The following outline should be utilized when checking over the Club 420’s and be used as a guideline to
ensure all the boats are in proper working order.
1.) Hull and all parts associated
a. Overall hull condition. Hull damage is noted and addressed
b. Hiking straps properly installed
c. Spinnaker bag properly secured in place
d. Centerboard and centerboard pin
e. Centerboard gasket is inspected and proper condition maintained
Main Sheet block
g. Rudder gudgeons and retaining clip
h. Rudder condition and friction bolt to ensure the rudder does not drag on the ground
Tiller/extension / rubber universal joint
Bottom cleaned and waxed. Remove brown Indian River discoloring
k. Clean and washed. Free of dirt, salt and sand
All tanks empty of water. Plugs open while boat is on the dolly.
m. If boat is taking on water during sailing make sure this is noted
n. Bailer is operational and not leaking when closed.
o. All plugs are with the boat and not missing
p. All trash is removed from the boat such as water bottles
2.) Dollies
a. To be assigned to specific boats
b. Tie down line on the front of the dolly
c. Tires properly inflated
d. Axels and bearings working properly
e. Support strap properly secured
Broken and missing parts replaced
3.) Standing rigging and spar/boom
a. Shroud pins and spilt rings all properly in place and taped
b. Shroud wires not kinked and no broken wire strands – including headstay
c. Mast seated properly in mast step. No visible damage to the mast
d. Gooseneck properly attached to the mast and not bent.
e. Spreaders- all pins properly installed. Not overly loose
Boom vang bale on mast serviceable
g. Boom
i. Outhaul and cleat all serviceable ii. Main sheet blocks
serviceable iii. Boom vang bale serviceable iv. Gooseneck
parts are serviceable and pin is the correct one
h. Trapeze wire is properly attached to the mast and supporting lines are in place
4.) Running Rigging
a. Main halyard is in good condition and cleat is in good condition
b. Jib halyard is in good condition and cleat is in good condition
c. Main sheet is the proper length and in good condition
d. Boom vang and control line is the proper purchase and working effectively
e. Centerboard down line is properly installed
Centerboard up line is properly installed
g. C420 Class bow line of the proper length is affixed to the mast and stored in the spin bag
h. Cunningham line and cleat are serviceable
Jib sheets are the proper length and in good condition. Attached to the jib.
Spinnaker halyard is installed and is long enough to allow the spinnaker to be stowed
k. Spinnaker pole topping lift and downhaul installed
Spinnaker sheets the proper length
m. Spinnaker blocks on the hull in good condition
5.) Sails
a. Properly washed, dried and rolled prior to putting in the bag and stowing in the assigned
b. Sails will be assigned to boats and it will be expected that those sails are used on those
specific boats each time they are sailed.
c. Main sail
i. No rips, tears or damage noted on the sail ii.
All battens are in place
iii. Mainsail leach telltale is in place at the upper batten iv. Bolt rope is in good
condition and undamaged
v. Clew slug is attached properly to the clew vi.
Headboard is properly attached to the head of
the sail d. Jib
i. No rips or tears, specifically the window
ii. Luff tell tales are all in place iii. Luff wire
is properly secured iv. Jib sheets are