Capital Project Newsletter - Gouverneur Central School District

The Capital Project vote
will take place on March
3rd even if school is closed
for weather that day.
Tuesday, March 3rd,
1:00pm - 8:00pm
Where : MS/HS Auditorium
Creating Future Opportunity: Instead of trying to fix and maintain what’s obsolete, broken or worn, the decision was made to create opportunity for future growth and
innovation with the development of a capital project. Our guiding question throughout the development process was,
“What infrastructure do we need to support our vision - Delivering the Promise of a Brighter Future for our Students and our Community?”
Safety / Security:
The focal points of the Capital Improvement Project are:
Removal of the 1914 wood-framed Dean building containing 12
classrooms and 22 office areas
Make all building entry points more secure
Reduce the exterior classroom entry points at each building
Increase district and building communication efficiency
Safety / Security
Instructional Programing / Extracurricular Opportunities
Technology / Infrastructure
Energy Efficiency
Create controlled access for community events at all buildings
Accessibility (ADA/Community)
Site work to improve exterior lighting
Technology / Infrastructure
Upgrade infrastructure to support a wireless building with
the potential of a 1:1 student-device ratio
Upgrade servers and supply closets to support more efficient
modes of communication within each building.
Energy Efficiency
Replace old 75% efficiency boilers with new 95% efficiency boilers
Install energy efficient fixtures and exterior safety lighting
Replace exterior windows and window infills with material that exceeds
current R-values which are less than 3.
High School
Improve Instructional Programming / Extracurricular Opportunities:
East Side
West Side
Creation of developmentally appropriate buildings to better meet the
needs of our diverse students by restructuring grade levels within each
PK-4 East Side Elementary (add 4 UPK classrooms with Smart
Schools Bond Act Funds)
5-8 West Side Intermediate (add 6 classrooms for 8th grade and
the new Physical Education facility)
9-12 Senior High School (demolish Dean building and repurpose
second and third floors of the Dolan building for Counseling, CSE
and Central Office) renovate Art, Ag, Music, Cafeteria, locker
facilities, wrestling area, and Large Group Instruction Area.
Align special education services, curricular opportunities, instructional
resources, schedules, cafeteria services, and extracurricular opportunities
consistently across all grade levels in the district
Modifications and upgrades to encore classrooms (Agriculture, Music,
Technology, STEM, Art, and Home and Careers)
Community Presentation/forum:
Capital Project Funding / Community Impact
Please join us on January 7th (snow date is January 8th) to learn more about
the capital project. The community presentation/forum will begin at 6:30 p.m.
in the MS/HS Auditorium.
Capital Reserve
Bonding Amount
$ 29,659,145
Total Authorization:
$ 31,450,000
95% State Aid Reimbursement Ratio
Expiration of existing debt payments
Accessibility (ADA/Community):
Based on current cost analysis there will be either little or no increase to the local taxpayer.
Make all buildings ADA
Gouverneur’s estimated allocation of the Smart Schools Bond Act, is $2,291,848. These funds can only be used to
build new PreK classrooms, to enhance safety and security or to improve infrastructure for technology. We will
leverage these funds for greatest impact to improve resources in all three buildings.
Create controlled access for community events at all
three buildings
Adjust / modify parking lots to create safer flow and
Questions can be emailed to [email protected]
or visit for a schedule of presentations