Steps To Delete The Background In Adobe Illustrator-converted

Steps To Delete The Background In
Adobe Illustrator
Delete The Background In Adobe Illustrator
To delete the background of a picture in
Adobe Illustrator, a user can use Pen tool or
the Magic Want tool as per the image quality
and type. The task is very simple but it may
take some time to the work precisely.
So, let’s begin:-
Follow These Steps :
➢ Open Adobe Illustrator tool on your
computer and move to the file menu tab.
➢ Click on Open and then press Z key on the
keyboard to launch the Zoom tool. You have
to create a line around the picture that you
wish to prevent. A user can use Magic
Wand tool if the picture is simpler.
➢ Press Cmd + Space if you are using Mac and
Ctrl + Space if you are using PC to zoom in.
Follow These Steps :
➢ Press P to use the Pen tool which allows user to select an object by
creating an outline.
➢ Click the edges of the picture to put the first anchor point. Create
an outline around it properly.
➢ Select the first anchor point once again to finish the outline by
dotted points.
➢ Now, choose the Select tool to show all objects. Inner and outer
areas will be visible by different selections.
➢ Click the image of the background and hold the shift key to select
both the objects at once.
Follow These Steps :
➢Make a right-click of the mouse and then select “Make Clipping
Mask” to turn the background picture into white.
➢Change the background of the picture into transparent and save it
as .EPS. go to File tab and click Save as button.
➢Select Illustrator EPS from the drop-down list and then click Save
This way an image can be cropped easily and can be used in multiple ways.
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