Infusing Issue on Printing machine Solved by Dell Support

Infusing Issue on Printing machine
Solved by Dell Support
A number of large users are a fan of using Dell Printer because of its
outstanding performance and quality of proving high-quality prints.
However, the situaton becomes irksome sometmes when you get
infusing prints via your printer. This happens very rarely with the Dell
printer users but if this problem is persistngg it needs to be fied on
Here, are the steps to follow to solve this problem:
1. Sheet/Envelope Switch Lever should not be in envelope mode.
Check it frst and then move to the neit step.
2. The print media which is to be installed should be completely new
and dry. Also, make sure that that media is compatble with your
Dell Printer.
To know more details about the sizes and types of media that you
can use for a partcular tray, read the user’s guide available
3. Now, open a fresh ream of paper. Fan the papers to break the
bonds between them. S A fresh set of papers creates a bond due
to humidity or statc.
4. Try to use a diferent type of media, if it is not found then take the
half stack of pages and fip it over.
5. Make sure the temperature of print media is set between the
correct humidity.
6. Also, ensure to use genuine cartridges of Dell printer to avoid any
further problem on prints.
7. Now, Reset the fuser and print a graduaton report to see the
 Turn of the printng machine and then turn it on while
pressing both up and down arrow keys.
 When it starts diagnosing the problem release both the
 You will see Customer mode an IOT Diag. Now, press Test
 Print the report to see the changes.
8. If you see that Fuser reseatin is creatin a
problem, coitact Dell Priiter Techiical Support.
To avail one stop soluton for all printng needs, call us at Dell Priiter
Support Number Caiada +1-844-888-3870 and share your issues with
us. One of our assistance will guide you through proper instructons to
solve the problem on your printer. Moreover, if there is any hardware
related problem, then also you get an eiact remedy for it. Go for it
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