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A hosted PBX works much in the same way an on premise PBX solution would, but with the gritty work
handled behind the scenes, all within the provider’s data centers. The entire phone system is operated
and maintained by the provider, who generally provides multiple data centers to ensure redundancy – if
one center goes down, your calls will simply be routed out of another data center so you never miss a
Accessibility. The distance is no longer an obstacle for the clients to contact you, anytime. You customers
will be able to reach your service, with no fees or limits.
Flexibility. Try out how the voice of your company can be perfectly heard on every call platform,
anywhere in the world. Further, the virtual phone office allows you to get messages and calls via
Internet, regardless on your current location.
Any deal starts from the moment of the first call. Indeed, over 4.1 billions of people use phone
communication to get millions of services, all around the world. And the profit depends on the availability
of your offer, anytime. So, by providing the contact with your clients, we carry about your business,
professionally. As follows, 1Voice is all about the most easier and convenient way to stay connected with
your clients and their needs, wherever you go.
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