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A Safe Passage to a New Life
Compassionate Transformation for
Victims of Domestic Violence
PO Box 40034 Studio City, California 91614 Safe Passage 501(c)3
T 818-232-7476, HOTLINE 800-799-SAFE,
[email protected],
As I stood there in desperation...
Safe Passage Gave Me Hope
What We Do
and Inspiration
Safe Passage takes a holistic approach to healing bodies, souls and minds. We
empower women by repairing the damage done from abuse, so that the violent cycle
can finally stop. The women are transformed emotionally and physically with help
from our unique team of doctors, life coaches, and counselors. !
SIX MONTHS: That’s how long it takes for women and children to transform their lives, gain independence,
employment and housing.
95% SUCCESS RATE: We mentor each client through the transformational process to ensure a successful
outcome. Extensive counseling and career training prepare her for stable employment and to maintain her
own residence, fully furnished by generous donors. We are proud to report that 95% of the women who
complete our program not only break the cycle of domestic violence but become role models for new
clients, sharing their life stories and inspiring others.
BEAUTY, CONFIDENCE, & SURGERY: Our team of specialists includes doctors, plastic surgeons,
dentists, career counselors, life coaches, image makeover experts, interior decorators and more. We truly
transform our patients from the inside out.
We have provided tooth restoration, rhinoplasty, facial
reconstruction and other cosmetic procedures. Each woman has her own specific needs and we are
dedicated to doing everything we can to restore inner and outer beauty and self-esteem.
1500 WOMEN & THEIR CHILDREN: That’s how many lives we’ve transformed in the past 13 years. We
don’t take on the high number of clients that some other organizations take, because each person requires
an intense collaborative six month effort. Our clients do not fall through the cracks.
President Obama, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, City Controller Wendy Greuel, and Council
Member Denise Zine have all recognized Safe Passage for outstanding citizenship.
PO Box 40034, Studio City, CA 91614 T 818-232-7476, H 800-799-SAFE,
Board of Directors: Jim Steele, Heather Wells, Janet Campos, Linda Dolson, Trish Steele, Susan Sengezar,Priscilla Pyrk, Dana Thiero, Kiko Ellsworth
Who We Are
Trish Steele
Former make-up artist, model,
Winner of Ms. California
Pageant, Cable Talk Show Host,
Author, and Domestic Abuse
Survivor. Trish Steele has turned
her survival story into 23 years of
helping other women.
Linda Dolson
She’s been recognized and
awarded by various groups
including: Southern California
Motion Picture Council, Beautiful
People Awards, LA Family
Housing, Celebrity Society
Magazine, Amazing Woman’s
Advocacy, and many politicians
including President Barack
Program Director &
Naturopathic Practitioner
Linda is the former president of
Safe Passage, and currently in her
fifth year as program director and
counselor. Ms. Dolson helps
women heal the emotional scars of
abuse, and addresses nutritional
deficiencies. Clients describe
results as “remarkable!”
A graduate of California College of
Natural Medicine, she’s certified as
a Traditional Naturopathic
Practitioner. Linda is also certified
in Homeopathy as a Holistic Health
Practitioner and Neuro-physical
Reprogramming Specialist.
Nick Zargarpour
Attorney and Counselor at Law
John Wurts
Treasurer (John Wurts Financial)
Janet Campos
CEO of Abrams Management LLC
A Public Relations Firm
Kiko Ellsworth
Actor & Founder of
Inspire Me Defense
Kathy Kirshy
Obagi Medical
CEO of Bernstein Financial
Services, Inc.
Susan Sengezer
Author, ER Nurse, DV Advocate,
and Radio Show Host
Vana Thiero
Producer & Autism Advocate
Bruce Vafa,
Founder of Smiles Angels of
Beverly Hills
Healther Wells
Retired Engineer and Mentor to
Foster Child Graduates
Advisory Board
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Honorary Members
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PO Box
Box 40034,
40034, Studio
Studio City,
City, CA
CA 91614
91614 T
T 818-232-7476,
818-232-7476, H
H 800-799-SAFE,
Stepping Stones to a New Life
• Counseling Weekly • Health Assessment and Nutrition Classes
• Physicals and Dental Checkups
• Reconstructive Facial Surgery & Other Assessed Per Client
• Self Defense Classes taught by Actor and Life Coach Kiko Elsworth
• Structure Personal & Organizational Goals
• Computer Training. Job Search Assistance. Resume Writing.
• Financial Workshop: Basic Finance. How to Handle Your Money.
• Interviewing Skills: How to Make a Good First Impression. Public Speaking.
• Beauty: Make-up Work Shop. Skin Care Products & Supplies Provided.
• Empowerment Training: “Beauty From the Inside Out” by Founder Trish Steele
• Relationship Dynamics: The Differences Between Men, Women, and How We Think.
• Housing Assistance: Donation of Supplies, Furniture, and Interior Decorating Services.
• Children: Scholastic Mentors. Activities. Clothing.
• Transportation Expenses Provided
to watch Safe Passage in Action.
PO Box 40034, Studio City, CA 91614 T 818-232-7476, H 800-799-SAFE,
Safe Passage Founder Trish Steele has appeared on many television shows talking about her
organization and efforts to break the cycle of Domestic Violence.
Click for samples: CBS, Fox, PSA
Safe Passage Fundraising Events are held annually raising a majority of the money needed for the
organization. The high profile events in Beverly Hills & Downtown LA have attracted support from
politicians and celebrities including Mayor Villaraigosa, Sheriff Lee Baca, Taylor Armstrong, Kelly
LeBrock (Woman in Red), Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman), Smokey Robinson (Past Advisory Board
Member), LA City Controller Wendy Greuel, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera (donations), Weston
Cage (Nicolas Cage’s son) and many more. It costs $10,000 minimum for each life make-over and
PO Box 40034, Studio City, CA 91614 T 818-232-7476, H 800-799-SAFE,
Tanya Young Williams
National Spokesperson for Safe Passage
“I am very honored to lend my passion and voice to Safe Passage and all
survivors of domestic violence they support in Los Angeles and nationally,”
says Williams. “Safe Passage and their programs help survivors start their
lives over, which all of us need when we escape the traumas of domestic
Tanya Young Williams is a TV Personality, frequent commentator for
Headline News (HLN), inspirational speaker, author and featured contributor
to Huffington Post. She was also the Celebrity Spokesperson for the
National Domestic Violence Hotline. Williams was thrust into the spotlight
after her estranged husband, former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams, was
tried for the fatal shooting of his limo driver in 2002. She quickly became a
brave new voice in the efforts to stem domestic violence, when speaking
out about her abusive past with the former All-Star.
Contact Us
Safe Passage is represented by
Media Contact: Stephanie Abrams
[email protected] 818-422-4123
Founder Trish Steele can be reached at
[email protected] 818-232-7476
PO Box 40034, Studio City, CA 91614 T 818-232-7476, H 800-799-SAFE,