Buckland Newton School

Art and
The children will take part in creative dance
and learn hockey skills. They will practise and
learn throwing and catching skills through a
range of activities.
Developing the children's ability to
discriminate between longer and shorter
Creating sequences and musical patterns.
Exploring the tuned and untuned percussion
Various games and activities using ICT
programmes to help improve the children's
mouse control.
Y1 and 2 also:
Using different tools in the paint programme
Designing and printing wallpaper including
looking at William Morris
Drawing, sketching and painting different
Making clay tiles
Making different types of homes.
The children will take part in circle time
activities to discuss the themes of ‘New
Beginnings’ and ‘Getting On and Falling Out’
Reception and Year 1 will be looking at the
Christian Creation Story. They will explore
how this influences how Christians behave
towards nature and the environment.
Year 2 will be thinking about what Jesus
taught. This will include various Bible stories
and how this makes Christians behave
towards other people.
Buckland Newton School
Information for Autumn Term 2013
Class – Miss Helen Buffrey
Beech Class
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2
General information
I hope you all had an enjoyable Summer and are now ready for the start of a busy
term. This term we will be focusing our planning around the half-termly topics of
‘Houses and Homes', 'The Environment' and 'Dinosaurs'.
The Reception children will be introduced to 3 letter sounds each week and will be
given follow up tasks to do at home in their phonic folder. They will be introduced to
story characters, simple words and reading books at appropriate times.
The Year One and Two children will continue to bring home reading books, word
cards and spellings as appropriate. I will also be giving them a weekly maths task
which is designed to support the work that we are doing in class and is an
opportunity for your child to talk about their work. In addition, Year Two will be
given a Literacy task each week. Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs
to be handed in by the Thursday. New spellings will be set on a Friday, and will be
assessed the following Friday.
We would hope that all parents continue to share stories with their children at
bedtime as this really is a valuable learning opportunity.
The Curriculum
Our timetabled PE day will be a Friday. It would be best if the children left their PE
bags on their pegs in the cloakroom for the whole half term, I will however let you
know if it needs to be washed in the meantime. Please could children not wear
earrings on PE days.
Please could all children have wellies in school on a Wednesday, as we will be taking
part in Outdoor Education sessions on a Wednesday afternoon. The Reception
children will also need wellies for a Monday afternoon. It would be great if the
wellies could be kept in school.
Please could everyone have a water bottle for during the school day.
I know the children love to share things from home but they will only be able to
share items to do with our topic. Please could I also remind you that children should
not bring toys to school.
If you have any concerns or would like to speak with me, please make an
appointment through the school office as first thing in the morning is always very
busy in our class. I am also available after school, once I have made sure the children
who travel on the bus are safely on their way.
Thank you for your support
Miss Helen Buffrey
The children will develop their
reading, writing, speaking and
listening skills whilst encountering
narrative, non-fiction and poetry
The children will be following the
primary framework for Numeracy.
We will focus on counting, reading,
writing and ordering numbers as well
as carrying out number operations (+
- x and ÷). The children will also
encounter shapes and measures and
take part in regular problem solving.
Changing Materials
Children will develop an
understanding that materials have
different properties & therefore
different uses. They will investigate
natural/man-made materials.
Children will find out that materials,
e.g. water, often change when heated
or cooled.
Looking at types of buildings and
homes. The children will think about
what makes a home and what might
be in different rooms. They will
create room plans using a bird's eye
view. The children will also look at
types of homes around the world