love notes goldie hawn &

Love Notes
CUTE, but I
fell in love
with his
Pauletta says
of Denzel.
“It’s fun
making a movie,
but it’s not as
much fun as my
life,” says Goldie.
goldie hawn &
kurt russell
A romantic 30th anniversary retreat
Hollywood’s cutest couple is headed back to the beach!
Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell loved their February trip to
Mexico — where they swam with dolphins — so much that
they’ve booked a return trip, an insider tells Closer. There’s
a good reason for the getaway: The couple are celebrating 30 years of unwedded bliss. “I love being with Kurt,”
swoons Goldie, 67, who fell for her man on the set of Swing
Shift in 1983. “I love the time we get to spend together.” Her
soul mate couldn’t agree more. Says Kurt, 62: “I can’t imagine spending my days with anyone else. We just have fun.”
denzel washington
How he won the love of his life
Denzel Washington, 58, proves that persistence does
pay off when it comes to proposing. “She turned me
down. She said no — twice!” the actor recently revealed about wife Pauletta making him get down on
one knee three times before agreeing to marry him.
Thirty years and four children later, the 2 Guns star is
just grateful that Pauletta, 62, hasn’t let his quirks get
in the way of her love for him. “I have a strong personality. If I were Pauletta, I’d get sick of me,” Denzel jokes.
Leaning on his wife
after a health scare
kelly ripa &
mark consuelos
“He is the
person I was
meant to be
with forever.”
Still madly in love after
17 years together
O n t h e s et oref n
A ll My C h il!d
in 1999
elly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, both
42, may be a married couple with
three children, but they looked
more like two infatuated teens at a fundraiser in New York’s Hamptons on Aug. 3.
“We just love and dig each other so much,”
coos Kelly, who could not keep her
hands off her husband of 17 years
as she showered him with hugs
and kisses in the summer
heat. “He does it for me, and
I think I do it for him,” says
Kelly, adding with a laugh,
“Otherwise, I don’t think
he’d still be here!”
After his recent successful surgery
for cancer, Dustin Hoffman has
been counting on his wife to
keep him in good spirits. “It
was important to Dustin that
we were together as a family,”
shares Lisa, his wife of 33 years
and the mother of their four
children. A friend of the couple’s tells Closer that Lisa, 58,
went to every doctor’s appointment with Dustin and made sure
that he was surrounded by family
and friends who could put a smile
“that first
on his face. The actor’s publilook and I
cist adds that Dustin’s cancer
knew,” Lisa
says of her
was detected early and that the
first date
75-year-old is now “in good
with Dustin.
health and feeling great.”
My f irst
“I was in the fourth
grade. We made a
plan to meet in her
garage and kiss. It
was like this business deal. I go right
up to her, kiss her.
Then I ran home.”
brad pitt
August 26, 2013 31