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Feeding Instructions
• Beta-Wean was designed as a follow-up feed for Alpha-Milk (creep feed).
• Feed Beta-Wean immediately after finishing with Alpha-Milk.
Prestarter Feed
• There is no need to mix the two feeds for the change over.
• Allow 4-6 kg Beta-Wean per piglet until they reach 12-14 kg body weight.
• If used as a creep-feed, feed from the 4th day after birth, first on sleeping mats.
• Do not overload feeders to ensure feed remains fresh.
• Check the feed flow frequently to ensure feed is not stuck or wasted.
Beta-Wean Gruel
• Beta-Wean can be used as a gruel.
• Mix 1 part meal and 3 parts water or liquid milk.
• Feed Beta-Wean gruel to very small, orphan, and (or) sick pigs.
• Feed Beta-Wean gruel to pigs that refuse to eat dry meal after weaning.
• Gradually thicken the gruel to accustom pigs to dry meal.
• Always offer dry Beta-Wean (in separate containers) along with gruel.
Other Considerations
• Always offer fresh water for ad libitum consumption when feeding Beta-Wean.
• Removed uneaten feed and throw it away or give it to the sow (if clean)
• Keep the bags outside the farrowing-nursery rooms in a dry-cool-dark place.
For Inquiries Contact
International Consulting Nutritionist | www.ariston-nutrition.com
Office: +30.2310.721615 | Mobile: +30.6941.646958
Skype: imavromichalis | eMail: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Ioannis Mavromichalis
A high-quality prestarter feed, in meal form with whole flakes of steam-rolled oats,
sweet whey, skim milk, sugars, coconut fat, and highly digestible proteins.
It contains immunoglobulins, potentiated zinc oxide, copper sulfate, citric and
benzoic acids, and three functional fibers for enhanced gut health.
Prestarter Feed
Ariston Nutrition
Tested for Performance
Beta-Wean has been designed by Ariston
Nutrition, an international brand of highquality piglet feeds, founded by Dr.
Ioannis Mavromichalis; a worldwide
recognized authority on piglet nutrition
with over 25 years of experience.
Beta-Wean was designed in 2008 for
specific pig producers - all direct clients of
Ariston Nutrition. Since 2012, after many
years of experience at farm level, BetaWean is now available commercially by a
select network of commercial distributors.
Ariston Nutrition is active worldwide
offering nutritional products and services
to producers and nutrition suppliers, from
family-based farms to large corporations. Unique form
Beta-Wean is based on such extensive
experience offering a unique product of
high-quality at competitive prices.
Made in Germany
Beta-Wean is made in Germany under the
direct supervision and using the
proprietary and exclusive formulas of
Ariston Nutrition. The factory has been
recently renovated to take advantage of
the latest technology in equipment and
quality control processes that ensure the
highest possible level of quality in each
bag of feed. As the factory makes only
products for piglets, the ingredients used
are of the best possible quality!
Beta-Wean is provided in a meal form
with well-dispersed whole flakes of oats.
A meal offers extra benefits over pellets
for pigs of young age, because it has been
shown to reduce the incidence and
prevalence of diarrhea due to reduced
liquidity in the gastrointestinal tract. Oat
flakes enhance taste, texture, and appeal
of the feed, increasing piglet curiosity.
Gut Health
Beta-Wean contains ingredients that
regulate gut microflora, including
potentiated zinc oxide, copper sulfate,
functional fibers, immunoglobulins, and
two organic acids.
Beta-Wean does not contain any
medications. A water-based medication
program is recommended, always under
the supervision of a qualified veterinarian.
Derived from eggs, these antibodies are
designed to act against specific piglet
diseases. This is a unique product
developed in Japan, offering the same
benefits as animal plasma, in addition
to enhanced gut health.
Citric and Benzoic Acids
Milk and Sugars
Intermediate levels of lactose from
sweet whey, skim milk, and other
simple sugars ensure pigs eat enough
feed to grow while avoiding digestive
Extruded Full-Fat Soybeans
With very low levels of anti-nutritional
factors, full of highly digestible oil, and
highly digestible protein, extruded
soybeans are a choice source of protein
for piglets. They are also very tasty
when cooked properly!
Pigs love citric acid, and this is also the
acid of choice for Beta-Wean; to
enhance feed intake and protect from
opportunistic pathogenic gut bacteria.
Benzoic acid has also very strong
antibacterial activity.
Coconut Fat
Coconut fat has the highest digestibility
among all oils and fats. It is the best
source of energy for young pigs.
Key Nutrients
Whole oat-flakes enhance product
flowability, trigger the curiosity of pigs,
and provide a good source of fiber to
control digestive upsets.
Net energy
Lactose Equiv.
Dig. lysine
Dig. Phosphorus
Apple Pomace
Complete in All
Flakes of Steam-Rolled Oats
Along with sugarbeet pulp and oat
fibers, apple pomace fibers offers a well
balanced source of functional fibers to
regulate gut microflora activity.
Potenciated Zinc Oxide
Unique source of ZnO with same
properties as high levels of ZnO, but
without exceeding legal EU limits.
10.0 Mj/kg
18.0 %
7.5 %
5.0 %
1.0 %
0.7 %
0.35 %
0.25 %
Beta-Wean is a complete feed. It
contains all required nutrients for
suckling and weaned pigs. In addition
to balanced levels of energy and
protein, it contains the full complement
of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.