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Effective 1st November 2013
News and Inspiration
for Kids Fashion and
Lifestyle Professionals
Kidx is the new international trade information platform
specifically devised for the children’s fashion, interiors and
hardware sectors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is
published in German and English in Berlin and London, and
distributed nationally and internationally.
Kidx trade magazines are put together by insiders for insiders
offering news, interviews, market analyses and features covering
all aspects of the industry.
Kidx’ remit is national and international. Editorial will focus on
German, European, American and Asian markets. Online, offline
and in print, Kidx offers unbiased and professional reading for
the industry practitioner.
The Children’s Fashion and Lifestyle
Market in Germany
The German market is highly competitive
Roughly 4,000 retailers, department stores, boutiques and mail order companies sell children’s fashion and interiors.
Approx. 50% of total revenues is generated in independent, specialised children’s fashion shops. Despite a declining
number of children the market was successful in 2009 with total revenues of €2.8bn. In 2010 revenues amounted to
nearly €2.9bn.
Changing consumption patterns and behaviours
Declining birth rates, a growing number of single child families, an ever increasing range of products and new and
expanding sales channels such as online shops are but a number of factors that change consumption habits of
Retail challenges
The kids fashion sector is extremely competitive, innovative and diverse. Small and medium-sized outlets dominate the
sector. In order to successfully manage ever-changing market demands, retailers need well researched, reliable data
and insight at their fingertips. The Kidx online and print platforms strive to provide a made to measure and independent
service that meets these requirements
The Kidx Readership
The Kidx Reader
Kidx, the new trade magazine, is aimed at the decision makers in all sectors of the children’s fashion, hardware and
interiors industries in the German speaking markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Kidx trade magazines
are put together by insiders for insiders offering news, interviews, market analyses and features covering all aspects
of the industry. Kidx’ remit is national and international. Editorial will focus on German, European, American and Asian
markets and offer unbiased and professional reading for the industry practitioner.
Kidx magazines will be distributed in the German-speaking markets, in Europe and overseas. The first issues of
Kidx Trend will be offered for free to retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Kidx will be on sale at all major
international trade fairs and available at all relevant order events. All current and future publications can be
ordered online.
The New Business-to-Business Service
Editorial contents
Kidx is a business-to-business service tailored to the requirements of its readers. At its core is the presentation of
national and international labels and their latest collections, interviews with manufacturers and designers, trend reports,
market research and analyses and much more.
Kidx Trend magazine, 2x p.a.
Kidx Trend will always be published shortly before
the major trade exhibitions in January/February
and June/July. Packed with comprehensive and
useful information Kidx Trend design is state of the
art. Devised as an information tool and a source
of inspiration for retailers and manufacturers it
combines a lively mixture of market reports and
trend features, analyses and expert advice. Kidx
features innovative and evocative brands and
products, as well as children’s clothing, apparel,
furnishing and more. Kidx correspondents and
writers research and investigate in Germany,
Europe and further afield. Kidx aims to become a
meeting point where retail readers meet designers,
decision makers, artists and entrepreneurs
who shape the industry through their creativity,
originality and the trends they inspire.
The New Business-to-Business Service
Little Kidx, 2x p.a.
The baby and toddler sector (fashion, apparel, hardware, nutrition, care, interiors etc.) is big, extremely diverse and
international. Companies produce a plethora of products. At the same time they are mired in intense and global
competition and invest heavily in research and development. Product innovation goes hand in hand with increasing
complexity of products such as electronic devices or car safety seats. Consumers expectations and price sensitivity
grow equally strongly making this a cut throat industry. Little Kidx is at the centre of this and aims to follow and report
on developments and dynamics. Therefore product news feature strongly as do articles on new trends, reviews and
previews of trade fairs, industry events and company coverage.
The New Business-to-Business Service
International Specials, on demand
The economies in Europe and elsewhere are experiencing a period of fundamental change. Kidx’ response is the
launch of an industry first: the new and innovative Kidx International Special Series. The International Specials invite
readers to look across the borders. It is the editorial team’s objective to report on what is happening globally, how small
and larger markets in Europe and other continents experience these changes, and how local players respond. Well
renowned local observers identify their main areas of activity and present these in concise and informative features
providing fascinating and useful insights. How do they gauge the situation? Which are the most urgent tasks and which
means do they employ? “Where are the opportunities today?” is the underlying question that Kidx correspondents aim
to answer.
Kidx online
Kidx online is the place to find previous Kidx
publications, to download or read them online.
Editorial contents will be extended step by step: Up
to date news, reports, interviews, product and brand
presentations and blogs from all over the world. In-depth
features invite the user to closely study the kids fashion
and interiors industry and to actively engage with other
users via blogs or comments. More detailed information
and data, portraits and interviews, directories (Labels,
producers, suppliers, agents, the national and
international retail trade) surveys etc. will be made
available to subscribers in a protected online area.
Services for Clients and Advertising Partners
Kidx’ editorial coverage has a clearly defined focal point: the children’s fashion, interiors and hardware industry.
All content and editorial services have been tailored to the needs and requirements of this target group. Whether print
or online, Kidx platforms offer a wide array of specifically collated information reflecting the target group’s demands.
This is the Kidx mission: to become a major reference point for all industry practitioners.
The Kidx service to its clients and advertising partners
Direct and regular access to our readers and users without any losses - a target group that has always been hard to
contact. We will strive and do our utmost to assist and help our clients reach their communication objectives. The Kidx
Universe with its print and online platforms mirrors the information requirements of the children’s textile and clothing
industry. The Kidx readership will reflect the breadth and width of our editorial offering: You will meet decision makers
and trendsetters of all industry sectors who you can address directly in a conducive environment.
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