Design Tools Essential for Any Graphic Designer

Design Tools Essential for Any Graphic Designer
Graphic designers are needed to make the websites beautiful. The web designer’s job is to simply ensure that
the website is functional and is easy to navigate. The graphic designer has to make it look attractive. However,
this isn’t the only job that they perform. They are also tasked with the duty of coming up with designs for the
company’s logo and to decide which colour themes would suit the company’s website. Graphic designers rely a
lot on their creativity. However, this alone can’t make them successful. For graphic designers to be good at their
job, they have to have the essential tools for doing their job. Here is a list of design tools that every graphic
designer must have in his possession.
Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe Creative Suite is a graphic designer’s best friend. It contains a whole host of programs within itself that
are needed for performing a myriad of graphic designing tasks. The programs that you will find in Adobe
Creative Suite include Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects, and even Encore. All of these programs play an
important role in graphic design. For instance, Photoshop is required for editing images and making them more
appropriate for a client’s website. After Effects is the go-to software for animation while Encore is needed for
video creation. Thus, it is evident that if you want to make it in the graphic design industry, you need to invest
in the Adobe Creative Suite as soon as possible.
Pixlr is an alternative for Adobe Photoshop that is widely used by graphic designers. This software is much
easier to use than Photoshop but offers all the necessary image-editing tools that you need. Moreover, it does
not require you to have a license to use the software. Thus, if your graphic designing projects are simple and
don’t need much in-depth editing then Pixlr is an ideal choice for you. It will do most of what Photoshop does
without costing you anything. Yeah, it’s free to use for everyone. Amazing, right?
DeviantART can be viewed as a marketplace for photos and drawings. This place has a huge collection of usermade sketches and designs that can be bought off at the right price. Most of the photos you see here are drawn
or created by local artists. Graphic designers can pick and choose the design or images that they are interested in
from here. The cost of the drawings and skins isn’t that high considering the artists are not very well-known.
You can find some great artwork for your graphic designing projects from here without having to spend much.
Plagiarism is a common issue in the field of graphic design. Any of the designs that you upload on the web can
be copied by others and sold as their own. To avoid all this, graphic designers need to have a water-marking
tool at their disposal. If you want one too then PicMarkr fits the bill. It allows you to insert watermarks on your
images in the simplest possible way. What’s more, this tool is free to use as well.
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