Social Studies (Class—IV) - Guru Nanak Public School

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Practice Worksheet
Subject- Social Studies (Class—IV)
Q1.Think and answer:
(a) The Northern Plains are called the ‘Food Bowl of India’. Why?
(b) Why are the northern mountain regions sparsely populated?
(c) The Himadri remains covered with snow throughout the year.Why?
(d) Many big rivers in India originate in the Himalayas .Why?
(e) The snow-covered mountains protect us from cold winds.How?
(f) The lifestyle of the people in the northern mountains differs from state
to state.Why?
Q2. Name the following:
(a) Highest peak in India.
(b) Other name of K2.
(c) A valley of Brahmaputra river.
(d) A hill station in Himachal ranges.
(e) Highest mountain range in the world.
(f) A famous Mela held in Haridwar every 12 years.
Q3. Define the following terms:
(a) Orchids
(b) Shikaras
(c) Glacier
(e) Kangri
(f) Terai
(g) Purvachal
Q4. Fill in the blanks:
(d) Sericulture
(a) ______________ are the southernmost mountain ranges in the
(b) People follow _____________ religion in Ladakh.
(c) The Ganga and Brahmaputra fall into the ________________.
(d) _____________ is used as a Beast of Burden in Ladakh.
(e) The valley of Kashmir is known as the__________________.
(f) _____________ means ‘Abode of Clouds’.
Q5. Choose the correct answer:
(a) The most celebrated festival of Kullu is
(i) Diwali
(b) Dussehra
(c) Holi
(b) The word Himalaya means
(i) Home of Fire
(b) Home of Snow
(c) Abode of Clouds
(c) The people of Sikkim do not belong to this tribe
(i) Lepcha
(b) Bhutia
(c) Nepalese
(d) Garba is a special folk dance of
(i) Punjab
(b) Gujarat
(c) Sikkim
(e) The famous dance of Mizoram is
(i) Bihu dance
(b) Bamboo dance
(c) Manipuri dance