Entry Form - Woodlands Area Quilt Guild

Woodlands Area Quilt Guild
2015 Quilt Show Entry Form
Entry Information (Please print)
Last Name _____________________ First Name _______________
Phone (H)______________________ Cell _____________________
Email Address _____________________________________________
Quilt Information
Title of Entry ____________________________________________
Size (Width)______ x (Length)_______
Category # ________________
Judged____ Displayed ____
Apron Exhibit _____ (no fee)
Year Completed (Must be after April 2012) _________________
Quilt Top Made by _________________________________________
Quilted by ________________________________________________
Hold Harmless Agreement:
I agree to abide by all the conditions stated on the entry form and the Guild’s
rules for the show.
I agree to permit WAQG to display my entry and to
photograph it for WAQG files, publicity, and/or promotional purposes which may
include print, website or video.
I understand that reasonable care will be
taken to protect my entry and that no responsibility for loss or damage will be
assumed by the Woodlands Area Quilt Guild.
Signed _______________________________ Date________________
Design Source (Please check and give specifics below)
Commercial Pattern ____ Workshop ____ Book ___Magazine ____
Original Design _______
Specify source/designer ___________________________________
Your Quilt’s Story: In 25 words or less tell us a little about your
Ex.: What attracted you to the pattern fabric or colors?
did you make this quilt? Did you try a new technique?
This information will be in the program and on the hanging card
attached to your quilt. Please print clearly and legibly.
Final Due date: Jan. 15, 2015
You may bring to our meetings or mail your entry form(s), a
picture of each entry, and your check made out to WAQG for $6.00
for each entry to:
Valerie Wagner
20902 Summer Trace Ln
Spring, TX 77379