Unconditional Offer Scheme FAQs

FAQs - Unconditional Offer Scheme
Our Unconditional Offer Scheme has been developed for undergraduate applicants across a wide
range of subjects. Whilst our entry requirements mean that that most applicants to Leeds Beckett
University have good levels of academic ability, this new scheme targets those with evidence
of higher academic performance to date. If the applicants selected for the scheme commit to Leeds
Beckett as their first choice of university, we will match this commitment by making their offer
unconditional, so they will have a definite place ahead of completion of their examinations.
We believe these applicants will make a significant contribution to our University and will gain from
their time with us. We hope that the unconditional offer will demonstrate to these students our
confidence that they have the necessary qualities to excel through one of our degree programmes.
We also hope that the unconditional offer will alleviate some of the pressure applicants feel at this
time and will enable them to focus on achieving the excellent grades that will become part of their
curriculum vitae.
How exactly does the scheme work?
At the point of being made a conditional offer by Leeds Beckett (which will be communicated to
them via UCAS Track), we are able to consider some for our Unconditional Offer scheme.
If an applicant is selected for the scheme then they will be sent an email from us explaining that, if
they choose Leeds Beckett as their firm choice, we will respond to this commitment by making
their offer unconditional.
Why are you making unconditional offers to some applicants?
We are looking for motivated and committed students to come to our University and we are
using past and predicted academic performance as one method of identifying them amongst our
applicant population. Having identified them, we want to show that we will value their contribution
to the University and we believe that they will gain from their time with us. We hope
that applicants will be particularly attracted to studying here because the unconditional offer
demonstrates our belief that they have the necessary qualities to succeed on one of our degree
How are you choosing which applicants to put into the scheme?
We choose applicants for the Scheme on the basis of their academic performance to date in
completed examinations (such as AS levels and GCSEs), the quality of their personal statement,
the content of references and the predictions of further academic attainment.
Is everyone considered for the scheme?
Yes, we consider all applicants for the scheme, except those for NHS or NCTL-funded courses (or
for the BA/MA in Social Work), due to the caps on numbers imposed on these course.
If an applicant is made a conditional offer but not selected for the scheme, we still
want them to join us (and our conditional offer still stands)
Are all undergraduate courses included in the scheme?
For 2015, all courses are taking part in this scheme, except those courses that are funded by the
NHS or NCTL, and the BA/MA in Social Work, due to the caps on numbers imposed on these
Is there a deadline for responding to the offer if an applicant is selected for the scheme?
The only deadline the applicant must respond to is the one set by UCAS. For most applicants this
will be 6 May 2015, but the deadline depends on when the
applicant receives all their decisions. As long as they accept Leeds
Beckett as their firm choice via UCAS Track, we will amend the offer.
Why does an applicant need to accept Leeds Beckett as their firm choice to benefit from the
We want to admit students who really want to come to our university. Choosing a course and a
university is an important decision and, whilst we hope those selected for this scheme will want to
join us, we feel it is important that applicants demonstrate that commitment by selecting Leeds
Beckett as their firm choice via UCAS.
This is a two-way agreement – we believe the applicant to be capable of achieving good grades
and that s/he will continue to do their best to do so. This merits an unconditional offer. By
making such an offer, we are taking some of the pressure off the applicant during the exam period.
In return, we expect the applicant to show their commitment to us and make us their firm choice.
Obviously, if an applicant decides to put us as their insurance choice, their conditional offer
What if an applicant is made an unconditional offer, chooses Leeds Beckett as Firm, but
doesn’t get their predicted grades?
We will still accept them – an unconditional offer is just that, unconditional. We are demonstrating
our belief in the applicant and we expect that the applicant will repay that confidence by continuing
to work hard and achieve good grades.
What about other requirements to join the course?
If the course is one that requires the applicant to undertake a health check or a DBS (formerly
CRB) check then these requirements remain in place.
What advantage is there to the applicants of an unconditional offer?
What we are doing will take away the uncertainty of achieving a place at University for
these applicant and thus allow them to concentrate fully on doing the best they can in their A levels
and other examinations. We also want the applicants to start building their relationship with the
University as soon as possible so they make an excellent transition from School/College to
University study.
Doesn’t the scheme encourage applicants to stop working hard?
We don’t believe so. Those selected for the scheme have demonstrated a very strong academic
record and a clear motivation to succeed and we would expect this to continue.