How to resolve the video or display issue on a Dell laptop-converted

How To Resolve The Video or
Display issue on a Dell Laptop?
Steps to Resolve The Video or
Display Issue on a Dell laptop?
Nowadays a Laptop is considered to be an
essential accessory that everyone must own. In
our day to day life, we spent most of our time on
the internet or doing some official work which is
done on a PC or most of the time a laptop. Laptops
are not only used for official purposes but also for
domestic purposes like watching movies, listening
to music etc. according to a survey Dell laptop
Technical Support received so many complaints
regarding faulty video card or wrong video settings.
Dell Laptop Screen Solutions
This issue is most probably a headache for
the users because it mostly occurs while
watching a video or a movie and while
playing games. To set you free from this
problem, Dell Customer Support came up
with a plan on providing you with some
essential and basic steps that you might
want to consider.
Follow These Steps
➢ First and foremost, you have to confirm that which part is
causing this problem
➢ You have to make sure that there is no physical damage on
your laptop screen. If it does, you need to contact Dell Support
➢ Perform hardware diagnostics for the LCD to determine the
➢ Check the same in windows safe mode and if the issue still
exists then you have to restore the windows
➢ Update the Driver for video, Monitor, chipset, and BIOS
➢ To adjust the settings for display, change brightness, resolution,
power management and refresh rate that will help the system to
resolve these issues.
Dell Technical Support UK
Most probably these steps will provide you
with great assistance on your way to restoring
the display issue. If the above-mentioned
solutions don’t solve your problem, then you
might want to contact our team of technical
experts who’ll give you an alternative solution.
Dial toll-free Dell Support Number +44-2080890420 to avail instant help from our team.
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