Tree Services Pembroke Pines

Tree Services Pembroke Pines
Business Owner's Name: Tim Juanes
Business Address:
12590 Pines Blvd, Unit 260071
Pembroke Pines, Florida, 33026
[email protected]
Hours of Operation: 10h/d
Description of Business:
We offer a broad range of tree services from a small trimming and pruning, to larger tree removal and
also storm damage clean-up. Our years of experience working in South Florida provide the unique and
challenging approach to landscape/tree maintenance and replacement. In addition to trimming or
landscape, occasionally plants in South Florida require Tree or Stump Removal and Grinning, and many
times treatment from illness and insects that can harm the adjoining plants. And when you look for "tree
services company near me" give us a call to begin your solution.
Tree Services