Silvarrow December 2024 page 22

Silvarrow December 2024 page 22
SriLankan Catering offers more choices that go
beyond international standard
Diresh Jayasuriya
SriLankan Catering offer more choices to passengers that go beyond
international standards said Sarath Fernando, CEO, SriLankan Catering
speaking to Daily News Business at a familiarizing tour summond for journalists recently.
He said, “At SriLankan Catering we offer better choices, more choices
and we go beyond international standards when we start giving choices to
our passengers.”
“If you look at the choices, we have huge choice of meals, like more than
I would say any other international airline, if you come to business class we
almost offer
four choices
that customers can select.
In economy
class we offer
three choices.
Most of the
airlines offer
two choices
only for economy
and two or
three choices
for business
SriLankan Catering has won
several prestigious
awards in the
It has been
recognized as the best caterer in the Middle East-Africa-South Asia-Indian
Sub Continent by Ethiad Airways at Global Excellence Awards 2010-2011.
Similarly a selection of healthy and wellness meal options by SriLankan
Catering earned the Inspirations Mercury Award for the year of 2011 and
SriLankan Catering has won several Mercury Awards, other prestigious
awards in the recent past.
The department works on 3 shifts/24 hour basis. It is also responsible for
maintaining and inventorizing airline equipment along with ware washing of
cutlery, crockery and inventorizing of laundry items. The driving section
consists of 19 hi-loaders, out of which 12 are with chilling facilities, 07 air
conditioned commissary vehicles, are plying between Unit and Apron.
In 1983 SriLankan Catering started operating the Airport Restaurant at
the Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake, which consists of Palm
Strip Restaurant (Transit Restaurant), Palm Strip Bar (Smiles & other
Economy Class Passengers) and Public Restaurant. It also provides food and
beverage services to Serendib Lounge (for Business Class passengers of
other airlines), Lotus Lounge (for First Class passengers of other airlines),
Executive Lunge (for Economy Class passengers of all the airlines), Arrival
CIP Lunge (for commercially important passengers), VIP Lounge and the
Presidential Lounge for the WIP’s, Heads of State and other dignitaries at the
SriLankan Catering facility unit
has 68 Cold Rooms,
12 freezer rooms
and Bonded Storage Capacity of
The production
at the Flight Kitchen are broadly categorized into meals
such as lunch, dinner, breakfast, cold
meal and hot refreshments.
products thus being of a highly sensitive nature, the company takes substantial precaution in
maintaining very high standards of hygiene and strict quality control throughout its entire process.
Anthony Gibson, Executive Chef
said, “We prepare up to 20,000 meals
a day. We have superb food going out
from this kitchen. All the top airlines
around the world are coming and
picking up from us and it is a credit to
SriLankan Catering.”
SriLankan Catering develops customer relationships by focusing on the
customer needs and they meet them
through front line empowerment and
flexibility. Hiring and retaining the best
people and continuously developing and
broadening their skills and ability to
meet the demand expected by their
customers and state-of-the-art technology to continuously improve their efficiency, quality and effectiveness of the
ultimate product.
Emirates Airlines too has opened a
dedicated Lounge at the Bandaranaike
International Airport which is catered by
SriLankan Catering Limited.