2015 Summary of Introduction Powerpoint

Manitoba-Hamburg/Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) Exchange 2015-2016
36 Years of Exchange from 1979-2015
History – Agreement renewed in 2003 and signed by representatives of Manitoba Government, River
East/Transcona School Division, Principals of River East Collegiate, John Taylor Collegiate and Westgate
Mennonite Collegiate in Hamburg with representatives of the City State of Hamburg and the Federal
State of Lower Saxony
Manitoba Organizers:
International Branch Contacts:
Cheryl Prokopanko and Donna Everitt
Manitoba Teachers of German Exchange Committee:
Charlotte Rempel Kroeker – Chair – [email protected]
Irina Graeber – [email protected]retsd.mb.ca – REC representative
Ulla in der Stroth – [email protected]
Megan Bradshaw – Events Coordinator – [email protected]
Elly Kampen – Finances – [email protected]
Travel Agent – Darlene Kailer at Perspective Travel – [email protected]
German Representatives:
Hamburg International Exchange Coordinator and Teacher chaperone– Ada Rohde
Exchange Timeline
-January 9, 2015 – All applications due with nonrefundable cheque for $350.
-End of February – Partners are matched
- March – Partnerships confirmed and email contact established
-May 19, 2015 – 7:00 p.m. Informational Meeting at Westgate
-Tentative August 24, 2015 - arrival of German students
-September 9-11th – Camp Cedarwood for all Exchange partners
October - City Scavenger Hunt with dinner
October - Blue Bombers Game
November – Farewell Party at Skyzone
Mid November – departure of German Students
Beginning of January 2016 - Second meeting – must have copy of passport and health form
March 23, 2016 Tentative departure of Canadian students
Mid May, 2016 Canadian Students invited to Berlin for 5 days
June 15, 2016 Likely return of Canadian students
Financial Information
-$350 nonrefundable cheque paid for Canadian exchange activities (Camp Cedarwood, Hoodie, Bomber
Game, Scavenger Hunt/Dinner and Farewell Party
-One cheque of $600 due at the end of May meeting and $1400 postdated cheque for Sept. 30, 2016
-these cheques cover the airline ticket, flight insurance and chaperone flights
-If airline ticket costs are higher, then the remainder will be collected in January, 2016
-Aprox. 350 Euros for 4 days and nights in Berlin to be paid in January
-Students should have money available for personal spending and any extra travel costs (for example
visiting friends by train)
-All cheques should be made out to MTG-Germany Exchange
Application/ Matching
-fill out application as honestly as possible and we will try for your best match
-don’t expect your exchange partner to be your best friend, but do expect to respect each other
- application form online: http://www.gov.mb.ca/ie/domestic/gm_exch.html
-students will be placed with partners in Hamburg
Why Exchange?
-make new friends
- Language Learning
-Cultural exchange
-learn independence
- learn to know yourself