Bashar H. Malkawi 2nd ILTIA Global Meet Final

2nd Edition of ILTIA Global Meet 4th May 2019
Participants List of 2nd Edition of ILTIA Global Meet
Name arranged without any order
Geneva time 13:00-15:00(CEST), 4th May.
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Serge Gijrath (Netherlands)
Extraordinary Professor Telecommunicationslaw at Leiden University
As of November 2013, Serge Gijrath has been working as a professor by special
appointment in Telecommunications Law (0,2 FTE). He was appointed by the
“Stichting Telecommunicatierecht”. Serge combines his part-time appointment with a
job as a lawyer at the law firm C- Legal in Amsterdam. C- Legal has granted him
dispensation for one day a week during his part-time appointment at the University.
Carlos LI (Hong Kong SAR)
Ph.D. Candidate (Part Time) at the Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong
Mr. Carlos Kar Lok LI is a Ph.D. Candidate (Part Time) at the Faculty of Law, Chinese
University of Hong Kong. At present, he is also a trainee solicitor. Before commencing
his Ph.D. at the CUHK, Carlos was the PCLL graduate and obtained a Juris Doctor
degree from the CUHK. He also did MA in Transport Policy and Planning from The
University of Hong Kong, MSc in International Shipping and Transport Logistics and
BA in Tourism Management from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Since 2012,
Carlos is a chartered member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong.
Bashar Hikmet Omar Malkawi (UAE)
Dean, Professor of Law at University of Sharjah
Bashar H. Malkawi is Dean and Professor of Law at University of Sharjah. He received
his S.J.D from American University, Washington College of Law, and LLM in
International Trade Law from University of Arizona. His academic career has traversed
both business and law schools, teaching a variety of business law courses in Jordan,
UAE, Italy, and United States. His research agenda focuses on the role of the World
Trade Organization, free trade agreements, economic integration, and business law.
Prof. Malkawi is the author of numerous books and monographs. In addition to law
articles and academic books, his op-eds and other writings have appeared in the popular
press. Prof. Malkawi regularly provides consulting service to international
organizations, governments, and multinational law firms.
International Law and Technology Interoperability Association (ILTIA) is a non-governmental, not for profit
association registered in Geneva, Switzerland.
2nd Edition of ILTIA Global Meet 4th May 2019
Abdelkhalek El Bikam (Morocco)
PhD at University Abdelmalek Essaadi
Abdelkhalek EL BIKAM is a doctor in law at the university Abdelmalek Essaadi in
Morocco. Researcher in international law and international relations in the Center of
Mediterranean studies of Tangier, certificate of participation in workshop ” Jihadism,
Security, and Geopolitical Challenges in North Africa: the Year University’s Analysis
of the Moroccan Research, ” organized by the American association of faculty of
political science ( APSA) at the school of governance and the economy to Rabat.
Graduate from ocp policy center in Geoplolitics and international relations.
Fred Kokeyo (Kenyan)
Master in Communication Studies at Rongo University
Fred is a Kenyan aged 25 who is currently completing his master in Communication
Studies at Rongo University. He is an accomplished communication professional with
versed experience in corporate and internal communication. He is good at creating
effective and positive organizational exposure and enabling the success of overall
communications efforts. I also have the capacity to employ persuasive communication
skills to influence public perceptions along with logistics and coordination skills .
Rakesh Roshan(India)
Bachelor of Law at National Law University Delhi
Rakesh Roshan is associated with the National Law University Delhi which is one of
the premier law school in India. His interest areas are Public International law and
Cyber and Securities law. He is a researcher to the National Investigation Agency, a
central agency established by the government of India to combat terror in India and in
particular assisting in amending the Information Technology Act with regards to
Internet terrorism. He is also a legal-research assistant to Prof. Georg Nolte of the
United Nations International Law Commission. He likes to read non-fiction, History
and International relations.
Udomo Ali(Nigeria)
LLB. University of Benin
In 2016, Mr Udomo served as a Middle Level Manager and Project Manager of
Incoming Global Exchange (IGX) of AIESEC – a non-profit global youth organization
with its objectives set in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and has
volunteering as its core platform for achieving her goals. He went on to serve in 2017
as the Chief Communications Officer and later on the President of the International
Law Students Association (ILSA) – a body of law students, legal practitioners and
scholars geared towards the promotion of international law. Ali’s dedication and hard
work elevated him to the international executive body of ILSA in August 2017 where
he served as the Chief Communications Officer at the headquarters in Washington DC,
United States of America. He currently serves as the country national President of the
Network of International Law Students (NILS) Nigeria branch.
International Law and Technology Interoperability Association (ILTIA) is a non-governmental, not for profit
association registered in Geneva, Switzerland.
2nd Edition of ILTIA Global Meet 4th May 2019
Abdulkareem Azeez(Uganda)
Head of Public & Comparative law department at Kampala International
Azeez is a Fellow at the African Institute for Leadership & Good Governance, a lecturer
and the Head of Department, Public & Comparative Law at the School of Law, Kampala
International University in Uganda. He specializes in Leadership & Good Governance,
Petroleum & Islamic Law. He has attended several conferences and published peered
reviewed articles and books.
Juan Pablo(Chile)
Professor in Andrés Bello National University& Legal Advisor for the Ministry of
Mr. Juan is experienced in both public and private sector. He has worked mainly in
areas of civil, commercial contracting, protection of intangible assets, intellectual
property, aspects related to privacy and protection of personal data, information security,
cybersecurity and new technologies.
Paolo Davide Farah(Italy)
Professor at West Virginia University
Paolo is a Full-Time Faculty Member at West Virginia University, John D. Rockefeller
IV School of Policy and Politics and the College of Law (USA). Member of the West
Virginia University, Energy Institute. Member of the West Virginia University, Center
for Innovation in Gas Research and Utilization (CIGRU). Member of West Virginia
University, Institute of Water Science and Security (IWSS). He is teaching and
researching in international law, climate change, international trade, business and
human rights, social justice, sustainable development, energy and international
environmental law and policy. He is Founder, President and Director of gLAWcal –
Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development, United Kingdom
Olin Thakur (Nepal)
Co-founder of CISCD (Center for Inclusive and Sustainable Community
Olin Thakur is a co-founder of CISCD (Center for Inclusive and Sustainable
Community Development), Community Moderator at UN Soical 500, Country
Representative for Give Me 5 Campaign, and publisher of DDR e-magazine. He is
engaged in inclusive community development and, public-private partnerships for
sustainable development for past 10 years and also is a strong advocate of minority’s
rights. Previously, Olin has served UNESCO, UN WFP , Food for the Hungry, Justice
Nepal and and various other NPOs and for profit organizations. He holds a Masters
Degree in Sociology and Masters in business Studies.
Halil Murat Berberer (Turkey)
International Law and Technology Interoperability Association (ILTIA) is a non-governmental, not for profit
association registered in Geneva, Switzerland.
2nd Edition of ILTIA Global Meet 4th May 2019
Attorney at Law
Halil is an Attorney at Law and a Legal Adviser who helps his clients on a broad range
of legal issues including arbitration, personal data protection, cyber security and ethics;
and determining the legal requirements to policies, procedures, legal entities along with
the processes in strategic planning specifically for investments in and abroad. He has
an important experience in drafting and negotiating contracts along with participating
in international meetings held at the international organizations.
Nahum Goldmann (Canada)
Founder of Propertaria INC.
PROPERTARIA INC., a real estate tech and regtech startup, which is developing
PROPERTARIA™, an extra jurisdictional Land and Personal Property (L&PP) registry
system developed on a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and smart contracts
platform. It provides a worldwide registry with secure lockup registration, supported
by a global network of legal franchisees (lawyers and notaries). The registration’s aim
is to ascertain ownership rights that corporations or clients and their families claim for
their property.
Tianze Zhang (China)
Consultant of United Nations Office of Geneva
Mr. Tianze Zhang serves as a consultant in UNOG, in International Law Commission
as well as United Nations Economic and Social Council. He is also a Chinese lawyer
in practice of Allbright Law Office(Shenzhen,China). He is also the founder of Jointly with nine founding members from eight different countries, he
founded ILTIA in October 2018 at Geneva. His academic research interests focus on
public international law and standardization of legal service.
International Law and Technology Interoperability Association (ILTIA) is a non-governmental, not for profit
association registered in Geneva, Switzerland.