SES 001 - Secure

SES 001
External Temperature Sensor
SES 001 is an external temperature probe especially selected for use
with our SIR 321, SES 302 and SES 303 temperature and humidity
It is easy to fit and extends the capability and performance of our
comfort control systems.
SES 001 is integrally moulded into a thermoplastic elastomer casing
that is flexible, resilient and waterproof.
Features and Benefits
Pipe temperature sensing for heating and hot water systems
Hot water tank temperature sensing
Temperature sensing for underfloor heating
Small sensor and narrow cable make it easy to fit for new
installations or as a replacement
Robust construction for long life
Reliable and accurate
Extends the capability of SIR and SES environment sensors
Technical specifications
Probe diameter
5 mm
Probe length
20 mm
Cable length
Temperature range
-40 ºC to +125 ºC
Breaking strain
>200 N
Dielectric strength
>2.75 kV AC
Insulation resistance
100 MΩ @ 500 V DC
Environmental rating
IP 68
Accuracy: Please refer SIR 321/ SES 302/ SES 303 User and Installation Instructions or Datasheet for temperature accuracy.
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