WEDNESDAY WORD - Bishop Fenwick School

January 14, 2015
⇒ Martin Luther King Day Monday, January 19 – No School
2015 – 2016 Tuition
Assistance Information
Friday, January 16
End of the 2nd Quarter
Next Week at a
Monday, January 19
No School
Thursday, January 22
SN Confirmation class to
Starlight @ 3:15pm
Friday, January 23
Report Cards Come Home
⇒ Educational Specialist Bishop Fenwick School is currently seeking an
educational specialist. The specialist would assist the Special Education and/or
General Education Teacher in the preparation, monitoring, and delivery of
curriculum to individuals and small groups of students with special learning needs
and to do related work as assigned by the principal. If you or someone you know
might be interested in this position, please contact Kelly Sagan, 740‐454‐8417 or
send your resume to 1030 E. Main St. Zanesville, OH 43701 by Friday, January 30,
⇒$100 Club Winners!! Winner of the ham was Janelle Sprague and Kim Browning
and Pat Wayne the poinsettias. Jan. 6‐ $100 ‐ Lisa Olney; $10 – Michelle Slater &
Kim Browning. Jan 13‐ $100 – Frank Dosch; $10 – Thuy Vu & Dave Jones. Thanks to
all who helped support our 8th grade. There are two more drawings in January.
⇒ BOX TOPS!!! Remember to keep clipping and sending in Box Tops, labeled with
your student's name and grade. The next turn‐in date is February 25th. The
winning grade will win an Ice Cream Social!!!
⇒CAR RAFFLE $20,000 CASH or $25,000 toward a new CAR! Start the New Year
by purchasing a Car Raffle ticket! Selling incentives for our students are: purchase
or sell 2 tickets for a dress down pass; purchase or sell 3 tickets and receive a free
homework pass; purchase or sell 5 tickets and participate in a pizza/movie day!
Also families that sell at least 10 tickets will be entered into a drawing for a
$4000.00 tuition scholarship! Be sure your child receives credit for their sales by
writing their name on the purchase request!
⇒ Tuition Assistance If you plan to request tuition assistance for the 2015 – 16
school year from the Diocese, your parish or our school Angel fund, please
remember that you MUST apply for aid through the FACTS Tuition Aid program.
The application fee will be reimbursed to you as a tuition credit. The application
can be accessed by going to the following website. If
you need help applying, please contact our bookkeeper, Dee Ginikos.
Please keep Ayanna
Stewart’s family in your
prayers due to their recent
loss of her great
grandmother and Logan
Lazar as he recovers from a
recent car accident and
Logan Lazar as he recovers
from a recent car accident.
⇒Basketball Tournament Volunteers Needed The Fenwick Annual Basketball
Tournament is coming up fast. The tournament will take place over 3 days Jan 16,
17 and 18th. All Fenwick families should have received an email from to sign up and help with this event which is the largest FAC
fundraiser of the year. Please sign up through the email or
contact Dan Maxwell at 704‐4124.
⇒Muskingum Social Dancing Classes are being held on Sunday evenings at the
Masonic Temple for boys & girls in grades 3 – 8. Signups are through Facebook or
by contacting Steve Foreman. Scholarships are available and price will be adjusted
since classes have begun. “ The mission of social dance is not only to teach dance,
but to inspire our students through their love for music and an introduction to
“What is this substantial food that God gives us? It is his Word. His Word makes us grow, makes us bear good fruit in life,
as rain and snow are good for the earth and make it fruitful.”
Pope Francis
Size of
Family Unit/
# of Family
200% Poverty
$23, 340.00
*Annual Family Income
For family units with more than 8 members, add $4,060 for each
additional member