University professors employ TV's Simpsons

Couch slouch
Ferguson to end 10 yrs as ‘Show’ host
Colbert retiring ‘Report’
and the host he played
This undated image from files, provided by Fox Broadcasting from ‘The Simpsons’, shows the popular cartoon family posing in front of their home (from left), Lisa,
Marge , Maggie, Homer and Bart Simpson. (AP)
‘Important cultural milestones’
University professors employ TV’s Simpsons
HEMPSTEAD, New York, Dec 19, (AP):
Bart and Lisa Simpson have been in elementary school for 25 years. But that hasn’t stopped them from showing up on
university campuses.
Universities across the US are using
satirical references from “The Simpsons”
to grab students’ attention and convey
lessons in literature and all manner of
popular culture.
“If the references are important
enough to be lampooned by ‘The
Simpsons’, these works must be important cultural milestones,” says Hofstra
University adjunct English professor
Richard Pioreck, who has been incorporating the denizens of Springfield into his
courses for about a decade.
He teaches a course about the
Broadway theater and how “The
Simpsons” have embraced various musicals and plays. Next semester, he shifts to
an online literature course titled “The
D’oh of Homer” that includes readings
from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and
“The Fall of the House of Usher,” and
Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” —
all referenced in “Simpsons” episodes.
“Teachers need to keep things fresh,”
says Denise DuVernay, an adjunct
English professor at St. Xavier
University in Chicago, co-author of the
book “The Simpsons in the Classroom:
Embiggening the Learning Experience
with the Wisdom of Springfield.”
“They need to reach students however
they can. And using ‘The Simpsons’ to
grab their attention, I think, is brilliant,”
she says.
In recent years, other universities have
had courses focused on the primetime
show — which celebrated its 25th
anniversary — including Oswego State
University in New York and San Jose
State University in California.
Longtime “Simpsons” executive producer Al Jean says he’s not surprised professors have embraced the program.
“Some people may think we are very vulgar, but then they find there is a lot of
warmth and emotion and many people
are surprised at the intelligence of some
of the jokes,” he says.
Pioreck says he decided to use the
show after a friend of his daughter’s
passed an exam on “The Devil and
Daniel Webster” by watching a
“Simpsons” episode that focused on the
He found that the animated sitcom
usually aims for more than just the easy
punchlines, with writers layering the
plotlines with humor that can be appreciated by lowbrow and highbrow audiences
For example, in one episode that parodied “A Streetcar Named Desire” (“A
Streetcar Named Marge”), the dynamics
of Homer and Marge Simpson’s marriage
are deftly illustrated through a comparison to the relationship of the couple in
the play, Stella and Stanley.
NEW YORK, Dec 19, (AP): After nine
years, Stephen Colbert is leaving the
Comedy Central satirical-news “The
Colbert Report” show, retiring the mythical
character who served as host — a
pompous, conservative scold also known
as Stephen Colbert.
The last episode of “The Colbert
Report” airs Thursday at 11:30 pm EST
(0430 GMT). His next step: playing himself as the new host of CBS’ “Late Show”
replacing David Letterman, who exits next
“The Colbert Report” (both t’s are
silent) premiered in October 2005 as a
spoof of the show hosted by Fox News
Channel personality Bill O’Reilly. But the
Colbert character developed into a shrewdly satirical observer, preaching the opposite
of what real-life Stephen Colbert meant to
say. For this nightly display of Opposite
Day, Colbert won a devoted audience of
so-called “heroes,” plus critical acclaim
and two Peabody Awards, which noted that
“what started as a parody of punditry is
now its own political platform.”
An actor, comedian and improv virtuoso, Colbert had created his Stephen
Colbert alter ego in 1997 as a “senior correspondent” for Comedy Central’s “The
Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” where he
addressed such topics as national security:
Shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror
attacks, he instructed anchorman Stewart
on the difference between “High Alert” (he
came to his feet and began scanning the
horizon) and “Higher Alert” (for which he
rose on his tippy-toes).
“My character is self-important, poorly
informed, well-intentioned but an idiot,”
Colbert explained on the eve of his eponymous “Report’s” debut. “So we said, ‘Let’s
give him a promotion.’”
During his glorious run as the potentate
of Colbert Nation, he not only exposed the
failings and fumblings of government,
society and the media. He also got directly
involved in these issues.
He formed a Super PAC, an organization
that is barred from making direct contributions to political campaigns but is allowed
to spend unlimited funds to support candidates or legislation independently.
Colbert’s Super PAC, “Americans for a
Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow,” solicited
donations as a demonstration of how
money distorts the electoral process.
In 2007, he announced he would be running for president — but only in his native
state, South Carolina, whose Democratic
Party voted to keep his name off the ballot.
With Stewart, he in 2010 staged a “Rally to
Restore Sanity and/or Fear” as a live TV
extravaganza that drew tens of thousands
to Washington’s National Mall.
❑ ❑ ❑
It’s not such a great day, America — not
for fans of Craig Ferguson.
Ferguson, television’s kinetic Scottish
cutup, on Friday brings to a close his
decade-long run as host of CBS’ “The Late
Late Show.”
Airing Friday at 12:35 a.m. EST, he concludes a grand stretch of silliness and
smarts that, while never posing much of a
ratings threat to talk-show rivals, struck a
chord with a loyal following (and earned
him a coveted Peabody Award for his 2009
interview with — of all people —
Archbishop Desmond Tutu). Smarts with
Last April, Ferguson told viewers he
was stepping down.
“CBS and I are not getting divorced, we
are consciously uncoupling,” he said,
puckishly echoing the words of estranged
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.
This was no surprise since, weeks earlier, David Letterman had announced he
was retiring from “Late Show,” whereupon
CBS tapped Stephen Colbert to replace
him. Once upon a time, Ferguson had been
thought a strong contender for that job.
But “The Late Late Show” began fading
in the ratings, particularly with the arrival
of Seth Meyers last February as his NBC
Ferguson’s imminent departure is being
upstaged by the much-anticipated, muchlamented exit Thursday by Colbert as host
of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert
Report.” He will step into his “Late Show”
role sometime after Letterman’s signoff
May 20.
Taking Ferguson’s place as host of “The
Late Late Show” is British actor-writercomedian James Corden, who debuts
March 9. During the two-month interim, a
slate of guest hosts — including Drew
Carey, Will Arnett, Wayne Brady, Jim
Gaffigan, Billy Gardell and Sean Hayes
— will fill in.
But Ferguson won’t be absent from the
airwaves. This fall, he launched “Celebrity
Name Game,” a weekday syndicated game
Now 51, Ferguson came to “The Late
Late Show” in January 2005 with a varied
resume including punk-rock drummer,
author, standup comic and actor. He had
appeared in several films, and written and
starred in three, including the 2003 comedy “I’ll Be There,” which he also directed.
He was best known as Nigel Wick, the
imperious British boss on Drew Carey’s
long-running ABC sitcom, a role he landed
after his arrival in Los Angeles in 1995.
As “Late Late Show” host, Ferguson
steadily redefined late-night talk in his own
image. While most late-night hosts don’t
say much about who they really are,
Ferguson was heroically self-disclosive,
mining humor from tough times including
two divorces, career setbacks, and his past
drug and alcohol abuse. He spent one
entire show paying tribute to his dad, who
had died the day before.
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