Auto Broker New York

Business Name:
Auto Broker New York
362 9th Ave #187
New York, NY 10001
Mon - Thur 9am – 9pm
Fri 9am – 7pm
Sat 9am – 9pm
Sun 10am – 7pm
Payment Method:
Cash, all cc, checks
Auto Broker New York offers a comprehensive variety of auto leasing services to our friends and
neighbors around NYC. We understand the logistical hassle that comes with leasing a car and we are
here to provide a different kind of car leasing experience. We offer an extensive inventory of the latest
low-mileage makes and models and we are certain that we can find the vehicle that's perfect for you.
Our experienced and knowledgeable leasing professionals are ready to provide concierge-like
We have an on-site inventory, but much of our vehicles are obtained through partnerships with local
providers. This frees us from paying the huge cost of obtaining those vehicles or upgrading them each
time a new model year comes out. This also means that, since we don't have to keep a host of cars in a
limited physical space, we can offer a much wider selection than any other broker around.
What's more, every step of the process -- from picking out your car to applying, arranging financing and
accepting your contract -- is done online, so you never have to inconvenience yourself at a car lot or a
broker's office. With so much to offer, why would you consider going with anyone besides us? Give us a
call today, or start the process right away from our selection pages.
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