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Auto Mechanic Near Me
70 Red Lion Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19115
Auto Repair, Auto Body Shop, Car Repair and Maintenance
Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm Sat 8 am - 3 pm
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All cc, cash
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Anyone who lives in Philadelphia knows how rough the city can be on cars and trucks. Between the
constant stop-and-go of gridlock traffic, the hazardous potholes that can permanently damage your
wheels and a variety of other factors, it’s critical that Philadelphia residents establish a relationship with
a qualified and reputable auto repair professional. US Auto Repair is a fixture of the Philadelphia
community and has been providing quality and affordable auto repair services to residents of the city of
brotherly love for years. If you need immediate and affordable auto repair services today, call US Auto
Repair now. We look forward to serving you.
At US Repair, we recognize that our friends and neighbors in Philadelphia have a variety of auto repair shops to
choose from and that they may be wondering what distinguishes us from our competitors. It’s often been said,
however comically, that one of the most important relationships our person could have is a decent and honest
mechanic. Anyone who has ever been mistreated or lied to by a disreputable auto repair shop knows just how true
this sentiment is. US Auto Repair is committed cultivating lifelong relationships with our friends and neighbors in
the Philadelphia to keep their cars running right for years to come.
There’s never a good time for a major car repair. The expense and inconvenience associated with the automotive
breakdowns is enough to ruin one’s month. We try as hard as we can to help our customers avoid the sticker shock
while remaining committed to quality service and pride in our work. We offer quick turnaround times to get you
back on the road as soon as possible. We understand how valuable your time is and we do everything we can to
keep costs and wait times down. Everything we do is to better our customers’ experience and make sure they’re
taken care of.
Another important factor of a quality auto repair shop is the ability to effectively handle all types of auto repair
issues. US Auto Repair has the resources, skills and expertise to fix all types of vehicle issues, including major
transmission repair, routine oil changes, car inspection issues and so much more. You don’t have to gamble with
disreputable mechanics anymore. Call the experienced and qualified professionals at US Auto for a free, noobligation estimate and experience the difference today. Our certified auto mechanics very much look forward to
hearing from you and getting you back on the road.
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