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Rug Repair & Restoration Soho
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Even if the leather backing of a sheepskin rug dries and cracks (for example, when repeated pet urine or
liquids were left to dry on the rug – dry rot sets in and tears start), we will check to see if holes can be
repaired by creating new foundation and fiber, or invisible patching. Our team of specialists work
through a detailed process that was created to ensure every rug gets the treatments it needs, according
to its state, material and so on. We inspect, recommend, and then deliver, each and every time. The
natural oils in sheepskin can grab dirt and even smell on their own, let alone holding on to pet odors and
marks. These are just some of the reasons why you need a professional rug cleaning and repair company
to protect your rug’s beauty and style, as well as its value. We inspect every sheepskin rug that is
brought to us in order to give you the fairest evaluation of its damage, and what restoration is possible.
Once we begin restoring your rug, we will do our best to refresh its look and color, take away any odors
and give a final return of its volume with special brushing. It is all done using only natural, non toxic
cleaning products, so you can rest assure your rug will not damaged by harsh chemicals.
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