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DECEMBER 2014 Newsletter
Meningitis is a serious infection of the covering of the
brain and the spinal cord. This infection can be treated
with antibiotics, however, many people who get this disease die and many others are affected for life. This vaccine is highly recommended for adolescents 11 through
18 years of age. This vaccine is important for people at
highest risk, mainly college freshmen living in dormitories. Many colleges and vocational schools require or
strongly encourage this vaccine.
Two doses are recommended: the first dose at age 11 or
12 and then a booster dose at age 16. If the first dose
is given after the 16th birthday, a booster is not needed.
This vaccine will also be available at a school based
clinic in February when the health department is here
offering the tdap shot to our 5th graders.
If you have any questions about this vaccine or if your
child needs it, feel free to call me at 929-4525
Sharon Friederick RN School Nurse
The Iowa-Grant School District offers a healthy
breakfast at each school daily for our students and
$1.45 for Early Childhood
and 4K-Grade 5;
$1.55 for Grades 6-12;
$ .30 for students
who qualify for reduced meals;
Free to students who
qualify for free meals;
$2.25 for Adults
December 2014
Dear District Residents:
As 2014 draws to a close, I would like
to take some space to reflect upon the
changes seen over the year in this district and across the state.
Our most visual change is of course the
remodeling project that is finally nearing total completion. The majority of
this project was completed between
May 28 and September 2, and we were
able to start school on time. Hundreds
of people attended the September 19th
open house or have stopped in for tours
of the remodeled facilities. The AgriTech Center includes an expanded horticulture facility, a safe and ventilated
small engine shop, a STEM computer
lab and a clean room for robotics and
wood project finishing. The music department has two new spaces with storage and practice rooms. The library and
auditorium have been combined into
one space with a computer room and a
collaboration/distance learning room. It
was used as a theater for the first time
this past month for a wonderful production of Beauty and the Beast. Sound
systems, lighting systems, performance
space and movable library furniture
make this dual use possible. Best of all,
the remodeled spaces allow for a totally accessible building so that now all
students and community members can
attend any event in any location in the
high school. We have a few things left
to complete including sound baffling in
the music rooms, athletic storage dividers, and a new trophy case for the entrance area.
principal evaluation changes are in the
forefront of educational changes. A
common evaluation system is being
implemented this year and all teachers
and administrators in Wisconsin have
had training in the process and procedures that need to be used starting this
year. The evaluation process describes
a rubric of professional and instructional standards that are assessed over
a three-year period. In addition, teachers and principals need to create a Student Learning Objective (SLO) to address an identified deficit displayed by
students. Student progress is measured
in a pre- and post-assessment format
with progress monitoring in between.
The purpose of the SLO is to reduce
the learning gap between sub-groups of
students due to lagging achievement,
learning disabilities, or poverty. The
purpose of the new evaluation system
is intended to accomplish two things:
improvement of student achievement
and improvement of professional practice.
The number of tests that students must
take on an annual basis has increased
dramatically. All students in grades
K4-11 are now tested every year, some
grades twice per year. Many of these
tests will now be administered through
computers, reducing the amount of paper used and the length of time between
administration and getting student
results. There is a growing disagreement between those who want consistent accountability measures and those
who say that an annual test is only a
snapshot of student performance and
cannot be a valid measure of a whole
school or a district. It is also questionable how the tests can be used for instructional planning as the number of
items included for each skill is necessarily limited. The amount of time
spent in testing students also reduces
the amount of actual instructional time
and is very expensive for the state to
administer. We will see what the future
holds in this regard.
We have received some donations to
help support this project and are very
grateful to those who have contributed. However, we are still in need of
$200,000 to enable the district to limit
the need for short-term borrowing to
meet monthly bills. Contributions to
the school are tax deductible. If you are
looking for an end of the year tax deduction, please consider giving to the
Iowa-Grant Building Project. You will
receive a donation verification to be
used for your tax preparation purposes. State tests are based upon the Common
Across the state, testing and teacher / Core Standards adopted in 2010. These
standards in Math and Reading/Language Arts replace the 1996 Model Academic Standards. Those standards were
written for grades 4, 8, and 12 and all
schools had to figure out how to spread
them across the grades so the proficiency could be achieved at each grade level. The WKCE tested those standards.
The Common Core Standards are more
rigorous and describe the standards by
grade level so that all of that work has
already been done. The Common Core
Standards were initiated by the National
Governors’ Conference and the State
Chief School Officers. Business leaders, higher education professionals, parents, and teachers were involved in the
process. The purpose was to identify the
skills needed for global competition and
success in the workforce as well as in
post-secondary programs. The goal was
known as College and Career Readiness. The learning and performance expectations were increased from the previous Model Academic Standards. As
with all standards, there is no prescribed
curriculum and there are no prescribed
materials. Each district and community
selects their own ways and means to accomplish the goals of the standards. The
Common Core Standards are just that—
core standards that represent the base
expectations and are not meant to be
everything that a school or community
deems important for students to learn.
They do, however, provide a common
baseline for comparisons across districts and states. This issue is not well
understood and will likely be a topic of
legislative discussion.
Another issue that merits our attention
is the push for an increase in private
school vouchers. State-wide vouchers
put our state on the path of funding two
separate educational systems, public
and private. Private school vouchers
necessarily take money out of the state
coffers which reduces the amount of
money available for public education
or other public needs. Vouchers seem to
be an issue with urban appeal, but the
state government has applied this program across the state. This year, 73% of
the voucher funds went to students who
were already attending private schools
rather than to those who were leaving
public school for private school attendance. At over $7,500 per student, this
will cost over $68 million this year. Can
we really afford to subsidize private
and parochial schools and still pay for
public education? Rural schools are already strapped financially and have cut
budgets and programs annually for the
last 15 years. There is nothing left to cut
without eliminating academic, support,
and athletic programs or foregoing needed maintenance on aging buildings. We
can forget about adding any educational
or athletic opportunities or addressing
safety or technology needs. Wisconsin
is rapidly becoming a state of haves
and have-nots where rural districts are
dependent upon passing operational referenda just to stay afloat. This is unfair
to our rural students who deserve the
same educational opportunities as those
students who live in urban and suburban
areas. The voucher effort promises to
make state funding even more skewed
against rural school districts that have
higher transportation costs and higher
poverty rates. Forty-four percent of the
schools in this state are considered rural, serving over 375,000 students; these
schools are the backbone of our rural
communities. Their preservation is essential.
Linda Erickson, Superintendent
fice. It is my goal for each student to
reach their full potential and with everyone working together that goal will
be reached. Requiring good student attendance, insisting on punctuality, supporting teacher expectations and monitoring class work are significant ways
parents help to ensure student success.
Great communication is a necessity, so
please contact your child’s teachers or
myself if you have any questions.
Mr. Johannesen took Blake Butteris,
Jaynie Rule, Bailey Fritsch, Noah Pennekamp, Hailey Klaas, Brandon Bickford, Brandon Graul and Carley Rider
to the National FFA Convention on
Oct. 28th through Oct. 30th. Please
ask our students about their trip and
experiences that they were part of as
Iowa-Grant Panthers.
Ms. Stolte and Mrs. Rosemeyer once
again lead our students in this year’s
musical. They were also helped out by
Mrs. Gile. The musical is titled, Beauty and the Beast. The cast and crew
are: Austin Miura, Malery Peat, Lyrica
Daentl, Rebecca Gorsline, Brandon
Bickford, Creedyn Fox, Tim Stoney,
Seanna Grimm, Leah Brennum, Taylor Busse, Jennifer Moore, Tanner
Coughlan, Ben Amend, Miranda Nichols-Rodriguez, Jaynie Rule, Isaac Anderson, Zach Campbell, Brett Welborn,
Mariah Ginter, Angela Melby, Jack
Reeves, Hannah Lindner, Ellie Fillback, Sophie Hill, Gerrit Hunt, Falisha
Foreman, Elana Winders, Kelsie Hayes,
Erica Thomas, Sydney Dobson, Gracelyn Silvers and Tessa Paradis They all
did a wonderful job. Please congratulate Ms. Stolte, Mrs. Rosemeyer, Mrs.
Gile and the entire cast and crew for
their hard work and performance.
Another year is already almost half over
and we have had a great start of the year.
The first quarter is already behind us
and Christmas is fast approaching. We
have many things going on at school so
please make sure to check the school’s
calendar, website and Facebook page
and become involved with the many The spring season wrapped up Novemgreat things that the district has to offer. ber 8th with the football bowing out of
the playoffs in Level 1 of the WIAA
Parents/Guardians, please make sure you tournament. The football team, under
are continually checking your child’s at- the direction of Coach Gary Allen, had
tendance, grades and schedule on Pow- a very successful season. Coach MarerSchool. If you forgot how to access la Simon and the volleyball team made
this important information, please con- it to the second round of the WIAA
tact Ms. Brennum in the high school of- tournament before being defeated by
a very good Wisconsin Heights volleyball team. Coach McCracken and
the cross-country team did a wonderful job this year and worked very hard
all year. Jordan Jenks made it back to
state and finished 42nd out of 150 runners. Congratulations to Jordan on his
awesome year. Please take the time to
approach the coaching staff and our
young men and women who participated this year in football, volleyball and
cross-country and congratulate them
on their seasons. I would also like to
congratulate the Iowa-Grant cheerleaders for the wonderful job this year. The
girls did a great job in cheering on our
teams, preparing signs and posters and
being good role models for the crowd.
Often their hard work goes unnoticed
although the put many hours in for our
team and school district. Coach Jackie
Benish and the girls worked very hard
and deserve congratulations for their
work this fall. To finish, I would like
to thank Ms. Gile and the high school
band for playing pep band for the home
games. The band’s performance was
outstanding and I always enjoy listening to them during home events.
Winter sports have already started so
please check the school website and
the school’s Facebook page for events.
Please stop out and enjoy the many offerings that Iowa-Grant has to offer. A
special thank you goes out to the Iowa-Grant booster club who is always
supporting our school district and all
those who support the Iowa-Grant
school district. Without great people
and organizations like we have here
in our district, many of the wonderful
things we offer and do would not be
As hunting season is upon us, it is crucial that parents remind their student
hunters to remove all ammunition and
weapons from vehicles that will be on
school grounds. School district policy
443.6 states, “No one shall possess a
weapon on school property, on a school
bus or at any school-sponsored activity.” For policy purposes, a weapon is
defined as “any object that by its de-
sign and/or use can cause bodily injury
or property damage.” It further states,
“students and employees violating this
policy shall be subject to disciplinary
action in accordance with established
procedures and shall be referred to law
enforcement officials for prosecution.“
Please make sure that your student has
cleared vehicles, bags and pockets of
any prohibited items.
I would like to briefly talk about attendance. Attendance is a priority to ensure student success. The more class
time a student misses the more difficult it is for him/her to keep up with
the content in class. Not only is attendance a must for success, it is state law
that students must be in school. State
law allows parents/guardians to excuse
their children from school in writing
and in advance for a total of ten days
during the entire school year. Please
attempt to schedule appointments during times school is not in session. I do
understand it is impossible to schedule
everything outside of the school day,
but the fewer days missed the less likely that your child will fall behind academically. After a parent/student has
used up the ten allowed days, only doctor excuses will be accepted. School
sponsored events do not count towards
the ten days allowed.
It has been a great start of the year.
Please continue to be part of your child’s
education and stress the importance of
respect, communication, integrity, attendance, and working beyond capabilities and expectations. Every day
we have Encore/Resource built into the
schedule. This time was created to give
students the ability to access teachers
20 minutes each day. Please stress the
importance to your son/daughter to
use this time to ask questions, seek out
help, study for tests, complete homework and to gain a better understanding
of the course materials. My office door
is always open and please contact me at
any time. Go Panthers!
Chris Gotto, Principal/Athletic Dir
Interested in joining Iowa County 4-H?
4-H teaches members basic governing
skills, offers leadership opportunities,
and volunteers for community service
projects while developing talents in areas of interest for each individual member. There are several 4-H clubs in the
Iowa-Grant Area. If interested, contact
one of the following 4-H Club General Leaders in the Iowa-Grant area for
more information on their club meeting
times and dates.
Cobb Busy Badgers - Paula Daentl 623-2731
Kountry Kousins - Karen Parish - 6232110
Rewey Lucky Stars - Shelly Osterndorff - 943-6492
Congratulations to our 2014 First Quarter Honor Roll students for all your hard
Distinguished Honors
Paul Connolly
Easton Dobson
Max Eisele
Rebecca Gorsline
Matthew Hill
Andrew Johnson
Bailey Lindner
Hannah Lindner
Brady Peat
Jalen Schmitz
William Spurley
Ron Allen
Morgan Eisele
Madison Harmening Caleb Hill
Gerrit Hunt
Emma Liddicoat
Taylor Liddicoat
Maranda McCarthy
William McLeer
Jennifer Moore
Malery Peat
Jessica Pluemer
Erik Raimer
Sawyer Sarbacker
Payton Simon
Chad Thomas
Elana Winders
Taylor Busse
Zachary Campbell
Benjamin Connolly Dustin Epright
Kennedy Kitelinger Tessa Paradis
Jack Reeves
Sawyer Stuckey
Brittany Brennum Elizabeth Buckhaus
Lyrica Daentl
Jeffrey Danz
Bailey Fritsch
Shelbi Fritsch
Sophia Hill
Taylor Jackson
Jordan Jenks
Brea Johnson
Lucas Nowak
Rulyana Pereira
Brett Pluemer
Carley Richards
Brea Stanton
Elizabeth Wernimont
High Honors
Kaleb Barr
Blake Butteris
Callie Rickard
Carley Rider
Rose Webster
Travis Arndt
Tanner Coughlan
Ellie Fillback
Angel Flynn
Jaclyn Johnson
Charles Richards
Jaynie Rule
Hannah Stevens
Isaac Anderson
Autumn Flynn
Kaelyn Merkle
Jacob Soman
Katie Witzig
Haley Yelinek
Casandra Zimmerman
Leah Brennum
Tad Spurley
Ivy Kitelinger
Erica Thomas
Clayton Kite
Kaleb Liddicoat
Shae McIntyre
Tanner Casper
Charles Christianson
Thomas Reuter
Sydney Dobson
Kelsie Hayes
Katelyn Hebgen Austin Miura
Chelsea Reger
Ethan Schmitz
Dominique Stanton
Trenton Arndt
Kyle Faull
Joshua Haase
Ethan McCracken
Trent Milliken
Kylie Moneypenny
Kelly Reynolds
Shania Sarbacker
Panther Press
Page 5
Happy December! It is amazing to me
that I am sending out the December
newsletter – it feels like the first third of
the year passed by so quickly! Quarter
1 came to an end and quarter 2 is off
to a great start. We still have challenges
to address, and goals to accomplish,
we look ahead into the New Year with
great anticipation. This is the time of
year for rejoicing and rededication.
A quote from Nelson Mandela says it
well: “Education is the most powerful
weapon which we can use to change the
I would like to extend a huge thank you
to all of you that attended our September
and October family nights. I know I
speak for all staff here when I say it
means a lot that you would take time
out of your busy schedules to come out
here and support what we do with your
The 4th and 8th grade students have
finished another fall of WKCE testing
(Wisconsin Knowledge & Concepts
Exam) for social studies and science.
Thank you to all the students for their
hard work with their exams.
Parent/Teacher conferences were a
great success this fall, we appreciate
all of you that were able to come out
to the district and meet with your
child’s teacher. If you were unable to
attend conferences please still feel free
to call or stop in to speak with us. A
parent/teacher relationship is such an
important aspect to making the school
year a success.
Student success is our ultimate goal here
at IGEMS and we really need your help
as a parent/guardian. The following will
help us reach that success:
 Getting to school on a daily
basis and being on timeStudent’s need to be at school
and on time for class in order
September- Responsibility
to get the optimal level of
October- Respect
understanding through subject November & December- Caring and
matter. Material missed in
class is difficult to duplicate.
January- Trustworthiness
 Healthy Breakfast/Lunch- If
February- Fairness
you are packing lunch for your
March & April- Citizenship
child please make certain that it
May & June- All pillars reflected
is a healthy option. We always
encourage the use of our school We can all work together
breakfast/lunch program; we
to instill these values in the
have healthy food choices for
your child. Contact Linda Klaas students of IGEMS!
with questions.
 HomeworkPlease
through your child’s bag at
home, and ask questions. Most
of our students will have some
form of daily homework. It may
be an actual written assignment,
or it may be a reading passage.
Please show interest in this
work, it will lead to student
success in completing the work.
If there is no homework in the Winter is approaching so please
bag, encourage your child to encourage your IGEMS student to
wear appropriate winter clothing. All
students here at IGEMS 4K-4 will be
going outside for recess. Warm coats,
hats, and gloves (multiple pairs if
possible) are a minimum to what they
should be wearing outside. When the
snow falls and students are outside, we
will also require warm winter boots and
snow pants. Students in grades 5-8 that
choose to go outside for lunch recess
will also need to have the appropriate
winter clothing.
Thank you for your continued support
here at IGEMS!
Here at IGEMS our students are striving
to be their best. We are focusing on the Tiffany Dums
pillars of character education. Monthly Elementary/Middle School Principal
we speak to the students about their
pillar of character for the month. We are
requiring our students to reflect upon
the importance of all of the following
values, and how they play into their
everyday lives.
Page 2
Current Art Contests: Please check
the IGEMS art website for more details
or talk to Ms. Hoppenjan
• Grant County Conservation,
Department – Conservation
Poster Contest Ms. Hoppenjan
will mail in entries on Monday,
December 14, 2014.
• Wisconsin Aviation Poster
Contest Ms. Hoppenjan will
mail in completed entries on
Monday, January 19, 2015.
Beginning in 2008, the Wisconsin
student immunization law requires one
dose of Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and
acellular pertusis) vaccine for students
entering 6th grade. To assist parents
with getting this vaccination done and
help avoid taking time off from work
and having an office co-pay, the Iowa
County Health Dept will be coming
to our school in February to offer this
immunization free of charge to all 5th
grade students, regardless of insurance
status. An information sheet and
permission form will be coming home
in January.
Hannah McCracken
Samantha Richards
Parker Roth
Ethan Rundell
Parker Velte
Kylie Washburn
The great ladies that helped out at the
Book Fair.
Lynn Batko
Mary Sue Divine
Joan Faull
Tracy Fillback
Karen Fisher
Linda Gard
Ginny Gorsline
Suzanne Howe
Judy James
Kay Messling
Mary Schroeder
Jean Slack
Jen Volenec
The health department will also be
offering the Meningitis vaccine to all
middle and high school students as well,
THANK YOU to the families that
free of charge, regardless of insurance
visited and purchased books. Every
dollar spent at the Fall Book Fair
benefits our school. The Scholastic
Any questions please feel free to call
Dollars earned from the fair will fill
Youth Art Month
IGEMS with new educational products!
March is just around the corner. The
Our goal is to increase non-fiction
regional youth art show will take place Sharon Friederick RN
reading with books, magazines and
in January or February, and this year’s
digital subscriptions.
State Youth Art Month Celebration will
take place at the Capitol in Madison on
Save the dates! Buy One Get One
Friday, March 6, 2015.
Free Fair coming March 24-27,
THANK YOU Volunteers! The book 2015!
The Iowa-Grant 4th Annual Fine Arts
fair would not be possible without you!
Night will be held on Tuesday, March 10,
A special thanks to Mrs. Belken and the
2015 in the High School Gymnasium.
enthusiastic Junior Crew members.
Elizabeth Biddick
If you missed our flu clinic and are
Lexie Busse
interested in getting your child or even
Hannah Cammack
yourself immunized against the flu,
Haylee Casper
please call the Iowa County Health
Rhyan Cockcroft
Department. They have an abundance
Alyson Cullen
of vaccine, both the nasal mist and
Nathan Daniels
the injectable. There is no cost for
Keaton Durni
children 4 years – 18 years old. Their
Arianna Gilman
phone number is 930-9871 to make an
Carter Grimm
appointment. Any questions, please
Hope Grimm
call that same number.
Lauren Harmening
Madalyn Hunt
Page 3
High Honors
These three Iowa-Grant Middle School students reached the millionaire status for
the 1st quarter of school. Each of these students read one million words already
this school year, which is equivalent to 12-14 books in nine weeks of school! Congratulations to these readers. Pictured (L-R) are Grayson Stivarius, Tatum
Kite, & Nick Connolly.
The IGEMS first graders will once again
be sponsoring a CHRISTMAS STORE.
This store allows all elementary
students to buy a gift for Mom and a gift
for Dad for only 25 cents each. If you
have any small items that you would
like to donate to our store, we would
gladly accept your donations. The
Christmas Store will be open the week
of December 1st, so we would like the
items to be dropped off at IGEMS office
We would like to recognize our top anytime before that date. If you have
sellers: Riley L (4K), Will F (1st), Isaac any questions, please call.
H (6th), Delaney R (1st), Ryan T (4K),
Thank you for your generosity!
Gretta S (2nd), and Kenneth H (4K).
Sandy Herges, Heidi Pierick, Brenda
THANK YOU again for helping us help Wasley & Jill Zajicek
our school!
The IGEMS PTC would like to say
“THANKS” for your continued support.
Our recent wrapping paper fundraiser
will add $1,500 to our funds, letting
us continue to support our school and
staff. This year so far, we have helped
with field trips and charging stations
in the middle school, and will help
each teacher with “extras” in their
Please put initials on clothing-coats, snow pants, etc. of your child and
check the lost and found clothing when you visit school. Also please list
first and last names on bus or pick up notes and if picking kids up list
which door pick up will take place at front or back. We need you to call
before 2:00 p.m. for student messages, picking up or bus notes.