Male Seed Retention Can Affect Male Organ Health

Male Seed Retention Can Affect Male
Organ Health
All men, and especially those who are sensually active, are advised to keep
an eye on their overall male organ health. After all, when a man has good
male organ health, he is more likely to perform at his highest level in bed
than he is when male organ health issues are present. There are many ways
to practice good manhood care, some of which use scientific evidence to
support their efficacy. But many men also use practices that are based not on
science but on other factors, like common sense or tradition or folklore. For
example, many guys practice male seed retention as one way of improving
male organ health and sensual efficacy. But does male seed retention really
impact male organ health in this way?
What is male seed retention?
For once, a name for a sensual activity or device doesn’t need a lot of
explaining. When a man practices male seed retention, it basically means he
is taking steps to keep his male seed inside of his body rather than letting it
release out. In other words, he is refraining from engaging in sensual
activity, either partner-based or with himself.
Some male seed retentionists say this definition is not 100% accurate. They
say that a man can be sensually active – he just has to stop short of actually
releasing. More hard-liner male seed retentionists disagree; they say that
men naturally lose some seed during pre-sensual engagement when prerelease seed escapes from the member to provide natural lubrication and so
should refrain from sensual activity even if it stops short of release.
Whichever definition one uses, the main theme is clear: these people believe
there are benefits to male seed retention.
So what are they?
One of the benefits that male seed retentionists promote is that it enables a
man to produce a bigger load – and there is certainly some truth to this.
However, this largely depends upon what a man’s typical release schedule is
and how that changes if he decides to retain his male seed. A man who selfpleasures twice a day and cuts down to doing so twice a week should
certainly see some difference, as it gives his body more time to produce
male seed. However, a man who releases once a week and who decides to
store his male seed for a full month won’t really see an increase in male seed
production during that time.
Some claim that fewer releases results in more energy. There’s a basis for
this, in that one of the hormones released during the height of pleasure is
prolactin, and it does tend to make a guy feel a bit drowsy. But it is
questionable whether this alone would account for feeling more energetic.
Perhaps this effect is seen more in men who engage in self-pleasure
regularly for lengthy periods of time before bed and who simply get more
sleep when they refrain from releasing.
For men wanting to sire a child, male seed retention makes sense, as
refraining from releasing for a week or so has been associated with greater
male seed motility, or how well they swim. Similarly, it’s thought that male
hormone levels will increase when a guy shoots less frequently. Studies are
needed, however, to verify exactly how this works and whether the
difference is significant.
Some enthusiasts believe that male seed retention can even lengthen a man’s
life and increase his cognitive function; but again, more evidence is needed
to prove or refute claims like these.
So, male seed retention, at least within reason, does not harm male organ
health and may benefit it. Certainly one thing that CAN benefit male organ
health is regular use of a first-rate male organ health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin). It is best to look at the crème’s ingredients and be
sure it includes a range of vitamins, including A, B5, C, D, and E. The best
crème will additionally include L-arginine, which helps boost nitric oxide
production and helps keep male organ blood vessels open and flowing.