Kingston City Council - Position Description

Kingston City Council - Position Description
Position - Identification
Position Title
Public Place Projects Officer
Position Classification
Band 6
Position Category
Position Status
Full Time
Position Number
City Assets and Environment
Parks and Recreation
Parks Depot – Industrial Drive
Date Updated
November 2014
Position - Organisational Relationships
Reports to
Team Leader Public Place Projects
External Relationships
Contractors, Statutory Authorities, Consultants, Community and
Position - Summary
The role of the Public Place Projects Officer is to assist with planning and delivery of public place
projects including design, project management and some policy development. A key area of the
position is to ensure good communication within Council and the community to ensure timely
delivery of projects. The role is responsible for stakeholder consultation to ensure projects and
program delivery meet community needs. The incumbent will also be required to provide technical
advice regarding public place planning and project delivery.
TRIM Ref 14/149944
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Kingston City Council - Position Description
Position - Responsibilities
Functional Responsibilities
Description of Responsibility
Ability to work as part of a team
Monitor allocated budgets
Participate in corporate initiatives including business planning,
reporting and risk management
Maintain and enhance reporting systems and procedures
Implement and improve community consultation processes
Provide progress reports and feedback on projects and ensure
information exchange between key stakeholders
Assist with the preparation of plans, strategies, guidelines and
Identify innovative and practical design solutions for public place
planning and project delivery.
Develop and maintain effective partnerships with contractors,
regularly communicating to ensure full compliance with contract
Collaborate with key staff in relation to capital works projects
The Public Place Project Officer is required to communicate with
relevant staff in order to:
Provide comprehensive and timely advice on public place planning
and delivery matters, including identification of issues and
opportunities relating to coordination and delivery of projects and
strategic long term management.
Provide effective and constructive criticism of public place planning
initiatives and negotiate satisfactory outcomes that take account of
all Council objectives.
Produce sound, well presented reports for senior management and
council consideration.
Provide expert technical advice on policies and projects involving
public place planning and project delivery issues.
The Public Place Project Officer is required to:
Work with consultants/contractors to support Council programs
and projects
Advocate for the City of Kingston in dealings with other
organisations and agencies
Establish links with relevant organisations, agencies and the
community on behalf of council.
Provide clients with an expert and timely service on public place
planning and project delivery issues
TRIM Ref 14/149944
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Kingston City Council - Position Description
Position - Delegation, Authority and Judgement
Financial Accountability
Incumbent can approve financial transactions up to $2,000
Position Delegation(s)
Responsible for providing direct support and assistance, as required.
Accountability and
The incumbent is to support the Team Leader Public Place Projects
Extent of Authority
effective management of staff and budgets;
quality of technical advice given;
coordination, delivery and effective management of improvement
works for public places
providing strategic design expertise and project management
delivery of projects on time and within budget.
The incumbent has authority to:
ensure that public place projects comply with Council
specifications and service standards
to provide advice to contractors, senior management and the
community, on matters relating to public place projects
Freedom to act is subject to regulation, policies and regular
supervision. The effect of decisions and actions taken may be
significant but they are usually subject to appeal or review by more
senior employees.
Judgement and
Judgement is exercised within the framework of operational and
Decision Making
budgetary guidelines, provisions of relevant Acts, regulations,
Codes and Council policies and procedures
Policy formulation occurs within the area of expertise and requires
application of well developed analytical, creative and investigative
skills. Problems are solved by applying established techniques to
new situations and through recognition of the requirement for new
techniques and approaches
Guidance and advice are usually available from the Team Leader
Public Place Projects
Person – Essential Specifications and Technical Skills (Key Selection Criteria)
NOTE: Bullet points that are in BOLD are the key selection criteria
Specialist Skills/
The ability to develop, monitor and report on budgets
Developed leadership skills
Demonstrated skills in public place planning and project
Management Skills
TRIM Ref 14/149944
Knowledge of consultation techniques
Knowledge of OH&S requirements and ability to apply them
The ability to manage projects
The ability to select, brief and direct consultants and
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Kingston City Council - Position Description
contractors on relevant projects
The ability to plan, organise and prioritise one’s own work to
achieve specific set objectives in the most efficient way
possible within the resources available and within a set
Contemporary management skills
Demonstrated ability to coordinate/supervise projects delivery
Ability to manage own time and work
The ability to solve problems and gain the cooperation of
Interpersonal Skills
Ability to work with limited supervision
Conceptual, strategic and analytical skills
Good oral and written communication skills
Ability to gain the co-operation and assistance from suppliers,
contractors, members of the public, community groups and
Ability to develop relationships, liaise and network with key
A Degree or Diploma in Landscape Design, Project
Management (or a related discipline) and some experience; or
a less formal qualifications and substantial relevant
Current drivers licence
Shared Organisational Responsibilities
Values and Behaviours
The City of Kingston has six organisational values which guide
behaviours and decision-making. It is through this framework, that
high quality services are delivered to employees and the community.
Employees have an important role to play in leading the way and will
uphold Kingston’s ethics and values, including the Code of Conduct.
Kingston’s Values:
 Future Orientated
 Accountable
 Expert
 Celebrate
 Community Centric
 Dynamic
TRIM Ref 14/149944
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Kingston City Council - Position Description
Safe Workplace Actions
The responsibilities of this position are completed in line with
organisational Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) policies and
procedures. The incumbent will display and promote safe actions in
the workplace at all times.
Policies and Procedures
The responsibilities of this position are completed in line with all
council policies related to the position
Legislative Framework
The responsibilities of this position are completed in line with the
relevant legislative framework of the position’s department.
Position - Inherent Physical Requirements
Working indoors and providing supervision and coordination of projects outdoors..
Physical Demands of the Task and % of time
Steps / Stairs
Looking Up
Looking Down
Bending Spine Forwards
Bending Spine Backwards
Working with hands above shoulder height
Reaching forwards or sideways
Gripping or Grabbing
Fine Hand Coordination
Lifting from Floor to Waist
Lifting at waist height
Lifting from waist to overhead
Carrying equipment e.g., tools, plants etc
Exerting force with one hand or one side of the
body e.g. digging
Holding, Supporting or Straining
Other (please state)
Adaptive Device(s) Available
Description of their use
Ergonomic assessment of office workstation
Minimise effects of long periods of sitting
(For office based positions)
TRIM Ref 14/149944
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Kingston City Council - Position Description
Ergonomic Chair (For office based positions)
Minimise effects of long periods of sitting
Work boots and Personal Protective
To protect body from injury
TRIM Ref 14/149944
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