests. The
sick and infirm in our parish are
invited to attend, along with our
Hospital Chaplains and those who
work in health care. If parishioners
attending are in a wheelchair, please
notify the presbytery by the 29th
January. Please note there is no need to
notify the presbytery if you are not in a
wheelchair; just turn up at the Cathedral.
Saturday Classes: is for children
attending non-catholic schools
from Reception to Year 6. New
Children are warmly welcomed to join
our friendly group! Dates: 31 January, 14
& 28 February and 14 & 28 March 2015.
APF Mill Hill require a volunteer
secretary for this parish. This person
will look after the Red Box members
in our parish, organising the
distribution of the free quarterly
magazine, Mission Today. Volunteers
have the support of the Missio team.
If you would like to find out more,
please contact the presbytery.
Cockfosters Ecumenical Prayer
Group: meet at 8pm every Monday
for praise & worship, intercession, a
talk and for personal prayer. People
of all ages and denominations find
both encouragement and fellowship,
whilst others find physical, emotional
or spiritual healing. Christ the King,
29 Bramley road, N14. All welcome!
Life in the Spirit
starting in our parish on
Friday 20 February
at 12.30pm and 7.30pm
Six week course
Fridays, 12.30pm lunchtime
and again at 7.30pm
‘A wonderful way to
journey through Lent’
Speakers include
David Payne, Jenny Baker
& John Pridmore
Cardinal’s Mass of Thanksgiving
for the Sacrament of Matrimony
Saturday 23 May 2015 at 3.00pm.
The Archbishop will be inviting to
this Mass all couples in the Diocese
who are celebrating their 10th, 25th,
30th, 40th, 50th and 60th (and
every year over 60) wedding
anniversary of Catholic marriage in
2015. If you are celebrating an
anniversary, please hand in to the
presbytery the following details:
husband and wife’s names, wedding
dates, full postal address and email
(or telephone number, if no email).
Day for Church Musicians and
singers in Potters Bar, Saturday 21st
February ‘songs to build bridges between
worship and world ’ with Frances
No vil lo and Stephen Dean.
11am-3pm Our Lady and St Vincent’s
Church, Potter’s Bar, 243 Mutton
Lane, EN6 2AT. To book a place,
email Vicky [email protected]
07934 651491, cost £5 singers and
instrumentalists welcome. u16s must
be accompanied, please bring a
packed lunch.
The Sick & Homebound: Jane-­‐Rose Azemi, Thomas Houlihan, Don & Ann Lewis, Liz Clarke, Janet Bennett, Anne-­‐
Marie Nowell, David Brown, Tony Costello, Thomas Geiger, Linda Quilter, Margaret Trehy, Emanuele & Elisa Brunelli, Michael Mulvaney, Pat Lucid, Pauline Purdue, Michael Ball, Helen Day, Niamh Easton, Jeanne Ellis, Stephen Carey, Stasia Ryan, Bishop John Crowley, Theresa Mordue, Doreen Bernas, James Brown, Nancy Dillon, Bridget Allin, Stephen Connor, Amelia Simon, Kate Waters, Donna Morrision, Linda Atkinson, Dominic Buckmire, Judith Townsend, Christopher & Clifford Browne, Michael Wildsmith, Shelley Rowan, Alex Mayer, Troy Hopkins, Arthur Spikes, Segun Balogun, Tommy Watkins, Annabel Nnochiri, Elio Marcangelo, Fr Fred De L’Orme, Diana Faller, Pat Cosgrove, Stuart Atkinson, Jim Teeling, Evelyn McManamon, Mary O’Toole, Irene Jones, Eleanor Rooney.
Recently Departed:
09.30 Mass
Thank you for the money you raised at your
coffee morning every Thursday. We cannot
thank you enough for the support and time
you have given over the years. Your gift is
truly appreciated. Richard Bailey,
North London Hospice
Thank you for the generous donation you
have made to the Foodbank. All the food
that comes in is weighed and your total was
141g. In the current climate of austerity
and recession it is gratifying to know that
groups and individuals are willing to give
generously to help local families in crisis
when they need it most. Martine
Whitaker, Project Co-Ordinator.
Offertory: 871
Communion: We will follow you,
Lord, follow you.
Going Forth:
11.15 Mass
Gospel acc:
Univ Prayer: Lord, hear our prayer.
Offertory: 871
Communion: I follow my Lord, to
Jesus I cling; I’ll follow my Lord, my
love I will bring!
Weekly collection: Envelopes £915
(exc standing orders). Loose £790. Going Forth: 820
Thank you for your generous
Music Co-Ordinator
Frances Novillo: 07714 204201
* More details to follow *
JP -John Paul II Room,
Westminster Diocese
PH-Parish Hall, P-Presbytery, BSC-Blessed Sacrament Chapel, S-Summerhill Convent, Leecroft Rd
Registered Charity No: 233699
We are a Fairtrade Parish