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PrecIsion in Control
20 Years‘ Innovation
Prozeda‘s chronicle of success started in 1989, when Manfred Hirschmann and
Hans Mohnkorn founded their industrial electronics company. Their most important
product in the first few years was the ultra-fast and extremely exact positioning
control system for the automotive industry. All over the world, production lines for
engine pistons are equipped with this system to this very day.
The know-how they gained made possible the development and production of the
first control units for solar technology in the early 90s. The foundation stone was
thus laid for a medium-sized industrial company, which today employs more than 50
in Control
Industrial electronics
Control engineering
Prozeda - The future in sight
The controlled and efficient use of energy is one of the greatest challenges
of the present. Our response to this challenge is modern technology and
dynamic innovation.
Our products regulate the complex interplay of components in solar, air-conditioning,
freshwater and heating systems. The precise functioning of our products and their individual adaption to any system helps to ensure that energy can be created and used with
greater efficiency.
We draw our innovative strength from the flexible structure of our development departments. The ability to make fast decisions creates the framework for innovative thinking.
Our years of experience and practical orientation guarantee its realization.
The exceptional reliability of our products is an exact reflection of our experience with
industrial electronics in the automotive sector. The quality performance of our products is
proven worldwide - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
What Prozeda represents
From the initial idea to the technical support: we offer our customers 100% Prozeda
at all times. All the regulating and controlling units are designed, developed and manufactured right here in our company. Everything we do reflects our guiding principles
innovation, customer orientation, quality and sustainability.
The result is a company with a unique character. Our know-how enables us to create
products specifically tailored to customer ideas and requirements.
It is our constant endeavour to integrate new ideas and thoughts in our processes and products. We set high standards, knowing that this is the only way
to develop more efficient solutions to be successful on the world market.
We work in close cooperation with our customers throughout the process of
product creation. We see loyalty and fairness as the cornerstones of any
long-term business relationship.
Quality controls throughout the production process and a 100% computer-supported
final check guarantee the consistent and exceptionally high quality of our products.
The obligation to take long term responsibility for the environment is shown in our
products. Our development work aims to use energy efficiently and to minimize the
risk of pollution for people and nature. In addition, we strive to use environmental
friendly materials and processes.
A wide variety of ideas from internal and
external sources form the foundation of
our extensive product portfolio.
What motivates us
„... can best be seen in our products. They unite the
fascination of technology with personal objectives,
the prudent use of increasingly scarce resources and
the creation of jobs at our location.“
Hans Mohnkorn and Manfred Hirschmann
Around one third of our staff spend their
days working on the development of
new solutions and products.
We produce right here on our premises.
Which means that a great variety of
product series can be manufactured flexible and fast - including customer
specific versions.
You will get outstanding long term customer support. We will assist you with
the introduction and application of our
products, supplying first-hand professional expertise.
... can be seen at every stage of product creation.
Prozeda stands for comprehensive competence covering the full spectrum of control
engineering. We place the complete range of our know-how at your disposal: from
individual projects to large-scale serial production.
Services Portfo
Hardware development
The right response
for every challenge
Our products find application in virtually all conceivable areas of thermal energy
management. They give you the precision and reliability you need for both simple
and extremely complex systems.
solar heat controllers
heating circuit controllers
complex system controllers
positioning control technology
circulation controllers
industrial electronics
web based rem
friendly service
practically unlimited applications
large function displays
easy to install
self-explanatory pictograms
graphic operation panels
mobile communication
utmost dependability
simple to operate
easy to install
large function displays
practically u
web based remo
Our products got what it takes
Each of our products embodies what Prozeda represents: good ideas, years of experience, uncompromising customer orientation and highest demands on quality. That
makes our products unique.
mote maintenance
simple to operate
top-grade components
self-explanatory pictograms
easy to maintain
large function displays
utmost dependability
graphic operation panels
customized product development
unlimited applications
ote visualization
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