Circulatory problems

Circulatory problems: when to go to the doctor?
What in the common language is known as "diseases of the circulation" is actually a very
complex group of conditions where it is important to distinguish one from the other, and
especially if they are arterial or venous. There are many Varicose Vein Doctor San
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The cardiovascular system is formed by a central organ, the heart that drives fresh blood
to the tissues, and a system of tubes that carry blood to the tissues (arteries) and return it
back to the heart (veins).
Circulatory system diseases:
Peripheral vascular disease (PVS)
Diseases of the arteries and veins are peripheral vascular diseases and vein treatment
San Diego is done by specialist in peripheral circulatory diseases. It is estimated that they
will affect one in two people in the course of their lives and, due to the explosion of
obesity in society, starting in 2024, will cause two million deaths annually in the United
Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
The EAP can be of several types: by blockage or arterial obstruction (arteriosclerosis), by
weakness of its muscular walls (aneurysms) or by an extreme sensitivity of its muscular
Diseases due to blockage or obstruction
This group of ailments originates when the cholesterol in the blood forms plaques that
obstruct the passage of blood, causing the irrigation of the affected organ to decrease to
levels that cause important symptoms. Depending on the location of the affected arteries,
several types of PAD may occur. For example, if the arteries affected are the carotids or
arteries that carry blood to the head, the symptoms will depend on the lack of cerebral
blood supply and may mimic the symptoms of a stroke.
If the obstruction is in the arteries that carry blood to the legs, a very curious
phenomenon called intermittent claudicating will occur, in which a person has severe
pain in the legs just after a little exercise. This happens because when doing physical
activity, the muscles need more blood, blood that the obstructed artery cannot provide
and there is a pain similar to that which occurs in the heart when the coronary arteries are
obstructed by the same phenomenon.
The prevention of obstructive arterial diseases consists of preventing the formation of
cholesterol plaques, avoiding smoking and adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
that includes healthy eating and daily physical activity. Treatment for this can be obtained
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This is a group of very dangerous diseases, especially if the aneurysm involves the aorta
artery. This is the thickest of the arteries of the body, it leaves the heart, and it goes down
the thorax and the abdomen with ramifications that carry fresh blood to all the abdominal
The aneurysm is the weakness of the muscular wall of the arterial wall, which yields with
blood pressure, forming a balloon that if not detected and repaired in time, can burst,
producing very serious hemorrhages inside the abdomen. The aneurysms can be detected
with the palpation of the abdomen and confirmed with a belly ultrasound done by vein
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