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Issue 58 - november/december 2014
Under EU legislation, government bodies, local
authorities and utilities companies in the 27 member
states must publish tender and award notices for
contracts, valued above certain thresholds, in the
Official Journal of the European Union.
This means an average of about 850 notices of
invitations to tender and awards are published each
day, with a value of more than £2.5 billion, providing
many business opportunities.
Would you like to have a share in this market?
The Malta EEN can assist you through the inTEND
service: A weekly or daily e-mail giving you all the
tender opportunities that match your business
products or services. We also offer a three-month
free trial service - send us an email on
[email protected] to subscribe.
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Glossary of
Trade Terms
Shaping an SME-friendly financing market 08
Tender notifications
Reference: 2014/S 194-342215
Field sports equipment
Contract description:
Supply and installation of equipment for
sport infrastructures in Svoge
Deadline for submissions:
10 December 2014
Reference: 2014/S 194-342848
United Kingdom-London:
Software package and
information systems
Contract description:
In the light of technological
advancements and recent developments
in the area of public debt management,
the Commonwealth Secretariat has
decided to develop a new system to
better meet the needs of its membership.
The New System
The new system will be a web-based
solution developed using Microsoft .Net
technologies (e.g. c#, Silverlight, etc.)
and will run on Windows platform and
support both SQL Server and Oracle
databases. It is expected that the system
will support multiple languages (singlebyte and multiple-byte languages) mainly
English, French and Spanish.
The new system will provide a central
repository for several categories of public
and publicly guaranteed external and
domestic debt covering a wide range of
debt instruments from loans to securities.
Scope of work: Given that the
development of the new system is a
major exercise, the Commonwealth
Secretariat has decided to outsource the
development of the system. Subsequent
maintenance of the system following
warranty will be handled in-house by the
Commonwealth Secretariat. In summary
the scope of work will involve:
• Working with the Commonwealth
Secretariat to develop the System
Requirements Specifications
documents based on the business
requirements documents provided by
the Secretariat.
• Preparing System Design Documents
(system modules and database) on
which the development of the system
will be based.
• Developing and delivering a
tested system to the Secretariat
for acceptance testing. The source
code must be delivered with proper
documentation explaining the
functions of each module/function.
• Providing comprehensive
documentation (technical and
user manuals) of the system to the
Secretariat. In addition, the system
must allow for on-line, context
sensitive help at both screen and field
• Developing a data migration utility
for electronically migrating client data
from the existing CS-DRMS to the new
• Training and transfer of knowledge
must be provided to the staff of the
Secretariat who will provide first line
support and carry out updates inhouse once the system is delivered;
the services of the provider may be
enlisted for further development
work depending on the nature and
size of updates.
Deadline for submissions:
[this is a prior information notice]
Reference: 2014/S 194-341751
Turkey-Ankara: IPA —
Supply of equipment
for increasing the
adaptability of tradesmen
and craftsmen operation
Contract description:
The objective of this contract is the
supply, delivery, unloading, installation,
putting into operation, inspection,
testing, training and warranty of
equipment for the Confederation of
Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen
(TESK) and its affiliated training and
consultancy centres in order to enhance
their capacities in delivery of qualified
services to their members for increasing
the adaptability of tradesmen and
craftsmen in the textile sector.
Deadline for submissions:
15 December 2014
2 • networkINGFORenterprise Issue 58 november/december 2014
Reference: 2014/S 193-340883
United Kingdom-London:
IT services: consulting,
software development,
Internet and support
Contract description:
The BBC is currently undertaking a four
year change programme to equip the
business with a set of advanced analytical
tools and capabilities. The aim of the
programme is to encourage and facilitate
data-driven decision making, to provide a
more personalised audience experience
The BBC is considering the procurement
of a tool that will support the BBC to
optimise their online content in terms
of audience engagement, consumption
and interaction (and other associated
activities). This tool would be pan-BBC
(i.e. across both Public Service and
commercial) and capable of tracking
audience activity on multiple devices and
in multiple formats in real-time. The BBC
would also require provision of support
and maintenance.
The types of roles using this tool would
be: Front-page Editors; User Experience
and Design staff; Features Editors and;
As an example, this tool should be able to
allow the BBC user to:
• View real-time audience engagement
metrics, such as scroll depth, on
specific stories;
• View the real-time performance of
stories in terms of engagement and
popularity e.g. their ranking on the
page and time spent on page;
• Easily compare the performance
of stories within a domain. I.e. the
software should be able to identify
index pages as a collection of
individual stories;
• View real-time data regarding user
journeys (internally and externally);
• View data about customer loyalty,
traffic sources, and recirculation;
• View data about device type;
• View the effect on audience metrics
of page layout/content changes in
• Visualise this data on clear, easy-to-use
dashboards such as web page overlays.
The types of changes expected to be
made as a result of the insight gained
from this tool could include:
• Headline changes;
• Image re-positioning/re-sizing;
• Module position on a page;
• Turnaround speed of features;
• Story selection;
• Feature positioning on a front page;
• Changes to story index.
Deadline for submissions:
[this is a prior information notice]
Reference: 2014/S 193-341565
Denmark-Fredericia: Electric
Contract description:
Delivery and erection of low voltage
switchgears including bus bar connection
from LV transformers to main switchgear
[SSV3 BIO E-07 LV switch gear]. All necessary
auxiliary equipment’s as well as design and
documentation of the switchgear shall be
Deadline for submissions:
1 December 2014
Reference: 2014/S 193-340877
Hydrographic surveying
Contract description:
The Hydrographic Survey Data
Management at Finnish Transport Agency
(later FTA) intend to place a procurement,
later in late 2014 and early 2015,
according to the EU open procedure
on a hydrographic survey work, to be
performed in the survey seasons 2015 to
2016. FTA will conduct the procurement
in accordance to Finnish law. Multibeam
Echo Sounder (MBES) System
Hydrographic Survey on shipping routes
and areal surveys is to be performed in
later specified areas in the Finnish waters.
The preliminary survey areas for years
2015-2016 are indicated
on the respective web-page at
and further respective subpage on
Hydrographic survey work in Finnish
waters for 2015. Estimated cost
excluding VAT: 4 000 000 EUR
Deadline for submissions:
[this is a prior information notice]
Reference: 2014/S 187-329178
Palestinian territoryRamallah: ENPI —
Construction of Tayasir
waste water treatment plant
with associated collection,
conveyance and reuse
Contract description:
The European Union (EU), in partnership
with the Palestinian Authority (PA) is
seeking to implement the construction
of a collective sanitation system with a
waste water treatment plant (WWTP)
and waste water reuse infrastructure for
the municipalities of Tubas, Tayasir and
‘Aqqaba located in Tubas Governorate in
Works will comprise the construction
of a waste water treatment plant, waste
water collection network with conveyance
system, and irrigation reuse infrastructure
Indicative characteristics of the main
facilities according to the final design:
• waste water treatment plant: extended
activated sludge (average dry weather
flow of 4 300 m3/day and 2 840 kg
• waste water collection networks: 41
km DN200–400 and 13 km of house
connections DN160,
• waste water conveyance systems: 7 km
• irrigation infrastructure: pumping
station, 2 steel reservoirs of 1 000 m3,
4,3 km of conveyance and distribution
pipes DN63–250.
Deadline for submissions:
5 January 2015
networkINGFORenterprise Issue 58 november/december 2014 • 3
The Trade Glossary is presented as a guide to the understanding of various terms used
in international trade. It contains terminology commonly-used in international trade,
providing predictability in usage, bringing terminology in line with international practice and
creating additional clarity for those engaging in trade transactions. It is not meant to offer
professional advice in any area, as the usage of the terms defined may change over time.
Glossary of
Trade Terms
1. AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area): An agreement made
in 1992 by ASEAN members to gradually introduce a
common effective preferential tariff and lower non-tariff
trade barriers for intra-group trade.
2. A.T.A carnet (admission temporaire): A standardized
customs document permitting duty-free, tax free, and
bond-free temporary admission of certain goods such
as commercial samples, medical, scientific, or other
professional equipment, and advertising materials into
participating countries.
3. Abandonment: An insurance term indicating that damage
suffered by a vessel is severe enough to constitute a
constructive total loss. The term also refers to the refusal
of a consignee to accept delivery of freight so badly
damaged in transit that it is worthless.
4. Acceptance: A time draft that the drawee (the payer) has
accepted and acknowledged in writing the unconditional
obligation to pay it at maturity.
5. Accepting bank: A bank that is the drawee of a time draft
and that becomes the acceptor of the draft.
6. Accession: The process by which a country becomes a
member of an international organization or agreement.
7. Ad valorem: According to value.
8. Ad valorem tariff: A tariff calculated as a percentage of the
value of goods cleared through customs, e.g., 15 percent
ad valorem means 15 percent of the value.
9. Advance against documents: A loan made on the security
of the documents covering the shipment.
10. Advising bank: A domestic bank that handles letters of
credit for a foreign bank by notifying the exporters that
the credit has been opened in their favour and informing
them fully of the conditions and terms without assuming
11. Advisory capacity: A term indicating that a shipper’s
agent or representative is not empowered to make
definitive decisions or adjustments without approval of the
group or individual represented.
After date: A term used to indicate that the date of maturity
of a draft is fixed by the date on which it was drawn and is
not dependent upon acceptance by the drawee.
After sight: A term indicating that payment on a draft is due
a specified number of days after presentation of the draft to
the drawee or payee.
African, Caribbean, and Pacific Countries (ACP): Developing
countries that receive preferential trade treatment from
European Union members under the Lome Convention.
Air waybill: A non-negotiable instrument of air transport,
which serves as a receipt for the shipper, indicating that
the carrier has accepted the goods listed and has obligated
itself to carry the consignment to the airport of destination
according to specified conditions.
All risks coverage: The broadest type of standard marine
insurance coverage; excludes damage caused by war,
strikes, and riots.
Alongside: The side of the vessel. Goods to be delivered
alongside are to be delivered to the dock or lighter from
which they can be loaded aboard the ship.
American Institute in Taiwan: Unofficial, non-profit, private
agency that represents U.S. commercial, cultural, and other
interests in Taiwan.
Andean Community: A subgroup of the Latin American
Free Trade Association (now the Latin American Integration
Association) that aims to harmonize members’ political,
economic, and social policies. Primarily a trade pact
formerly known as the Andean Group or Andean Common
Market; aims to eliminate tariffs and trade barriers among
Andean Group (Grupo Andino): Also Andean Common
Market or Andean Pact (Pacto Andino). Name changed to
Andean Community in 1996.
4 • networkINGFORenterprise Issue 58 november/december 2014
21. Antidumping duties: Special tariffs imposed to offset price
advantages resulting from imports sold below fair market
22. Arab Cooperation Council: Organization consisting of
Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, and Yemen; created in 1989 to promote
economic cooperation and integration among members.
23. Arab League: See League of Arab States.
24. Arab Maghreb Union (Union du Maghreb Arabe):
Established in February 1989 to foster integration of
Maghreb economy. Members include Algeria, Libya,
Mauritania, and Morocco. Also aims to join the AMU and the
Gulf Cooperation Council states in a common market.
25. Arbitrage: The process of buying foreign exchange,
stocks, bonds, or other commodities in one market and
immediately selling them in another market for profit.
26. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): Informal
grouping of Asia Pacific countries, including the United
States; established in 1989 to provide a forum for
ministerial level discussion of a broad range of economic
issues related to trade and investment. The group has
agreed upon a schedule to implement open and free
trade among member states.
27. Asociacion Latinoamericana de Integracion: See Latin
American Integration Association.
28. Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN): A
regional organization established in 1967 to promote
economic, political, and social cooperation among
member countries.
29. At sight: The terms of a negotiable instrument indicating
that payment is due upon presentation or demand.
30.Balance of payments: An accounting statement
measuring the value of goods, services, gold, and capital
exchanged between one country and all foreign countries.
31.Balance of trade: The difference in value between a
country’s merchandise imports and exports in a specified
32.Bale cargo: Goods wrapped in burlap or similar material
for waterborne transportation.
33.Banker’s acceptance: A draft drawn upon and accepted by
a bank.
34.Banker’s bank: A bank established by mutual consent
by independent and unaffiliated banks to provide a
clearinghouse for financial transactions.
35.Banker’s draft: A draft payable upon demand and drawn
by or on behalf of the bank itself. The draft is regarded as
cash and cannot be returned unpaid.
36.Bank for International Settlements (BIS): A financial
institution founded in 1939 to promote cooperation
among central banks in international settlements.
Headquarters are in Basel, Switzerland.
37.Bank guarantee: A guarantee a foreign buyer obtains
from a bank that the bank will pay the seller (exporter) up
to a certain amount for merchandise shipped if the buyer
38.Barratry: Negligence or fraud on the part of a ship’s
officers or crew resulting in injury or loss to the ship’s
39.Barter: Trade in which merchandise is exchanged directly
for other merchandise without use of money.
40.Basel Convention: A convention restricting trade in
hazardous waste, some non-hazardous wastes, solid
wastes, and incinerator ash, adopted at a United Nations
conference in 1989.
41.Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union (BLEU): The union
of Belgium and Luxembourg into a single customs unit
with common tariff and excise tax schedules, freedom
from internal tariff barriers, a joint foreign trade system,
mutual acceptance of local currencies, division of customs
and excise receipts on the basis of population, common
exchange controls, a single balance of payments, and
combined foreign trade statistics.
42.Beneficiary: The person in whose favor a letter of credit is
issued or a draft is drawn.
43.Benelux Economic Union: Cooperative economic and
trade effort on the part of Belgium, the Netherlands, and
44.Berth: The place beside a pier, quay, or wharf where a
vessel can be loaded or discharged.
45.Bill of exchange: See draft.
46.Bill of lading (ocean): A document signed by the vessel
master or other authorized person on behalf of the
carrier, furnishing written evidence for the conveyance
and delivery of merchandise to a specified destination.
It serves as a document of title, receipt of goods, and a
contract to deliver them.
47.Bonded exchange: An exchange (currency) that cannot
be freely converted into other currencies.
48.Bonded warehouse: A warehouse authorized by customs
authorities for storage of goods on which payment of
duties is deferred until the goods are removed.
49.Boycott: A refusal to deal commercially with a person,
firm, or country.
50.Brussels Tariff Nomenclature (BTN): An international tariff
classification system used until 1976 when it was renamed
the Customs Cooperation Council Nomenclature (CCCN).
51.Bulk cargo: A shipment such as oil, grain, or ore that is
not packaged, baled, bottled, or otherwise packed but is
loaded without counting or marking. There are two types
of carriers—the dry-bulk carrier and the liquid-bulk carrier,
better known as a tanker.
networkINGFORenterprise Issue 58 november/december 2014 • 5
Austrian trading company, with
a worldwide network, offers
intermediary services for agricultural
and environmental products
The Austrian trading company
offers trade intermediary services
for companies that are interested
in distributing their agricultural
or environmental products in the
Austrian market or in other foreign
The company’s trading section is
engaged in the field of distribution
of products made in Europe, Asia ,
North/South America, South Africa
& European markets, especially
distribution of food & beverage
(like oil, wine, sparkling wine, soya
beans, infant formula, mineral water,
organic fruit and vegetable juice)
and environmental products like
water purification plants, air filtration
products and solar energy products.
Thanks to the company’s 15 years
experience and its intensive worldwide
network, the company is the right
partner for sale and distribution of
A British startup is looking for suppliers
of gold jewellery
A UK company seeks manufacturers and
suppliers of gold jewellery products.
The company offers to import the
products to the UK as a wholesaler
to be the distributor. The company is
mainly interested in bracelets, earrings,
necklaces and rings. The company is
also keen to receive advice on how
to design their own brand and style
of jewellery and would welcome
manufacturing agreements.
A Polish company seeks novel
products and services in the field
of renewable energy and energy
efficiency to implement in the Polish
A Polish SME active in energy audits,
energy consulting and distribution
of renewable energy products, such
as flexible solar panels, small wind
turbines for mobile application,
telemetry etc., seeks new innovative
products and services related to
renewable energy and energy
efficiency in order to introduce them
on the Polish market.
The company wants to establish
partnership with suppliers of
products in the following areas:
• Photovoltaic panels for solar/wind
hybrid systems
• Photovoltaic panels and systems
for roof and ground installation
• Measuring devices and systems
dedicated for renewable energy
• Energy data loggers
• Engines for heat to electricity
recovery systems
Trader of the various goods offers trade
intermediate service in Serbia and
Balkan region
A Serbian company is willing to act
as a distributor of various products.
The company has all equipment and
infrastructure for distribution: trucks,
forklifts, trailers, and other equipment
necessary for the handling and storage
of goods.
The company is currently trading
in building materials (laminates, floor
coverings, insulation, mouldings,
fittings, iron sheets, cement, roof
coverings, ceramics, tiles, equipment
for interior and exterior, construction
equipment), agricultural products
(fertilizers and other agricultural
products, trade in crop products such
as corn, wheat, soybeans, potatoes,
onions), as well as a variety of the other
products, seasonal nature (salt for roads,
packaging foils, foils for greenhouses,
machinery parts, consumer goods).
The company has a warehouse and
retail space with modern offices, and is
located in the town of Sremska Mitrovica,
northwestern Serbia, near the highway,
80 km from Belgrade and Novi Sad.
6 • networkINGFORenterprise Issue 58 november/december 2014
POD Reference
Specialists and suppliers wanted for
an on-going Finnish smart village
project and concept development
A Finnish company with a novel
concept of ecological and sensible
living in a village-like environment
equipped with digital technology
is looking for EU based architects,
module building or infrastructure
developers, construction and energy
specialists and landscaping designers
for its on-going project in Finland.
Partnership could be a subcontracting,
distribution services or manufacturing
The company also intends to apply
for support from municipalities, states
and the EU at a later stage, when the
concept is expanded to other projects
in EU countries as the first project
evolves in Finland.
The idea is to create a new way of
building ecological, comfortable, safe
and sensible living with reasonable
costs in an intelligent village equipped
with digital technology. The concept’s
smart houses are meant for people
who value sustainable living in a
tight-knit community next to cities
and towns around Europe. The ongoing project is unique by its size in
Finland, since the village will contain
ca 60 private houses and a village hall
in 20 ha area of land offering multiple
options for free-time activities next to
beautiful lake close to the city centre
of St. Michaels.
The on-going project in Finland
will be implemented in 2012-2018.
Currently the project is ongoing at
the stage where house design and
prototype has been done. Soil survey
will be carried out during 2014. The
Company has an agreement with the
city of St. Michaels regarding the land
area of 20 ha for the concept village.
Regional planning, architectural
design and marketing are currently
ongoing as well as partnership
discussions in Finland. Now the
Company is looking for Europe-wide
partners and investors to join the
project as well.
This partnership offers an
opportunity for earnings when acting
as a subcontractor or a distributor.
There is also an opportunity to codevelop the concept for expansion to
other countries in Europe.
Solar powered ground water pumping
and street lighting solutions sought
for agricultural and urban projects in
emerging markets
A UK strategy and technical
consultancy SME, engaged with a
number of projects in India and other
emerging markets that require solar
powered ground water pumping and
street lighting solutions, to enhance
food production and urban safety and
security in those contexts, is seeking
the following technologies:
• Solar powered ground water
pumping that can deliver 3MW,
5MW, 7MW and 10MW outputs
• Solar powered street lighting
effective over whole urban
Partners with the technology
to address these requirements are
sought to engage in commercial with
technical assistance, joint venture,
or technical cooperation forms of
Partner Search for
Horizon 2020 project
Call for proposal: Horizon 2020 - FoF - 10
Topic: Factories of the future - 10: manufacturing
of custom made parts for personalised products
Funding Scheme: Research& Innovation Action
Deadline: 4 February 2015
Internal Deadline: 26. November 2014
Project Title: Flex4Plastics: Flexible form for
thermoforming individually 3D-shaped flat
plastic parts directly out of CAD
A Bavarian University is forming a consortium
in order to submit a proposal which main
objective is thermoforming of 3D-shaped flat
plastic parts. The innovation of the idea is that
there is no die or mould necessary. This new
technology proposes a flexible form directly
operated out of CAD.
The increasing demand for the
manufacturing of customised products
requires the development of new strategies for
producing single parts or small lot quantities.
Flat 3D formed thermoplastics are currently
produced using sheet material on milled dies.
Die making is expensive and is driving the costs
in such customised products.
An array of CAD activated adjustable pins
together with an interpolation layer are used
to create a freeform surface. A similar counter
mould can be for pressing processes. Such
thermoforming can be performed on the
interpolation layer. A prototype has been built
and the technology has been proofed using
PMMA and polycarbonate.
Target Partners: At least 5 SMEs.
Profile of partner sought:
• Machine building and manufacturing:
construction of the hardware devices,
thermoform machines, machines for the
further elaboration and transformation of
the plastic and materials
• Software development: software devices
and control of the pins from CAD data
• Electronic hardware
• Materials for the experimentation: plastic,
• Simulation
• Printing technologies - individual print of 3D
construction parts
Specific role and budget of partners of
the project is going to be discussed with
the coordinator after the first exchange of
information. Munich University of Applied
Science is already a partner.
networkINGFORenterprise Issue 58 november/december 2014 • 7
financing market
In the aftermath of the economic crisis, European banks
have been forced to deleverage their risky assets, repair their
balance sheets and comply with tight regulatory requirements
(Basel III, CRD IV). This in turn resulted in a reduction in the
volume of lending, market fragmentation and impaired money
transmission to the real economy. Putting it mildly, the crisis
had a negative impact also on the confidence and risk appetite
of borrowers and institutional investors, further impacting
negatively on the EU’s SMEs.
In May 2013, ECB President Draghi, reaffirmed that the
key obstacle to a growth recovery seemed to be the blocked
credit channel to the small and medium-sized enterprises and
although in the next programming period (2014-2020), several
billions of debt finance to SMEs under COSME and Horizon 2020
were mobilised [together with the support of ESI Funds through
off-the shelf instruments], it was felt that this assistance was
not sizeable enough to fill the SME debt financing gap. In June
2013, the European Commission and EIB Group submitted to
the European Council an initiative to complement and utilise
synergies between existing SME support programmes at
national and EU level. More specifically, a joint-instrument,
the “SME Initiative” blending EU funds available under COSME
and Horizon 2020 and ESIF resources in cooperation with EIB/
EIF, was proposed in view of generating additional lending to
SMEs. The proposed SME Initiative builds on the Basic Acts of
COSME and Horizon 2020 and makes use of the concept of Joint
Instruments to complement the actions taken at national level
in support of SMEs.
This policy intervention will increase bank lending-capacity
to SMEs as the Initiative is designed to:
• support achievement of the EU 2020 objectives
by addressing the SME financing gaps (leveraging of
investments, supporting innovation)
• produce multiplier effects and economies of scale (i.e.
attracting other public and private financing)
• achieve demonstration, signalling, and catalytic effects
(e.g. dissemination of best practices, creation of new
• capitalize on capacity building – experience and expertise
of the EU institutions – for ensuring transparency and
standardization of envisaged operations under the
In the first quarter of this year, Malta formally committed
to allocate funding to the ‘SME initiative’ as part of a concrete
effort to support SMEs. Commissioner Johannes Hahn had
stated that the European Commission was working to ensure
an early implementation of the ‘SME initiative’. The European
Investment Bank also highlighted that Malta, together with
Spain and Portugal, had been the first Member States to
subscribe to this initiative and encouraged other Member
States to join the initiative. This is an important development
where SME access-to-finance support will consist of a policy
mix of both grants and financial instruments and ensuring that
the needs of SMEs and growth opportunities are addressed in a
suitable and sustainable manner.
8 • networkINGFORenterprise Issue 58 november/december 2014
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