ACCA JAN 2015 - Crescendo International College

ACCA Jan 2015 Intake – Subjects Offered (preparatory for June 2015 Exam)
(Part-time: weekday evening / weekend classes)
Venue: Desa Cemerlang Campus
Fundamental Level
Professional Level
Knowledge (FIA) – Diploma in Accounting and Business*
F1 (FAB) Accountant in Business 
- Mr. Louis Looi
F2 (FMA) Management Accounting 
F3 (FFA) Financial Accounting 
Includes revision.
- Mr. Chong CH
- Mr. Jason Hee
Skills – Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business*
- Mr. Gary Ng
F4 Corporate and Business Law
- Mr. Louis Khor
F5 Performance Management
Mr. SK Hoo
F6 Taxation
F7 Financial Reporting
Ms. Natalie Ang
F8 Audit and Assurance**
F9 Financial Management
P4 Adv. Financial Management 
P6 Adv. Taxation 
P7 Adv. Audit and Assurance 
P1 Governance, Risks & Ethics 
P3 Business Analysis 
Optional Requisites
- Mr. Chow KT
* Program inclusive of Foundation in professionalism ( Professionalism and ethics online module to be completed once )
Early Bird Promotion (1)
by 15-Dec-2014
RM 700 / paper
RM 750 / paper
RM 1000 / paper
Registration Deadline:
F1 – F3 (Incl. revision)
F4 – F9 (Excl. revision)
Professional Level (Incl. revision)
- Mr. Joe Fang
- Ms Natelie Ang
- Mr. Louis Looi
P2 Corporate Reporting 
Module Fee (RM)
- Mr. Subhash Chandran
- Mr. Chow KT
- Mr. SK Hoo
- Mr. SK Teo
Includes revision.
Standard Enrollment
Retake Fee(2)
Revision Fee(2)
by 28-Feb-2015
(2 weeks before commencement)
RM 800 / paper
RM 400 / paper
RM 425 / paper
RM 550 / paper
RM 850 / paper
RM 1,100 / paper
Internal - RM 200 / paper
External - RM 300
/ paper
There will be two internal exams per subject, the marks of which may qualify for our new Asia e University (AeU) Executive Bachelors & Masters Degree Programmes. Find out how you can earn an
additional qualification while doing your ACCA with us.
- Students are encouraged to register before the respective deadline to ensure that your study materials can be ordered in advance and given to you at the start of class.
- Tuition fees paid are non-refundable.
- Administrative charge RM100 is applicable for any changes made after registration.
Early Bird discount will be VOID if installment(s) are not up-to-date (discount given to be added on to outstanding balance).
Retake, Revision, and Exam fees shall be payable in full upon registration (no changes e.g. deferment, transfer, and/or refund are allowed).
RM300 per paper is applicable for external candidates taking revision only.
Payment by Installments – (round up to the nearest RM10) and first payment must made upon registration.
Early Bird Promotion
1 Subject
2 or more subjects
Standard Enrollment
50% upon registration
50% on 10 Jan 2015
50% upon registration
50% on 10 Feb 2015
40% upon registration
30% on 10 Jan 2015
30% on 10 Feb 2015
40% upon registration
30% on 10 Feb 2015
30% on 10 Mar 2015
Entry Requirement
 2 passes (A-E) in A Level Plus 4 credits in SPM / UEC (including English & Maths), OR
 2 passes (A-C) in STPM Plus 4 credits in SPM (including English & Maths), OR
 2 subjects with grade A Plus 3 other subjects with grades A-B in UEC (统考) (including English & Maths), OR
 ‘FIA’ Route - No Formal Academic Qualifications for any ADULT of 17 years old and above.
The College takes no responsibility for ACCA’s decision during the Initial Registration.
For re-registration cases, the College will only process your application after receiving the details of your status from ACCA.
ACCA Initial Registration
College Registration Fee*
RM 200.00
Application Fee*
RM 100.00
ACCA Initial Registration Fee *
£79 (Credit/Debit Card)
ACCA Annual Subscription(2014) * £83 (Credit/Debit Card)
Annual subscription
*all fees paid are non-refundable
Please submit the following;
1 Passport-sized photographs (non-returnable)
Deadlines for
To be received by UK before 31 Dec
Must be received by UK before
June Exam
Dec Exam
8 May
8 Nov
8 March
8 Sept
Original and copies of your degree, diploma, A-level, STPM, SPM, UEC
Early Exam Entry
certificates and transcripts (if applicable)
Standard Exam Entry
8 Apr
8 Oct
Late Exam Entry
8 May
8 Nov
Identification Card (I/C)
Passport OR Birth certificate
£81 plus unpaid fees
Oxford Brookes University Bsc (Hons) in Applied Accounting
Marking fee - £185 (Period 28) On submission of Research and Analysis Project
(Upon completion of Knowledge & Skills Levels)
Email to: [email protected] for more info.
ACCA’s Global Customer Services Contact Details
2 Central Quay, 89 Hyde Park Street,
Glasgow G3 8BW, Scotland, United Kingdom
Toll free: 1800 88 5051
email: [email protected]
Crescendo International College Sdn. Bhd.
PTD 204446, Lebuh Cemerlang
81800 , Taman Desa Cemerlang , Johor.
Tel : 07-8636 888
Fax : 07-8632392
Website: (latest info)
Email: [email protected] (enquiries)
Variant Changes
8 Apr
8 Oct
Further Exemptions
31 Jan
31 Jul
Written Examinations
Held between
June Exam Session
December Exam Session
June 6 to June 15
Dec 5 to Dec 14
Exam fees for JUN / DEC 2015 (paper based):
Exam Level
Computer-based Examination (CBE) – Jan / Mar / Jul / Sept
Paper F1 (FAB), F2 (FMA), F3 (FFA)
Exam centre: JB City Campus
RM430 (per paper) – Students registered for tuition for the same paper.
RM530 (per paper) – Candidates registering for exam(s) only.
Qualified Candidates MUST:
 ensure that exam registration is completed at least 4 weeks before date
 all CBE fees are payable to college
 upon registration, all courses cannot be deferred
*For detailed information, please refer to the College’s Exam Department (Mr. Justin or Ms Thila)
Email: [email protected]
DISCLAIMER: All fees and Terms & Conditions quoted here are correct at the time of printing, but are subject to change without prior notice.
Please Log-on to the college’s website after 20 Dec 2014 for the latest timetable, and also prior to commencement of your 1 lesson.
Updated on 26-Dec-2014