Actodemil Recycling of Propellants at Camp

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January 22, 2015
ARCTECH submitted on January 21, its Actodemil® Technology Proposal to State of
Louisiana for Recycling of 18 Million pounds of stored explosives at Camp Minden in
response to citizens seeking a safer alternative to burning
Proven non-thermal solution has been used been used successfully by military—can
solve Camp Minden dilemma on-time, on-budget.
Chantilly, Virginia: In response to numerous inquiries from Camp Minden citizens,
ARCTECH and its team partner Ordnance Holdings, Inc. (OHI) took a bold step to submit
its Actodemil® Technology Proposal in spite of the State of Louisiana RFP restricted only
thermal burning proposals. OHI of Maryland is comprised of experts in explosives handling.
“The public needs to know there are proven alternatives to an open burn, including
ARCTECH’s approach to recycle munitions into fertilizer that has been used multiple times
by the military, ” said David Beaird, a former Army Officer with combat service in Iraq
whose parents still live in Doyline. “Because of my Field Artillery duty, I know first hand
the danger of the explosives at Camp Minden, so I took it upon myself to do research and
learned that ARCTECH has a solution that is worthy of consideration” said Mr. Beaird.
Mickey Walsh of Shreveport actually went to ARCTECH’s plant in Virginia. “As an
environmental businessman, I am concerned the open burning of lethal military munitions
poses a danger to residents and our environment, which can be avoided.”
“For over 20 years, ARCTECH scientists have remediated these deadly chemicals. Their
composting technology has been deployed at several military installations to safely dispose
of explosives. The RFP restricts these solutions and must be terminated to protect the
public’s demand to quickly review alternatives,” said Walsh.
“In mid 90’s we had advanced our Actodemil® technology for environmentally safe
recycling of propellants and explosives from the demilitarization of obsolete mentions” said
Dr. Daman Walia, President, ARCTECH. “Actodemil® has been proven to eliminate a
variety of propellants and high explosives at several US Army depots as well as overseas.
The fertilizer produced from this process has been proven by many university researchers as
well as by the farmers that it is not phototoxic and it increases crop yields”. The results
from real-world applications are highlighted at
-­‐ 1 -­‐ Completed Actodemil® Projects DAC/McAAP conducted production-­‐scale operations to recycle different propellants. Recycled fertilizer met regulatory requirements for land application and sold to local farmers. Dyno Nobel – Demonstrated treatment of explosives-­‐
contaminated wastes. Hercules Corp – Conducted project to successfully destroy and recycle Nitrocellulose (NC) Fines. USACE TAC – Deployed a Production-­‐Scale Facility to decontaminate and d emilitarize empty projos from melt-­‐out operations. NAVEODTECHDIV – Conducted project for successful recycling of high explosives. Resultant Completed Actodemil® Projects Special Recognition: “Based on our successes and extensive scrutiny by the US EPA
experts, they had included our approach in Munitions Rule 1997 as acceptable recycling
operation and exempted from RCRA permit. Nevada EPA commended ARCTECH efforts
in producing fertilizer from energetic chemicals in the munitions. All of our projects have
successfully demonstrated that fertilizer, which we call Enegra actosol® (made from
recycled energetics) has complied with US EPA Universal Treatment Standard required for
land application of recycled wastes. Our organic humic fertilizer has been tested by Prof.
Mark Hester and his colleagues at University of Louisiana for establishing robust vegetative
cover on marsh lands as part of their research on coastal land restoration. We have discussed
seeking his expert guidance in making the fertilizer made at your Camp Minden for the State
projects. This EPA-compliant fertilizer can also benefit the nearby agricultural community
by improving soil fertility, reducing costs of inputs while increasing crop yields” said Dr.
Responding to Community: “Given the Camp Minden RFP explicitly specified open burn,
we were not going to submit. However, over the past two weeks, we have received multiple
requests from concerned citizens, which prompted us to submit a proposal. We are also
willing to demonstrate publicly how our non-toxic solution works,” concluded Dr. Walia.
ARCTECH, Inc. is a diversified company that provides technologies, services and products
to meet growing needs of clean energy and for preserving the environment. The
entrepreneurial scientists and engineers at ARCTECH have pioneered the use of vast
resources of coal and coal-derived humic acid products such as actosol® fertilizer;
HUMASORB®, a multipurpose contaminant adsorber; Actodemil®, described herein for cost
effective disposal of munitions; and an overall encompassing MicGAS™ Coal
Biotechnology for production of clean energy while reducing the buildup of greenhouse CO2
emissions from coal use.
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-­‐ 2 -­‐ Hawthorne AD – Actodemil® used to recycle singe, double, and triple base propellants. Resultant fertilizer provided to local farmers. Pentarch Inc/Australia – Conducted project to successfully recycle different propellants. Israel MOD -­‐ Conducted project to successfully recycle different propellants. Iowa / U.S. Army – Actodemil® removed depleted Uranium from explosive wastes