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Your patients count on you to give the best and most effective form of care, and we are here to help you do it. The
procedures you perform are only as strong as the equipment with which you perform them. If your patients are in
need of PFM milled with Noritake porcelain, our products offer the strength, durability, and adaptability you need
to effectively give them the smile they’ve been looking for. Noritake porcelain is a proven and established material
in dental prosthetics and we offer the most state-of-the-art versions of these products. Help your patients look and
feel more confident every day by relying on our crowns, veneers, inlays and various other dental implant solutions.
We look forward to serving you and your colleagues.
At DG Dental Lab, we know how important it is that dental implants look authentic. Apart from durability and
strength, your patients need a natural-looking set of teeth that they can feel comfortable with. This is why our
team of experts provides next-level customization on all our orders. We work with all types of impression and can
match practically every color, shade and shape to make your patients’ replacements look like they were always
there, whether it’s PFM milled with Noritake porcelain or anything else. We offer the quickest turnaround times in
the industry, and deals for our regular customers. DG Dental Lab also offers state-of-the-art imaging and scanning
equipment. We are able to offer same-day service on many of our products.
Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) procedures have come a remarkably long way since their inception, and have since
become an established and commonly-utilized resource in cosmetic dentistry. If you’re a dentist practicing in
Bronx, we have everything you need to successfully perform PFM milled with Noritake porcelain. You shouldn’t
have to worry about the quality of the products your laboratory or suppliers offer. At DG Dental Lab we offer the
peace of mind and assurance you need to make sure your patients are getting the absolute best.
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